Monday, July 27, 2009

Bentley at Five months

Bentley is such a joy to have around. He is definitely growing fast though which is bitter sweet for me. He grabs at anything that is in front of him, especially food! He loves to eat just like me.(: I give him mixed veggies, banana's, pears, potatoes, and rice cereal. He has mastered them all and will open when I bring the spoon close to his mouth. He is very active and loves to be entertained. It keeps me on my toes because if he is not eating or napping I have to constantly be getting new toys out and switching his activities. He loves his Jumperoo, jolly jumper, bumbo, and playing with toys on the floor. He rolls over but is not even close to crawling. Jon and I are just keeping busy working, and hanging out with family and friends.

Some more random pics I found...

My dad and Bentley on a waterfall brige at Knottsberry farm. He loved staring at the waterfalls.

Here are some pics of Bentley wearing his cool shades my mom got him. We were about to head to the beach.

I thought Bentley looked so cute in my brother Tylers cowboy hat. His outfit says little cowboy also.

Da DaDa Da.... Jades Wedding.... !

This post is long over due! My best friend Jade got married May 15! I am so happy for her and her hubby Mike. He is so sweet to her and I am glad that she found him and he her. She planned such a beautifully detailed wedding. Seriously it was so pretty and she looked as though she belonged in a bridal magazine. My family met me at the reception and we all had a great time.

my handsome boys!

bentley looks so funny in this one. I think he is staring at the treats on the table.

Bentley and i with our friends rachel and parker

my little family

me, courtney, jade and hyah

Jade and all her bridesmaids

The Gorgeous couple

Jade and I

Beautiful bridesmaid flowers. I loved the pearl accents.

Getting the Bride ready for her special day! We've spent many hours making good memories at Jades house. She looked gorgeous.

the following are pics of the bachelorette party. We had so much fun visiting and eating at cheesecake factory.

Random posts long overdue!

Heidi was watching Bentley and wrapped him up in her baby blankets. He loves her because she makes him giggle and laugh.

Sorry for the blurry picture but it is of Heidi preforming in a play. She did Awesome!

Heidi after the show!

Heidi turning 12! Her friends came and took her to breakfast and her room got decorated!

Cute little Bentley about two and a half months old.

I thought this pic was cute of my mom and bentley snoozin together. Collin wanted to join in the fun too!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wicked 2009

My mom took me and my sister Heidi to go see the broadway Wicked. We went with my relatives Dani, Jeanie, and Dee as well. We had so much fun going to lunch at Mimi's and then seeing the play. My mom and I saw it while last summer out in New York and it was fun to see the differences in acting. We liked the Elphaba better in New York and the Ga-linda out here better. I had such a nice time with my mom and sister. My mom even got Heidi and I matching Oz shirts.

Last weekend Bentley and I also went Camping again with my family. My moms side has a huge reunion up in Heber every year. Even though Jon couldn't be there I had so much fun visiting with cousins, playing games, participating in the events, and eating great food. I loved this one relay me, my mom, Amber, and my cousin Julianne did. We were losing because my feet came out of the ropes holding them to the boards so Amber and Julianne started pushing the other team off theirs so we could catch up. We didn't win but we had a blast. I will have pics soon. The few I have are from Amber. Thanks(:

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


My friend Brittany and I were able to spend some time together while we were in California and sadly this was the only pic I got of us together. She is such a wonderful person and her kindness and understanding attitude always amaze's me.

Bentley trying on his uncles hat.

Help! I got caught in the sheets while mom was making the bed.

Bentley and Parker

Bentley and I got to go meet with friends at Oregano's! That is one of my favorite places and I love to catch up with my friends I haven't seen in awhile. Carli, Rachel, melanie, Jade, Amy, Christy, and I decided it had been too long since we have got together. It was fun seeing everyone and Bentley always loves to visit with Parker (Rachels son).

Fourth of July Camping!

Our little family went camping for the first time with my family up by fish lake. We had tons of fun with everyone. Our activities consisted of fishing, hiking, ranger rides, relaxing around the campfire that Jon had a blast making everyday, horse shoe competitions, eating great dutch oven food, and fireworks. Collin, heidi, and Kevin were the only ones to catch fish, two of which were caught out in the boat on the lake. Bentley did such a great job roughing it. He loves being outdoors so it wasn't to hard to keep him entertained. We love being around family and can't wait for our next camping trip. Jon and i were able to use all of our own camping stuff that we got from his parents several christmas's ago. The 4th was so fun. We got delicious mexican food and had a great view of the fireworks in Heber. Jon had a blast winning lots of horse shoe games and playing cards.

Jon, after running around the whole lake! He thought he could find a good cliff to jump off but there were too many fishermen and the water wasn't deep enough.