Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

The months are flying by. As a mother of four I feel like I can hardly blink and the month's over. We tried to incorporate extra gratitude into the month of November by having FHE lessons on serving and showing gratitude. We also created a Thankful tree and wrote things we were thankful for on the leaves and then taped them to the tree. The kids had a lot of fun with this and looked forward to it everyday. The weather got a lot colder here in Arizona and it made for some nice weather on Thanksgiving. The week of Thanksgiving we finished up school projects and parties and then on Wednesday we took the kids and Collin to see Santa at Bass Pro. This is always a blast because it is like a kids toy land in there and they have all sorts of toys you can try and a merry go round to ride. The kids also love looking at the fish and riding up the elevator. This year Sophia did not like sitting on santa's lap but the other kids discussed what they wanted to say to Santa and they didn't hesitate when it came time. Wyatt asked for star wars toys and an iPad, Bailey asked for Kitty Surprise, and Bentley asked for a new bike. I love watching the kids talk about and get excited for this time of year. 

On Thanksgiving Jon was helping throw a Turkey bowl for our ward early that morning so we had to get up and get going. We all met at the park by our house and had some breakfast and played some football. The kids enjoyed playing as well as Jon and I. After that we went home to clean up and get ready for Thanksgiving food at my parents. We were eating at 1:00 so I got started on the potatoes I was in charge of. We headed over around 12:30 and had a wonderful time visiting, eating, and enjoying one another's company. I am so thankful for the family I have to be apart of and for my knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his atonement. I am so grateful for the freedoms I enjoy and that I am able to take care of my little family every day. 

The next day many had the day off work so we headed out to one of our favorite family spots in the Sycamore desert. It was Heidi's last day here before she took off back up to school in Utah so we wanted to take full advantage of spending time as a family.  We rode motorcycles, took ranger rides, sat and visited, roasted hot dogs and marshmellows over a fire, and enjoyed singing happy early birthday to our little sweetheart Sophia.

 Ward Turkey Bowl

 Grandma Curtis having fun playing card games with some of the kids!
 Uncle Michael taking the kids for a ranger ride! Even Cooper got to go!
 Bentley did great riding his motorcycle in the dirt and sand
 singing happy birthday to Sophia in the beautiful desert
 Fun roasting marshmellows

 Uncle Michael holding sophia and cousin Julz
 Heidi and her friend Bennett

 Bentley and cousin J
 Bailey and cousin Belle
 Wyatt and cousin Trey
 Bentley six years old
 Bailey four years old
 Wyatt Three years old
 one year old Sophia
Thanksgiving 2015

November 2015

 Wyatt can't decide whether to play soccer or practice walking in my high heels haha. This boy is a crack up and loves to tell jokes!
 I love those baby blues
 sophia loves to look at books and have them read to her!
 My mom and Collin came to Join us for dinner and some games.
The teeter totter is always a hit

 Sophia loves hitching rides on the back of this bike from her big brother and sister!
 One day I was cleaning and walked into the toy area to see these two looking at books!
 Cooper with Bailey and Wyatt. He is such a great dog!
 Bailey and I had a girls night out with friends!
 Bailey almost five years old
 Sophia thinks she is a big girl and tries everything at the play places we go to
 Here she is with Bailey and her friend Lucy
 Bentley did a great job on his team the Bears this season
 He was a team captain
 Here he is with his amazing coach. Coach Shawn
 They won the Championship game!
 One last team cheer for the season
 Bo and Trey were at grandmas so Bailey and Wyatt came to play
 We visited Bentley at school. We brought lunch and ate pizza with him. After we followed him around for a little bit and here is a picture of him and all his buddies.
 Playing house. Love these siblings and how they play together.
 Sophia loves the slide!
 Bentley had a friend Mckay come play so we took him to Princess park and fed the horses.
 Bailey got to take home her class bear and she took him everywhere with her!
 We created a thankful tree and taped new leaves on it each day!
 I love this boy and his cheesy grin! He can be so sweet but definitely has some terrible three moments.
 Sophia loves the rocking chair and playing in her sisters room!
 I was shocked Bailey came to me with a loose tooth this early on but sure enough it was ready to come out! 
 Sophia snuggles in the morning are the best! until she starts kicking us in the head and rolling around. Then its time to get up!
 Bailey with the money the tooth fairy left her! She was so happy!
 Wyatt had a great season in soccer and led his team in goal scoring! He really progressed and had a lot of fun!
 My cousin Mckenna came to support the kids at their games and we sure appreciate her!
 Wyatt with his soccer coach 
 Wyatt and his best friend Brady White!
 Here Wyatt is at Thrive wearing Mckenna's sunglasses. He wanted a treat so we took him here and he loved it!
 sophia with grandma Curtis at the park.
 This little trouble maker is so tiny she can slip right out of her chair and climb to the table. I was shocked when I found her like this. She just wanted some of her brother Wyatt's left over raspberries.

 I asked the kids to get out in the car while I finished getting things ready. I came out to find them near the street throwing rocks in it. So I handed them a broom and had them help sweep the rocks back into the yard! I was so angry because we were already running late but this is what most our days look like. Just keeping it real!
 Sophia at the neighbor hood park running around and enjoying the fresh air
 This almost four year old is looking so much older these days. He is a big boy for his age and quite handsome if I don't say so myself. He is excited to go into primary at the end of December and he is counting and learning his letters so well!! He is always wanting to help me cook or bake and loves to play with his siblings. He is great at sports and really likes playing street hockey, soccer, and football!
 This is my niece Rosemary who got blessed this month on Sophia's birthday! Such a sweetheart!
 Sophia and I weren't feeling good one day so we snuggled and napped together! The best is cuddling with this girl!
Sophia loves to sit at my feet while I work in the kitchen whether I am making a meal, cleaning, or loading the dishwasher she wants to be right there! Such a cutie pie!