Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mexico 2015

We were fortunate to get invited down to Puerto Penasco, Mexico by our friends Robert and Stephanie Mckay. We had always heard how beautiful and fun it was but were scared by some of the illegal stuff that goes on down there. Having small children makes you weigh the positive and negatives more and we definitely had to ask around about the safety in and around that area before we headed down. Once we decided it would be safe to go we told the kids and got so excited to head to the beach with friends. We caravanned with our friends Sarah and Andy and met Stephanie and Robert who were already down there. The beach home was more beautiful than I could imagine and the views were spectacular! We stayed downstairs in our own little casita that looked straight out over the ocean. Before I could even get the kids lunch I looked out the window and saw Jon and the kids swimming in the unusually large waves for that time of year! Bentley was already boogie boarding and having a blast. After some lunch the rest of the party joined us down on the beach. Everyone was having a great time until suddenly I saw Jon crawling up out of the waves. He looked in bad shape and was holding his leg and foot up out of the water. As I ran over to him to see what happened all I could see was tons of blood covering his foot. I didn't even know what to do. Jon let the waves hit it a couple times to see if we could rinse it of with the salt water but there was still not a clear view of the wound. Robert and I carried Jon over to a chair and Stephanie brought down a First Aid Kit. Jon kept saying that he thought something pinched him or stabbed him and then swam away. After seeing the cut we were unsure of what happened. It could have been a sharp piece of glass, a Sting Ray, etc. It looked like he stepped right on a serrated knife about an inch wide. Jon was in pain but he seemed to be handling things ok at first and was being tough. However after about 20 minutes of keeping his foot elevated and wrapped he became increasingly agitated and asked to be moved up closer to the beach house. Robert tried to get him comfortable while I collected the kids and picked up our beach stuff. By the time I got back to Jon he was in severe pain and looked like he was going to faint.  Jon was able to receive a priesthood blessing and we tried to make him as comfortable as possible. After some more time I realized we would not be able to stay unless things changed. Jon said the pain was getting much much worse and that it started spreading up his leg. He said it felt like his foot was on fire and it was going up his leg. Also it felt like his foot was being crushed. I knew this wasn't good that things were just getting more and more painful. I told Robert that I had better take him to a doctor. Robert knows spanish so after making a few calls he figured out where to head. In Mexico it is hard to be given directions and to follow them because there are hardly any street signs. If you aren't familiar you have a small chance of actually making it to your destination. Stephanie and Sarah were so sweet to watch the kids while Andy, Robert, and I headed with Jon to the Doctor "Al". I have never seen Jon in so much pain and I was worried! After several attempts we finally pulled up to the office where Doctor "Al" was. He quickly brought Jon back and had him lay down. After taking a quick look he was almost positive it was a Sting Ray wound. He said that it is rare but if they feel threatened enough they have a hidden poisonous barb in their tail that comes out and stabs you. After numbing Jons foot with a needle over and over he felt inside the wound to make sure there was not anything stuck inside Jons foot. He said the burning sensation was the poison burning Jons nerve endings and that it should be ok by morning. I was listening to where we could go pick up a pain med and antibiotic when suddenly Jon yelled to us that he was bleeding everywhere. I helped Dr. Al clean up the blood and get Jon to stop bleeding. We wrapped up the wound better and wheeled Jon back to the car. I had never seen so much blood I don't think and needless to say it was a crazy first day down in Mexico. From that point on things got progressively better and we were able to stay and enjoy our trip. The rest of the times was spent snorkeling, kayaking, boogie boarding, creature finding, treasure finding, wave jumping, wii playing, football watching, game playing, and good ole visiting! There were so many fun areas for the kids to play and they had the time of their lives. We had delicious meals, yummy treats, local favorites, and we enjoyed being tourist around down town. We watched gorgeous sunsets, had great conversation, learned some spanish, and want to go back for sure! I thought it was so cute that when we were in town, the kids loved to point out spanish words, and tried their best to talk to the locals! We are grateful for amazing friends, and for the awesome trip it was. Even though Jons foot got infected once we got home, he saw another doctor and got some new antibiotic that helped with that. His foot still throbs and is tender but it is doing much better and we are thankful for answered prayers and worthy priesthood holders that could administer to Jon in such a time of need. 
Here everyone is talking about all the sting rays they are seeing!
I loved that the water was so shallow and Wyatt could have fun on the boogie board all by himself
Bentley checking out the sting ray Jon caught
Although Jon got stung by a sting ray, that didn't stop him from doing one of his favorite past times..snorkeling.

Our friend Robert with Sophia
Sophia loved the water as usual and had fun floating around everyone else.
These brothers played so well together. I was worried Bentley wouldn't have any friends his age but it actually turned out to be perfect for he and Wyatt to spend some quality brother bonding time together.
Bailey with Emme on the Kayak 
Wyatt and Bentley exploring the open sea
Some beautiful horses that would ride up and down the beach everyday at sunrise and sunset
Sophia loved playing in the sand and didn't get messy and try to eat it like most babies. She was an angel as usual.
Sisters Bailey, and Sophia, at Sunset down in Rocky Point, Mexico
Bailey begged to ride the horses. She looked so cute and natural riding the white horse she loved.

Bentley playing in the waves after dinner one night. They had clothes on but just kept going farther and farther out. That is wyatt in the orange shirt way behind him. That was one of the things I loved is that you could walk way out and treasure hunt in the ocean without it getting to deep.
Wyatt exploring and treasure hunting when the tide was coming in. I think they missed the memo that you have better luck when the tide goes out!
Sophia crawling along the beach. I loved that each night we got to sit and relax and take in the beautiful scenery and sunsets!
No editing. It really was this Beautiful. I am really grateful for Gods creations!
As the sun was going down, a nice Mexican lady stopped and asked if Bailey wanted her hair braided. Of course she did and her she is getting it done.
Jon and Bentley hanging out 
The finished product after all that braiding
My little princess Bailey. She even got to pick out colorful beads!
The kids wave jumping. One of their favorite things to do.
We had just arrived and I couldn't believe how nice the view was from the beach house we were staying in. It was gorgeous everywhere you looked.
Jon taking a load off and elevating his foot after the sting ray episode.
Wave jumping
The sting ray got him good. He bled more than I've ever seen anyone bleed:(
Collecting sea shells and treasures along the beach. They also loved finding hermit crabs and other sea life.
Bentley ready to go find treasures bright and early
The kids would get up so early and the ocean was literally right out our window so it was hard not to get up and get the day started and enjoy the beauty all around us!

Bailey loved playing out on the little "island" that was created when the tide went out.

Nice view while eating their breakfast!
Our friends the Eberts brought the Wii and X box to play. During the late afternoons when it got hot this was the perfect activity to keep them entertained while we visited.

Sophia with her sand bucket. She was so cute and would pick up the sand by pinching it and then putting it in her bucket little by little.

While Jon rested his foot and the younger kids slept, Bentley and I went with the others to look at the "dirt mall". Its a place with lots of Mexican pottery, clothing, and souvenirs. Bentley picked something for each person in our family. Here is Bailey with her new silver bracelet.
Sophia checking crawling around one of the many decks over looking the ocean.
View from our room.
Healing... or so we thought!

One night after getting some tacos in town, we stopped to get some thriftys ice cream. Yum Yum
Wyatt being silly as usual.
Bailey bright and early ready to go on our trip to Mexico
Cute sophia climbing around
Me and Sophia enjoying the sun and breathtaking views.
Jon resting his foot. He was in so much pain that i gave him a bag of Nibs licorice to take his mind off things. It didn't really work, but at least he got to enjoy one of his favorite treats.
Wyatt playing the Wii Guitar.
Our friend Robert took the kids to search for sea creatures and treasures at night. Here they are with their spoils.

Sophia kept so busy going round and round this table while we visited
Sophia with my friend Stephanie. Loving every minute of the beach. Steph was so sweet to take care of her while I figured our how to help Jon after the sting ray incident.
All the cute kids. Sophia, Bentley, Emme, Wyatt, Bailey, and Robbie
Dinner with our friends the Mckays, and Eberts.
enjoying the yummy ice cream
Puerto Penasco, Los Conchas, Mexico
Wyatt sunbathing
Bentley with some shells he found while snorkeling with dad.

Robbie playing with Sophia

Amazing sunset
Emmerson and Wyatt checking out the ocean together.
Bailey decided it was to temping to get in so she got her clothes all wet.
Sunset #3
Wyatt after bathtime
Dance party!