Monday, July 11, 2016

May 2016

May is always one of the busiest months in the year for me because there is so much going on with holidays, end of the year stuff, school wrap up, beginning of summer madness, activities, and so on. I love it but the month just seems to fly by.
Playing games with Kevin, Tyler, Collin, and mom. 

 Sophia loves this pink chair. It is so cute that she loves sitting in it, opening and closing it, and will set it up when Jon is doing yard work or working in the garage to keep him company.
0        mm   / /
 Sohpia at almost 18 months old. She is getting so active, and is starting to talk more! Love this cute poem ,.  n        

 Bailey after church one day wanted a picture by the flowers. Love this sweet girly!
 Bailey and  Wyatt were playing in the dress ups together and then decided they were pr/hofessional dancers. It was so cute watching wyatt swirl, spin, and dip Bailey!
 Beautiful day watching Bentley at baseball practice.
 Fun celebrating as a whole family for Mothers day and my Dads birthday! We went to see Avengers, and then to eat at BJ's pizza.
 Everything was fun and tasted delicious but we were all a little bugged it took them so long to get the food out!
 The whole group!
 Bailey's friend Brielle came to visit from Utah. We met them at Krazy Air and they had a fun time playing and catching up! Bailey lost her earring in the foam pit and there was no finding it:( I hate losing things and especially when its been lost more than once!
 The girls working on homework after preschool! They are the best of friends!
 Sophia learning to give kisses! sisters forever!
 Bailey (5) Sophia (18 mos.) Juliette (5)
 Sophia has been so funny lately. She won't take very long naps so by the time dinner rolls around she is head bobbing like this!
 I had to catch this face because even though he has the cutest smile, he likes to whine a lot too! He is my stubborn boy but I sure love him!
 In and Out Burger after watching cousins Rex's baseball game!
 Best cousins!
 Sophia loves the shakes, stickers, and fun hats!
 Love these silly girls!

I love when Wyatt sneaks into bed with me in the mornings to cuddle before the others are up!
 Heidi and I took my mom to see a movie and to dinner for Mothers day! Love spending time with these two and don't do it often enough!
One Sunday afternoon some of the kids were complaining of loose teeth so my brother Chad helped them and pulled them! Bentley, Bailey, Belle, and Julz all had teeth pulled. Grateful for good dentists in the family!
My mom with her two youngest grand babies! Sophia is fighting for lap space with Rosie!
Wyatt loves making fun shapes out of play doh with his wonderful primary teachers!
Bentley and his baseball team after their last game! They had a wonderful season and great coaches! Bentley improved so much and loves playing catch now!
Bentley with his two best buddies brock white and Chad jr.
Im so proud of Bailey and how well she is learning to read! She works hard and it doesn't come easy but she is doing wonderful!
Sophia loves yogurt and of course has to feed her self now so mealtime gets pretty messy!
Bailey with Miss Heather on her last day of preschool.
Story time with Miss Heather!
Preschool diplomas! Bailey with her cousin Juliette, and her friend Autumn.
Lunch time with cousins!
Dog pile with cousins
Jon took Bentley and Wyatt camping to our ward Fathers and Sons! They always have fun hanging out with and getting to know the other ward members better! They come home covered in dirt but have the best time!
Bailey got to sleep by me since Jon and the boys were gone! We had a fun girls night!
Volleyball and the Barros pazookies with friends! These are some great people in this picture and I am blessed to know them all. Good friends are the best!
Sister love sharing the cozy coupe!
Bentley on his last day of first grade!
Wyatt on his last day of school. He will have one more year of preschool! Love his glasses and wish he wore them more!
My good friend Destanie picked the boys up from Ishikawa on the last day and took them to a fun treat place called Fiiz!
Wyatt and his best friend Brady. They had a water/Mario party for Brady's' fourth birthday!
Bailey enjoying the water slide at the party!
Sophia enjoyed the ball pit and painting!
Mine and my brother Chads kids visiting Grandma and Grandpa at the Mesa Cemetery. we like to go and tell the kids stories and lessons learned from those wonderful grandparents we are lucky to have known.
Baileys first day at swim lessons
Wyatts first day at swim lessons.
Bentley on the 7-8 Stapley swim team.

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