Monday, April 11, 2011

Bailey 3 months

Aunt Heidi with Bailey

Sleeping Beauty

Jon and Bentley. First swim of the season!

Bentley loves to swim with his cousins

Bailey meeting her second cousin Cali. Little girls are so precious.

Both grandma's holding eachother's grandbabies
The princess in her throne:)

Love those pouty lips

Bentley loves Uncle Tyler and was excited to visit him at work.

We went to Ned's with the Neilsen clan. They are so much fun and their little girls are so good to play with Benltey

Getting big!

3month photo shoot.

My smiley girl!

sucking on those fists

Bailey is our little princess. She brings so much joy to us and her smile is so contagious! We enjoy her little spirit and the personality she has. She is so sweet and coo's and gaaa's all the time now. She is growing up way to fast. She must have hit a growth spurt because in the last few weeks she has really filled out and is getting chunky. She loves to suck on her hands, look at color mobiles or cartoons, watch her brother play, and visit. She even has a giggle when you tickle her. She is now wearing her 3-6 month clothing. By this age bentley was already in 6-9 month clothing. They will be such great friends because Bentley is such a great big brother. He will bring her toys to play with, gold fishies(even though she cant eat them:)), and he even trys to feed her bottle to her and wipes her mouth if he spills. These two kids are angels and I am so lucky to be their mom. Bentley is starting to really become independent and want to do things on his own or on his own terms so he has definatley tried my patience lately but he is also so polite and has the softest little voice.