Sunday, November 11, 2012

Enjoying the Nice weather with Friends and Family

Things have been pretty low key lately and we have been taking advantage of the nice weather. Bailey is almost two and has soooo much energy and I feel like I haven't seen a child so wild, but I love her and her little(big) personality. I prayed and thought about how I could entertain my little ball of energy, since trying to give each child the attention they need can be hard with three kids three and under. My answer, I feel, is to let her be active. I decided that getting outside or to the park every day was a must for her.This can be difficult for me since Wyatt still naps two and sometimes three times a day. However, She needs to be moving and discovering so thats just what we will do. If anyone has any great ideas they have tried with their little ones, please share. Anyways, with Bentley being so obedient, and willing to participate in quiet time, I feel I was thrown for a loop when Bailey wasn't willing to do the same. Thats just it though.... God created us all equally, but differently. Bailey can be so sweet at times, and have a sassy attitude at others. She will play with her little brother wyatt and bring him toys, mother her baby dolls, help me "clean", and mimic whatever it is I am doing. But, she always seems to get into things that aren't meant for her, like my make-up, the computer, the dvd's, the top of the dresser draws etc.( I went into Bentley's room one day looking for Bailey and she had climbed his tall dresser to retrieve the m and m's that were waiting at the top. She is very creative and performs already. She likes to dance and sing for us. Something funny we noticed though is that when we sing at FHE, if it's not the song she wants, she bursts into tears. It took us all by surprise and we didn't know why she did it at first but then with some further probing and questioning we realized the reason why. She is dramatic and can cry at the snap of a finger. She has her daddy wrapped around her finger and us both cringing for the teenage years. She has beautiful big blue eyes, full red lips, and long curly brown hair. We love our little dolly, baizy daizy, Bailey girl. Bentley is three, almost four, and has really taken off. He is a little chatter box these days. He is talking so well and now asks me so many questions. I love our little conversations and the sweet, intelligent boy he is. One thing I love is when music comes on the tv he will grab Bailey's hand and dance with her. She gets the biggest smile and loves when her big brother includes her. Bentley did awesome in soccer and had his last game on Saturday. He surprised us and was way more competitive than we thought he would be so he scored a lot of goals which put a big smile on his face. He got his first trophy too and he has been carrying it around the house. He loves playing with his buddies and looks forward to any opportunity we get to go play with friends. Bailey always tags along and Bentley is always good to watch after her and make sure she doesn't get picked on. Bentley loves school and his teacher always sends home notes saying how well he is doing and how nice he is to the other kids. He is polite and tries hard to listen to the rules. He loves riding the bus and Bailey loves to wave to him when he leaves and give him big hugs when he comes home! Another thing Bentley loves is to play with his cousins. He loves to rough house with the boys and jump and the trampoline with Belle Belle. He is growing tall tall tall, and is soooo skinny so it's hard to find him pants. I have a feeling this will always be this way. He has a great smile and he knows how to give the best hugs. Wyatt is 7 months and has learned so many things in the past month it makes me want to stop time. He rocks on all fours and sort of crawls around the room this way. He does yoga like moves and will make a big arch with his hands and tippy toes. He rolls around, and is getting so strong it's hard to feed and change him. He is so curious about what is going on around him and always wants to check our what chaos his brother and sister are causing. He loves his exer-saucer and gets jumping so fast. He also loves to be outside and to go on walks. We started putting him in the swing at the park and at first he was unsure but now he smiles really big. He has been teething and finally got his first two lower incisors at the beginning of november. Poor boy hasn't been sleeping well so hopefully we can get him back on schedule (fingers crossed). He has walnut brown hair, a stocky strong body, big hands and feet, big blue eyes, and a smile that lights up any room. He melts my heart and gives me the sweetest looks. Jon is busy providing for our family and is doing a great job! The kids yell excited shouts when he gets home and miss him when he is gone. He spoke in Stake Conference for our church this weekend, and I was so proud of him. There were a lot of people so I knew he would be nervous but he did so good giving his testimony about Christ's Sacrifice for us and the healing powers it gives us. I have been busy with the three kids! Some days I feel defeated by 9am, but those are the days where I pray for help and Christ sends blessings to help me get through the day. We recently got family pictures taken and that was a huge task. I have never had them professionally taken in the almost eight years we have been married so it was time to capture some great memories of our little family. Lets just say to get five bodies ready was no easy task and quite the production. They did turn out nice so I am glad we did them but it may be awhile before I attempt that again. I am sure my family and friends are happy they are done with because I was asking their opinions about outfit colors, make-up, hair, and location all along the way in preparation for the big day! A big thanks to all who helped me especially my mom and my friend Courtney! I love the days when we have something planned and we can get out and converse with other people. The kids and I both enjoying visiting with friends so it's a win win. I am grateful for my family of five and I feel so lucky to have them for eternity! Well thats it for now. I love the holidays and look forward to spending them with friends and family! Breakfast of champions!
Bentley with his awesome coaches
Me and my good friends Courtney and Rachel with our little soccer champs: Bentley, Dean, and Parker!
Grandma and Bailey cheering Bentley on!
Daddy and Wyatt also cheering/coaching Bentley
Grandpa and Collin came to see our little soccer star in action
Bentley enjoying donuts after his last game with his teammates.
Bentley with his first soccer trophy! He was so excited!
Stud muffin!
our princess
These two love cruising in their jeep
Bentley taking a water break! soccer star!
Bailey being grumpy
Uncle Chad making Wyatt laugh!
Haircut time!
Bailey wasn't so sure she liked the experience
Beautiful Bai
My big baby boy!
I love when Bentley will hold wyatt and they all watch cartoons together!
My mom playing at the park with the kids. We are so lucky and think she is the best ever!
My Handsome Bentley boy!
These five pictures are from a fun visit we got from my good friend Kelsey and her family. We had a great time visiting and the kids loved playing! We don't get to see them often enough!
We had a fun Date night to the Cardinals game and Wyatt boy tagged along!
These five pictures are of Wyatt cruising the room! Love this little guy!

October festivities and Halloween 2012

We are so excited that it is fall! The weather has started cooling off and we are able to go outside for walks, hikes, and to play at the park with out dying of heat! Sadly Wyatt, Bailey, and I were sick for most of October though. Right after we moved into our new house the flu struck and then bronchitis with a vengeance:( It was awful because it's one thing when your kids get sick but a whole other problem when mom is sick too! Somehow Bentley and Jon were able to escape the sickness so I am thankful for that. We enjoyed some festivities by visiting the Pumpkin Patch, frosting sugar cookies, picking out our Fall pumpkin, and enjoying friends and family! We were lucky to have my friend kelsey's family over as well and it was so fun to catch up with her and her cute family of four! The kids had a blast, the babies were cruising around, and the adults were actually able to visit:) Halloween night we dressed the kids up as their favorite TV characters from Jake and the Neverland pirates! They all looked adorable. We took them to my moms ward Halloween party and then walked them around her neighborhood to go trick or treating. We didn't last too long because Bentley and Bailey kept running off. After losing Bentley and Bailey we decided to call it a night. They were having so much fun that they couldn't get to the next house fast enough. Some of the neighbors are so creative and spoil us parents. They had fire pits to cook smores, another house had Pina colada drinks for us that were so delicious, and some houses were even giving out King size candy bars that Jon devoured before we even got home:) It's so funny how kids are all so different...Bailey wanted to eat each piece as she got it and Bentley liked to put it in his bucket and see how full it was getting. Wyatt enjoyed just being out for a walk and dosed off along the way. The kids had fun playing games, eating chili, dancing, and playing with other kids. Bailey scared us by choking on a Dots candy(if you know what they are, they are the perfect size to choke on) so that was also scary but she is ok and we will no longer be allowing Dots at our house! Overall Halloween was a success and I am sure with time flying the way it is, it will be here again before we know it! These five pictures are of Bentley, our pumpkin we never carved:(, and the many cute faces Wyatt makes.
These five pictures are of the kids playing fun carnival booth games
These five pictures are of our sugar cookie decorating! Bailey and Bentley actually did really well creating different frosting and sprinkle masterpieces!