Friday, September 21, 2007

Look at this little stud!!! I thought since Christi is on the phone and waiting to look at her blog that she is addicted too i would post some random pics of mini cooper my little boy. I'll get a real one some day but for now cooper will represent. I love you babe, you look good today! I like your hair no matter what, and ur cute little dental hygiene scrubs!!!!
This is Jon here, and thanks to those who supported my hair. It really isnt that bad, a few people on here liked it. If these were my friends they would all be supportive of the "flow." I just needed one or two of ya to keep it goin for a little longer, thanks all!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our hair dilemma!!!!

Well Jon has been growing his hair out against my will. No matter what I say or do he won't cut it. I think it looks absolutely disgusting but he on the other hand thinks it looks cool. I want to know honestly what everyone else thinks of his hair this way so please comment and hopefully he will cut it soon.

Hiking the Y on Saturday.

Jon and I decided to do a fun activity that involves exercise every Saturday morning if possible. So last Saturday we decided to go hike the Y. It is quite the hard hike if you keep your pace up. Anyways, we brought our dog with us and everyone loved seeing such a cute little dog hiking with us. He had to stop to see everyone on the way up and down. Well it was fun and here are a few pics from our hike.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

House Progress

It was weird coming back from the summer and having our house so far along. We met with the builder on Friday and they said it should be done the end of November, but we'll see. Everyone tells me to expect a month if not two from the date they tell you. I hope it is sooner than later becase my last semester will be a dusy and I will be so busy. I can't wait to finally live somewhere that my neighbors can't here every last thing I do or say. We have lived next to, below , or above someone the last two and a half years of being married and we are ready to have our own space. Here are a few pics we took a couple of weeks ago. We met our neighbors already and they seem really nice. There kids already love cooper our dog.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Byu Game and Friends

My Best friend Jade came to visit me in Utah this past weekend. We had so much fun. Went to the Brick Oven Friday night and it was so good. When we were getting ready to go to bed we got a big suprise. Jon wasn't supposed to be home until late Sunday night, but instead decided to suprise me by coming Friday night. The funny thing is I was telling Jade all day that I had a weird feeling that he was driving home that whole day. I am glad that Jon and Cooper are home safe. The next morning Jade and I hiked the Y and We all went to the BYU football game against UOA. It was great and we won. After that we met up with Carli "Heap" Turley and her husband Kurt at my favorite Italian place Ottavios. IT was delish. IT was fun catching up with everyone and to have my husband home.