Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jons Birthday!

This year Jon turned the big 34! It is crazy that we are well into our thirties! Time flies when your having fun! We had fun celebrating Jon with family at Kneaders, then with just our little family at the Diamond Backs baseball game! After work we took Jon to Hard Rock Cafe for a delicious dinner and then we were off to the game. It was a great game and fun watching some awesome ball players. We had great seats and even got to meet some of the players before the game. We left Sophia with a babysitter so we could actually watch but before we left she gave Jon some birthday hugs and we opened gifts the kids and I had got Jon! The day before I also made angel food cake and celebrated at my parents house with all of our family. Jon is the rock of our family and we love his so much! He works so hard to provide for us and make sure we are well taken care of. He is always so positive and is the one to lift me up when life gets me down. He is handsome and strong and is a smart man! I am grateful that he fulfills his calling as a husband and dad, but also in his calling at church. He is loves helping others and we love him so much!

April 2016

April was a fun month with lots of extra activities going on right along with the day to day. I love having pictures of both. The kids are all learning so much its hard to even describe the feeling I have when they learn something new. It is bittersweet because I see my littles slipping away and grown kids taking there place. It is so much fun though to have deeper conversation with them and activities because they can do more the older they get. Bentley is learning fractions, how to write and illustrate his own stories. I love the little hand made books I find around the house. He is a great drawer and painter. He is doing so well playing second base but does well wherever he plays. My friend calls him the golden glove because he rarely misses a ball thats hit to him! He has also been really consistent with hitting. We just need to work on some mechanics and he will be doing even better next year! I am proud of him though because before this season he could hardly put on a baseball glove. I love watching the games because it brings me right back to the days I played softball and watched my brothers play baseball down at the ball fields. He tells me about little girls at school already having crushes on him. oh dear.... He is a sweet boy that has a heart of gold. He doesn't like to get in trouble and likes to have a plan and follow the rules. He is a good friend and most of the time older brother! He loves to sneak cuddles and go on date with just Jon or I. He loves ice cream from the Water and Ice near us. He gets straight A's and his teachers and primary leaders love him. Bailey has really taken to reading and is doing so well! If she is confident she can read almost any word. Sometimes she still has to be encouraged or reminded that she knows all the sounds and digraphs but other than that she is doing great! She has made fun little friends from preschool and is looking forward to starting Kindergarten in the fall. She really wants to start up dance again. I will probably start her in the fall since the summer is coming up and we have swim lessons and such. She is so cute to watch because she is really starting to play with barbies and dolls and has a great imagination. She and wyatt like to play dress ups and make believe. Most of the time she is a kitten or a pony names rainbow sparkle dash. She has long hair almost to her bum. It is beautiful and fun to braid. She is fast and likes to play tag or race. She loves playing with her cousin Julz or friends Julianne, Lucy, or Autumn. She loves to go on mommy daughter dates. Wyatt is still working on sounds and his speech but his preschool teachers are wonderful. He always has the best time at school and I know its because of the friends and teachers that are there. He loves to learn and I love how he is so good at remembering and memorizing the things he learns at school. He will come home and tell me a poem, song, or informations he learned while at school. He came home the other day telling me all about dinosaurs and wants me to take him to the museum now. He is at a fun stage and loves dressing up as batman, superman, or someone make believe. He loves wrestling, dancing, and singing. He is boisterous and sometimes (a lot)  I have to quiet him down and remind him to use his inside voice. He still likes to tease which bothers the kids and me but I will take a little teasing for the other side he  lets us see which is so sweet and generous. He and Bailey are both great sharers. I don't know if its a middle child thing or what but they are both so excited to bring something home for one another or share a sticker or drawing they made with each other. Wyatt is a natural at sports and will do swim lessons and soccer soon. His smile is still big and beautiful and we love how he can light up a room with his energy. Sophia is entering toddler stage fully and almost leaving the baby stage behind fully which makes me sad. They grow too quickly. She is really exploring and getting into things. She is in a naughty/nice stage. Either she is being naughty by getting into things and tearing things apart, or she is smiling, cuddling, and fun to watch. She likes to copy whatever her siblings and parents are doing even if it is cooking on the stove which is so scary. She will reach her hands up and try to help so I have to be very careful around her. She likes to load and unload the dishwasher (which currently hasn't been working properly for like 3 months. Boy do I miss having a working dishwasher. It saves so much time but I still know this is a first world problem.) Sophia's hair has gotten so long everyone hardly recognizes her because she looks so much older. She is getting her canines in and has the cutest smile. She has a sweet soft voice when she is talking and a shrilling scream when she wants a toy or someone to do something for her. This is the part where I wish they just knew how to talk instead of trying to scream what they want. She has a fast little walk/run. She is starting to say quite a few words but definitely I wouldn't say she is talking yet. She loves looking at books, she loves coloring, and she loves to run errands and be outside. We love our little kids and are so proud of each of them. Jon is getting really busy at work and his company is doing great! I am proud of him! Although I  have to be patient because running a business is hard work and sometimes I wish I could see him more or have more of his attention when he is home. We both could be better at communicating and giving one another deliberate attention. In a day and age where tv, phones, and electronics are so prevalent we have to be careful not to tune each other out by using those devices. Jon and I love going on dates together and we cherish the time we spend as family as well as just each other alone. I am working every Tuesday and enjoy being a dental hygienist. It makes life crazy but I love what I do and I love that my kids can see me work hard at home and in the work place. It is a fine balance being a mom and I am no where near where I should be but I love being a mom and it is the greatest work I will ever do!

 Wyatt and Bentley with the wrecking ball play house at the school carnival.

 Bentley earned a chance to throw a ball at the target and knock one of the teachers in the water because he read a certain amount. Proud of that kid and his hard work!
 Bailey loves kittens so I am not surprised this is what she wanted painted on her face at the school carnival.
 Sophia loves climbing into bed with Bentley and cuddling with him. I think it is so sweet she just squeezes her self right in there between the blankets and stuffed animals. 
 Lego creations
 My dad and I at the annual Dental convention.
 Sophia trying to play the games at our ward party. Gotta love the mullet look her hair is doing right now.
 Wyatt playing kick ball at the ward party
 While we were at the ward party and amazing firework display was going off in the distance. Sophia loved watching them with her daddy. 
 PiƱata time at the ward party
 Little kitten once again
 Spying on Bentley at batting practice. 
 Love this girl and her silly faces. She can go from being silly to being smiley to giving us the knitted brow (as my mom calls it.)
 Taco Tuesday at one of our favorites. Tia Rosas.
 Sophia loves chips and salsa and wants her own dipping bowl now.
 Handsome Wyatt boy. Its hard to get pictures of Wyatt because he is so hyper and bouncing around like a four year old most of the time. He loves this cardinals jersey and wears it as often as he can.
 Bentley with some of his baseball buddies. Brock White and Mckay Morin

 Second base. He has made some awesome plays this season!
 Movie will some of our extended family to watch the jungle book. It was so good!
 Cousins and uncle collin in front of the movies. They love hanging with each other.
 I thought this was so funny. Bentley was trying to read a book and Sophia perched herself right on his lap.
 Sunday fun relaxing together! It was a beautiful night.
 Costco run with my helpers. They earned a churro for being good!
 Love these three cuties. That look Sophia is giving is the "knitted brow" look.
 I reluctantly gave sophia some chocolate while I was driving and when I turned back around this is what I found. She and the chair were covered!
 What a fun surprise. We have the kindest friends that dropped donuts by one morning. Thank you Whites!
 We all gathered at Kneaders one Saturday morning to celebrate my brother Kyle and Jon's birthdays that are just days apart.
 The girl cousins minus Sophia.
 Our family in front of the Lot that our new house is being built on for us. It is bittersweet because we will miss the community and close friends and family we will be moving away from but know that the area we are moving to is wonderful as well. Big changes will happen and take some getting used to but life is journey and we are excited for what is to come.
 Diamond backs baseball game for Dads birthday. Wyatt even got his Hat signed by the second basemen Segura.
Bentley loved watching how good the players were!

 Bailey enjoyed the cotton candy so kind strangers bought for the kids.

 Sophia loves swinging on the big girl swing!
 She also loves trying on my shoes and walking around in them. She is actually pretty good at it! I remember doing this as a kid.
 Story time at the Mesa temple visitor center is so fun and neat. They sing songs and act out the scripture stories for the kids.
 Sophia enjoyed it too!
 I love to see the temple....
 These kiddos love french toast on Saturdays!
 Beautiful scenery as we headed to the lake with my family. 
 Michael with his son Brody and their awesome new boat!
 Lake with the family was a blast. Even if it was a little too cold for us!
 Lake crew
 The cousins with Aunt Heidi
 Wyatt loved the lake and even got in the cold water!
 Sophia loved watching the waves and feeling the spray. 
 These kiddos are official lake lovers! Trying to get warmed up though since we had a random cold day!
 Uncle Kyle was so kind to go with Trey and Wyatt on the tube. The loved it.
 In action
 Jon and Chad going for a crazy tube ride!
Grandma Curtis and Great Grandma Curtis came to support Bentley at his baseball game! What a lucky boy!