Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Newport Beach, Calfornia 2017

There isn't much more to say about this trip other than it is pure magic to watch the kids all week in one of their favorite places. We love being around family even though things can get hectic. This year was different and everything ran really smooth from start to finish. I am grateful for the time we get to spend with family and make memories at the beach. The kids collect sand crabs and are getting more brave with each trip. They build sand castles and sand tunnels as well as play all sorts of games on the beach. I was so proud of the kids because they all got in the water and played or boogie boarded. I loved taking it all in and relaxed with the waves crashing a beautiful weather all around me. This was the perfect ages to go as I didn't have a small baby that was crawling or trying to escape everywhere. That will all change soon of course but I soaked it all in while I could. We would come back to the beach house sand covered, sun soaked, and some of us wet from playing in the ocean. After cleaning off we would eat dinner and then watch movies and play games. I am grateful my parents started this tradition so many years ago and I hope it continues. It is hard arranging everyones schedule but it is definitely worth the hard work to get there!
 Headed out to the beach
 Even Sophia helped bring out her own Boogie board!

 Getting ready to hit the waves
 sophia was a little scared at first of the water but she warmed up to it eventually!
 Jon and his girls!
 Bentley and Sophia have a special sibling bond and I love how sweet he treats her!

 Jon helping the kids build a sand castle.
 Sophia hanging out with Aunt Heidi
 Taking a break for a snack.
 My moms birthday was the first Saturday we were there so I joined her for a bike ride down to the Pier and bought her one of her favorite treats... A carmel Apple from Janes.
 Heidi, Dad, Mom, and Collin
 Me and Mom 
 After dinner we went out to the sand and played bocce ball, and corn hole games. The sun set was beautiful and it definitely makes you get the feeling of how wonderful and grand our Heavenly Father created the earth and the things thereon.

 Sophia is so funny and started doing the thumbs up in every picture. Love her
 Cousin time
 Jon and I at Sun Set
 I love these kiddos

 Singing Happy Birthday to grandma Curtis and cake time!

 We went to church and then had a nice picnic at the park near the Newport Temple.

 Finding sand crabs. They were able to see star fish and dolphins too. 
 Wyatt with cousin Trey
 Bentley with cousin Chad jr.
 Wyatt catching a nice wave!
 These cosigns loved digging holes and creating little seats to hang out in the holes.
 Jon , Kyle, and Michael taking in the nice people watching, views of the ocean, and weather!
 I had to snap a picture of our group crammed into the elevator after seeing the movie Cars 3
 Cute Sophia and Bailey 

 We loved stopping for Acai fruit bowls, breakfast burritos, and donuts for breakfast!
 This is a fun park near the Harbor that the kids ( and Jon) love to play at and visit!
 Sophia, Bailey, and cousin Juliette
 I love this picture of Sophia because it catches the pure joy she has for the beach 
 Bentley jumping the waves.
 I loved  watching Wyatt boogie board and I thought it was so funny he put his arms out like he was flying each time he caught one.
 Playing with cousins in the Ocean. We spotted some dolphins out playing and eating two of the days.
 Cousin Juliette and Bailey
 I love that this picture captures the thrill on Wyatts face and the fun that Bentley and his cousin Chad Jr. were having throwing a frisbee into the waves and having it wash back to shore for them.
 Bentley and Wyatt out boogie boarding with cousins Rex, Tate, Brody, and Colby.

 Jon taking the boys out to catch some big waves with him!
 Brothers that boogie board together stay together:) or something like that!
 video of Wyatt boogie boarding
 We made several trips down to the pier but this was one of them and we went to go get some ice cream at a place called pipeline.
 The friendly lifeguard stopped to say hi and let the kids know they were digging the holes too deep. Many times the kids would get into the water and then come dry off and play games or dig holes in the warm sand behind us.
 Mom and Heidi and Dad were so nice to watch all the kids so we could escape to a nice kid free dinner at one of our favorite spots The crab cooker.
 The last day in California Jon took the kids with Heidi and Collin to a theme park called Knottsberry farm. They had a blast and rode almost all the rides they could. For some reason they kept measuring Bailey saying she was too short but she and Wyatt are the same height. Super weird. So Heidi and Jon devised a plan to get her on the rides by re doing her hair and making it puffy on top. I thought that was so funny.