Sunday, December 29, 2013

November and Thanksgiving Day

I feel like if I blink the months will pass by. I have never felt time slipping by so fast. I do not like it and wish that I could keep my kids small forever. While it is fun to see them learn, grow, and achieve; it also brings with it more independence and defiance when making choices. I feel like as a parent that you have to rethink you game plan every couple of months and strategy for parenting your children. I am grateful to have three healthy, happy children for the most part, but sometimes they can be down right grouchy and whiny. As a mom it really wears on me. I hope to be able to be a good example to my kids and to teach them to make righteous choices so that they will learn what it means to invite Christ into their lives. This month was a fun one and we were able to think about and celebrate Thanksgiving and what we are truly grateful for all month long. We had a Thanksgiving feast and get together earlier in the month with my immediate family. There was good food as always but it felt so good to have everyone there together and visiting. After that I went on a field trip with Bentleys preschool class to the park to have a thanksgiving feast. His teacher was so cute and brought feathered indian hats and pilgrim hats for them to wear. She talked about how we started celebrating Thanksgiving in the first place and the kids had a blast! Next we celebrated with my extended family on Thanksgiving day and once again was so blessed with good food and company! I am so thankful for this time of year to really reflect on the things I am thankful for. My dear cousin and friend Becki got in a severe accident right before Halloween. She is lucky to be alive and survived with many injuries. She is a miracle. I got teary eyed when my cousin Trent, her husband, gave the prayer on our Thanksgiving meal. He said he was thankful for the many blessing and miracles we had over this past year. It would be so east to feel overwhelmed by the accident and what it has done to change the dynamic of their family but I am so impressed with his expressions of gratitude and he and his families examples to me. Our month was also filled with birthdays, park days, and perfect weather. I am so grateful for the beautiful world my Heavenly Father created and for the help and guidance he has sent me through the restored gospel to make it back to him. I am thankful for church leaders who love me and my family and who teach me constantly what it means to be selfless and Christ like. I am thankful for my immediate and extended families and for their friendship and love. I am also thankful for good friends who have always stood by my side. We also got the itch to set up for Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving because we had the time and it was a rainy weekend so we were stuck inside anyways. The kids get better at helping every year and less destructive to the ornaments. They had so much fun setting up and listening to Christmas music. Jon and I were able to go see the second Hunger games movie and go to dinner with a group of our good friends. It was a fun night and we enjoyed the company! This month Bentley learned to ride a bike without training wheels. He is a natural and has so much fun going fast. He is great at memorizing and learning new poems for his preschool. He is a good friend and gets invited to play at friends houses now. I was a bit nervous to let him go by himself but I know I will have to let go at some point. He loves playing the wii so much that we have to set a timer with him. He loves so many other things like playing soccer and riding his scooter and bike but if I let him, he would play the wii all day. He is so good it's scary. He is still my sweet boy but is definitely trying to test the limits and talks back more these days. Bailey really loves to dance and is practicing for her recital in December. Sometimes I find her humming a tune or singing and twirling around the house. She is loosing all traces of a toddler in her face and has a cute little frame now. She loves to color and draw pictures of unicorns and princesses. She loves the color pink and purple. She likes to run errands and cries when I say we are going home. I don't get it because she has so many fun toys to play with but I think she just likes to be on the go. She loves when Jon or I take her somewhere with us and it's just her. She will say, " Just me, not Bentley and Wyatt" over and over again with a big smile on her face. I think she has middle child problems and may feel like she doesn't get enough attention. She has the best little lips and gives the best kisses. She can be dramatic at times but holds her own with the boys. Wyatt is starting to talk a lot. He will whine and cry and when we say use your words he will say, milk, juice, shoe, help, etc. He still drinks a bottle sometimes and I am hoping to get him to just drink for sippy cups soon. He folds his arms to pray and wants to be included in everything we do. He likes to sing along if we are singing and he tries to do everything Bailey does which can be trouble at times. Our couches got colored on by Bailey and Wyatt with pen and it won't come off:( He and Bailey both like to climb. Wyatt is a strong thick boy and he likes to play box and tackle. Poor Bailey gets tackled to the ground several times a day. Wyatt just loves it though. Wyatt is a boy that likes to cuddle and has a special bond with my mom that is so sweet. He just can't get enough of "mama" Curtis. He is fast and likes to test the limits by running down the street to see if I will chase after him. He has a big smile and we just love him to pieces.