Friday, August 29, 2008

Palmyra and Niagara Falls

Jon and I finally took some time together and went up to see the church sites in Palmyra New York. It was an amazing experiance as we walked the the Smith family farm and went to see the sacred grove. We also went to the Hill Cumora and to the store where the first book of mormons were made. We learned many interesting facts and enjoyed the cute little area. The temple there was beautiful and the area surrounding everything was so green. After that we went further up north to see the falls. Jon wanted so badly to cross into Canada, but I kindly reminded him that I didn't have my passport with me. He was so sad, but he got over it and we went on a boat to the falls. Jon and I have bad luck when we pay for tours because every time we end up getting drenched with rain no matter what we do. You already get wet from the falls mist, but when you add a terenchal downpoor you get soaked. I could hardly keep my eyes open to see the beautiful view. They were so pretty and I am glad we went. We are just packing up now to head to D.C. and start a new adventure there. Hope all is well. I only have a few pics but I will put more on later.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yankee stadium and shopping for baby!

The day jon and i found out we were having a boy we headed to one of my favorite baby stores. It is the best I have seen and has high end as well as affordable things to buy. It is called BuyBuy baby. Unfortunately they are only out east and their online shopping doesn't offer hardly anything compared to what they have in the store. Anyways, I wanted to show jon the different strollers, cribs, rocking chairs, and other things we have to look forward to buying for the baby. He was defiately overwhelmed.haha We found cute extra soft pajamas that have little footballs on them and footballs for the feet. It also says my dad is my hero so jon decided to pick that out for him. I wanted to buy him these adorable brown leather sunday shoes that I had seen when I was there before. I love them and can't wait!
On Sunday we went with our friends Jamie, Josh, and Zoie to the Yankee stadiums. We took pictures with the old and new. The tickets have been sold out forever so there was no chance to get in. Anyways, Jon hadn't seen the stadiums up close so he was excited to at least get the chance to get some pics. We then went to a park with our dogs and let them run around. As soon as we got there, all the kids in the park came right over and had to play with them. It was a nice relaxing day.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a Boy!!!

Jon and I are happy to announce that we are having a sweet little baby boy! We are only fifteen weeks along but are so excited for this little guy to arrive. The ultra sound technician was taking some measurements and I asked if she could see the sex of the baby. She smiled and said yes, would you like to know? Jon and I said yes at the same time. Jon caims he could tell even before she told us. Jon is also excited because so far we are the only ones on his side who will carry on the Anderson name. Jon comes from a family of tons of girls and I come from a family of tons of boys. I guess because I grew up around boys my whole life, I am not suprised i am having one as my first. As you can imagine we are so so so excited for this new addition to our family and just wanted to share him with all of you. Below is one of the cute pictures we got at the appointment.

First trimester stomach picture. Just a little bump so far but I am growing fast I feel.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sorry still no pics

I still haven't got Jons phone away from him long enough to download the pictures we have taken lately but I promise it will be soon. Life here in New York has been a blast, but a bit challenging at times, so I am definately ready to get back home!!!!! Unfortunatley I still have a month in DC before that happens but I think it will be a fun change anyway. I enjoy reading everyones blogs and so much is going on with new babies, jobs, moves. etc. Keep them coming. I have just been keeping busy hanging out with my dogs and working in the Office for Jons work. I am glad for the job because I was starting to get really bored. I really want to go see sister hood of the traveling pants and Mamma Mia but I don't ever have a car so it makes it tough to get there unless I want to take the bus.... so if anyone has seen those movies let me know how they were so I know if it is worth it to take the bus. I also attented the opening party of The Breaking Dawn and Jon was kind enough to go with me. The Borders I went to didn't have as many crazy people as some I saw on your blogs but I definatley felt out of place with all the screaming teenage girls. Jon that they were psycho. I loved the book and was extremely happy with the way things ended. Now I am like many of you and need to find a new book to read!
Jon and I went to this Cute Park in New York on Sunday and the weather was amazing. We stopped to get lunch at this wonderful burger place called the shake shack. The line was huge but we heard it was worth the wait and it was. The burgers were fresh and delicious like IN N Out for you westerners and the fries and milk shakes were so good too!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summer craziness

Jon and I haven't been up to too much but we did go into the city the past two sundays and had tons of fun. Jon likes business stuff so we went down to that part of town to see wall st. and some really cool old churches. One church has been there since the beginning... it survived two fires and the fall of the twin towers. It also is the site where alexander hamilton is buried. Unfortunately there are no pics of this since one of jons reps pushed him in a pool with is phone and they all got erased because the phone is dead. To make matters worse Jon had to use my phone for three days while I tried to figure out a way to get him another dang iphone. I didn't want to wait in line but thats what we ended up doing. Anyways, all is good now. This past sunday we went to the south ferry pier where they had miniture boat displays and soccer competitions. It was really cool. They also have huge sail boats stationed there as well. I do have pictures of that but not on the computer yet so those we be posted later. Other than that not much is going on with us. Jon found out he will be managing extended season in D.C., so we will be going back to that great city for the month of september. I will be out there for a little bit with him but will head home earlier than him to get things finished with our house like the yard and fence ect. I want to get the grass in before it becomes to cold. Hope everyone is well.