Thursday, September 09, 2010

Bentley at 19 mos. and Labor Day

Bentley with Cousins Annabelle, J, and uncle collin watching a movie.

bentley singing five little monkeys jumping on a bed.

Bentley is so much fun and has such a strong personality. He is a boy that knows what he wants and will not hesitate to ask for it. He is slowly learning more words and loves to play with the big kids. He will shy away if there are to many kids but when there are just a few he plays like crazy.
I am in my sixth month of pregnancy and I am doing great as well as our baby girl. Whenever I lay down to rest she likes to ball herself up and so I slowly massage her little bump of a body until she will relax. This pregnancy has gone by so fast and I know she will be here before we know it.
Jon will hopefully be back with us the end of september. Until then he is in San Diego just working hard.
Labor day came and went without to much excitement. We just had a nice, relaxing, low key weekend with family. We went to lunch at Sauce and then had a pizza/swim party with everyone. Bentley loves playing with his cousins.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Our last visit from Jon/daddy before he moves back!

Jon came to see Bentley and I two weeks ago and we had so much fun having him here. It is always refreshing to get to spend time with my husband since I only see him about once a month. For a short time I am able to feel like we have a complete family unit again. We went to breakfast, lunch, and dinner at all our favorite places. Jon also took Bentley swimming alot and got him jumping off the diving board. We took Bentley to a fun play place at Scottsdale mall and we went rental house hunting. Bentley loves having Jon come visit as well because not only does he get his daddy back but he gets someone that will play outside with him and rough house as I like to call it. Being pregnant I have to admit I don't get down and play with Bentley as much as I used to and I can hardly stand sitting outside when it's been so hot lately. We are all doing well and just anxious to be back together again soon. Bentley is talking away and definately has quite the attitude going. He knows what he wants and isn't afraid to voice to anyone and everyone. I have noticed he gets very shy around big groups of people even if he knows them and he will just stick by my side. I don't mind a momma's boy just as long as he doesn't turn into a whiny boy. He loves pushing large trucks around through the grass and sand and he likes to pretend to play the wii or playstation with the big boys. My brothers Tyler and collin are so nice to let him pretend play with him. He is looking older and older to me and I feel sad when I see his baby features slipping away, only to be replaced by more mature ones. He is such a sweet boy and has to give everyone kisses before he goes night night. I love my Bentley boy and I just know he will be such a great big brother to his new little sister.