Friday, January 28, 2011

Bailey one month and terrible two's!

The cute decor Jon set up to put Bailey's bows on!
Her first Sunday
Mommy and Bailey. Twins!
She is so relaxed in her bath
I could stare at this angel all day.
He loves sports!

Bentley loves his new toy chest!

Bailey and her cousin Colby. They are four days apart.

Cute Bailey Girl!

Sleeping angel.
Family pic in front of the Superstition mountains
Bentley loves bathtime!
Our precious girl
Bailey after her beloved bathtime
The time just flew since having Bailey. I think with each kid time just keeps going by faster and faster. She is truly an angel and such a great baby. She will only cry when necessary and it is the cutest softest cry ever. She has her dad and brother wrapped around her finger. Both would do anything for her. I could stare at her for hours and that is what I do most days! She is really starting to interact. At her six week mark she has started to show "real" smiles and not just smile because of some unwanted gas! She is just getting more and more beautiful. We love to make her dance to music and Bentley loves to hold her. I pretend to wave Bailey's hand at Bentley and blow kisses to him from her and he just loves it. I love playing dress up with the kids and they love watching movies with mom and dad! Nursing has been tough but hopefully we will get the hang of it soon because right now I just have to pump my milk every three hours. It has it's pro's and con's but I would like to be able to do both. It seems like Bailey is starting to sleep longer and she has definitely got a double chin going like her big brother.

Bentley will be two in two weeks. I feel kind of mixed emotions about my baby turning two. He is such a good kid and loves helping out. This is an understatement since lately he breaks into tears if we try to do anything for him. I know he means well but it has truly tested our patience. He loves to play outside or go places. He always wants to be on the go. He is talking quite a it now and has even developed his own language. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. He loves reading books. I need to read to him more often then maybe he wouldn't make up his own words! He is handsome as ever and he is very emotional. He loves to please mom and dad and doesn't like getting into trouble. We have started short time outs when he is behaving badly and when the time out is over he just runs to us and gives us a big hug and kiss. I hate doing it but that is the only thing that seems to get his attention. He has had so many changes and is growing up so I attribute his change in emotion to that and to turning two soon. We love our little Bentley and we love to see him learn so many new things. I have said it before but he is really awesome at sports and he loves to play the piano.

Jon is busy recruiting and getting ready for the upcoming summer sales season in San Diego. He plays Hockey and goes running with his free time. I am busy cleaning house and entertaining the two kids most of the time. I get some free time every now and then to meet up and visit with friends or to go shopping "on my own"! Lets just face it... grocery shopping with two kids = madness. We recently took Bentley to a Coyotes vs. Oilers hockey game and he loved it. Jon was in heaven and it turned out to be a great game and great win for the Oilers.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas 2010

Our first Christmas as a family of four happened all too fast! Bailey was born the fifteenth, we had a Curtis get together and my sister in law Amber had her baby boy on the nineteenth, then there was Christmas eve where we traded gifts with my brothers and sisters and the little cousins. I didn't even attend all my extended family Christmas get togethers because I didn't want to take Bailey into such crowded situations but that would've made it fly by even faster. The most important part was the miracle and blessing of having our new addition Baby Bailey with us. We just love her so much and she brought such a special spirit with her to our home. It was actually mine and Jon's first Christmas morning by ourselves. Every other year we have been in Canada or at my parents home. First thing in the morning we woke Bentley and Jon brought him down the stairs to see what Santa had brought. He was just staring at everything and we had to force him to start opening his stocking and presents. Once he got started he caught the hang of things quickly. He is like his mom and would put each piece of wrapping paper in the garbage before opening another gift. I just have to laugh at that. He was so fun to watch and loved all his new toys, books, and puzzles. His favorite gift was his new bike. He loves to ride it around the house. Little Bailey was a sweet little angel and just slept most of the time. After Bentley was done Jon and I traded gifts and then we got ready and headed over to my parents. We also had dinner at my Grandparents and the boys played football while the girls visited. I am so thankful for family and for the Christmas season. I am thankful for the gospel in my life and for the opportunity to have such special spirits in our home. Happy New Year to everyone. May it be a good one!

Our first Christmas with our little angel Bailey. Just 10 days old

Bailey and I. I was helping her open her presents:) Next year should be really entertaining with her one and Bentley almost 3.

Bentley was so fun to watch christmas morning
Our Family at my parents home christmas afternoon! Thanks for all the great gifts mom and dad! And for the yummy breakfast.

Grandma and Grandpa Curtis got her a glow doll. Bentley has one too and they are so wonderful. They calm babies as infants and now Bentley uses his as a night light or to put him back to sleep if he wakes up in the middle of the night. I love them!

Bentley opening the toy trucks Grandma and Grandpa Curtis got him. He loves dump trucks and loading them up just to dump whatever it is out.

Jon checking out the new running shoes he got to make sure that santa brought the right ones:)

Bentley and Bailey under the christmas tree Christmas morning in the their matching christmas pj's

Bentley showing Bailey his new toy chest. Kids make christmas so much fun

Bailey with her first Christmas gift! My mom has a similar picture of me 26 years ago on my first Christmas!

Bentley got the hang of opening presents by the third gift.e loved it and was so neat putting each piece of wrapping paper in the garbage. Lets just say it took awhile to open presents.

She looked so cute in her matching reindeer footed pajama's with Bentley.

Bailey with her stocking that was way bigger than her!
Bentley checking out his new toy chest!

The dogs even got a treat thanks to Jon! the bones were as big as Maverick

Bentley with his stocking Christmas morning!

Bentley taking inventory of the stockings Santa left

Giving cousin J the present you got him.

Cute little pajama's Trent and Becky got you.

Love those plump red lips!

Getting ready to get her into her Christmas pajama's

Sweet tiny little girl.

checking out the gifts Christmas Eve. Bentley didn't even try to touch the presents until that night he reached under the tree and tried to open one.

bentley and bailey Christmas Eve. He loves to hold his little sister

Bailey staring at grandma Curtis.

All the boy cousins teaming up on Uncle Kevin and wrestling him. Bentley loves to play wrestle. His uncles are so good to play with him.

Great Grandma Curtis holding Bailey

Great Grandpa Curtis holding Bailey girl.

All the cousins and Uncle Collin eating a delicious meal made by grandma Curtis

Bentley loves to jump whether it's on the trampoline or just standing on the ground. He will jump all around and is getting big muscles on his legs from it. I wish I had that energy!

My handsome liitle boy

Cousin Brody

Cousin Annabelle. Belle likes to be called Night Fury

Bentley loves playing any sport and so far uses both left and right hands interchangeably

Cousin J. Bentley's partner in crime. The noise level rises significantly when these two are together!

Cousin Rex

Cousin Tate. He is so good with the little kids and including them.

Bentley can entertain himself for hours playing outside.

Mommy giving Bailey girl kisses.

Daddy giving Bentley kisses

Our family on the sunday before Christmas at the Curtis get together!

Bailey in her first real outfit.

Jon and Bentley the Sunday before Christmas

Bentley was so good not to even try and open any presents before Christmas, but he she loved having his picture taken in front of the tree!

We need lots of napping with this cute little angel over Christmas break!