Monday, November 11, 2013

October and Halloween 2013

We enjoyed the month of October and spent as many weekends as we could as a family celebrating the fall! We went to a pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins, went to Halloween parties,made sugar cookies, drank hot chocolate, played outside till our hearts content, and started going on bike rides again. The kids are all growing up way too fast and are learning so much. Wyatt tries to talk all the time and its cute to teach him new words. He loves to tease and likes to play fight and wrestle. He sways back and forth and laughs when you you punch his tummy(softly). He loves to get out and ride his radio flyer red bike and also to go visit grandma. Bailey is quite the dancer and loves to dance whenever she hears music. She is really getting taller and outgrowing all her clothes. Her hair is getting longer and she is becoming more vocal about the things she does or doesn't do. She also is obsessed with animals and loves going to the petting zoo. Bentley is having fun learning new poems in school and meeting new friends. He learned to ride a bike without training wheels and we are so proud of him. He offers the sweetest prayers and is such a grateful little soul. Jon is busy with his business as usual and I am just trying to keep up with all these growing kids. I have been working about two days a week and have also enjoyed developing my skills as a hygienist. We also got a new nephew this month named Bowen. Chad and Jessica now have four little ones. Our kids are so lucky to be able to get together with their cousins often! We have also started watching Collin Play football and that has been fun too! Tyler and Kyle playing football with the kids. They love doing this and go out to play every Sunday!
The Vertuccios Farm Pumpkin patch!
Wyatt enjoying watching conference
The new Gilbert LDS Temple
I hate when the kids do this but they love it and try to use Bentleys bed as a trampoline.
The kids, some of their cousins, grandma, and collin went to the movies at San Tan and they loved playing on these toys.
Also at the pumpkin patch
Wyatt streaking around the house in rain boots while sweeping the floor.
Park day with friends
Bentley has mastered the art of frosting cookies.
Jon and I went to watch the Oilers play the Coyotes in Hockey
Bailey as Jesse from Toy Story for Halloween
A Halloween party we went to at my friend Rachel's moms house. It was a blast and so organized!
Celebrating my brother Kyle for graduating Nursing school!
Carving pumpkins together. The boys did one and the girls did one. Jon carved a scary pumpkin guy and we carved a haunted house.
Halloween Night 2013. The kids were Toys Story themed costumes... Woody, Jesse, and buzz lightyear
New Baby Bowen