Monday, July 11, 2016

Memorial Day and Kevins birthday!

For Memorial day we had a bbq/ swim party at my parents! There house is the go to for most holidays and the are so gracious to host us all so often! We all love our time spent together making memories and eating delicious food. While we were all together we decided to celebrate my bother Kevins birthday as well. He turned 28.
 Heidi and all the her nieces on Memorial Day!
 Sophia in her patriotic swim suit! I don't love bikinis but it looked so cute on her!
 My dad the chef and some of the family enjoying their food!
 Bentley boy
 Bailey and Annabelle
 Collin, Mom, and Michael
 Grandma and Grandpa Curtis
 Some of the group playing some fun games
 Sophia enjoying the plasma car!
 Jon and sophia. Sophia loves the water like her daddy and they like to swim!
 Wyatt playing videos after getting worn out from swimming.
Everyone singing happy birthday to Kevin. We had delicious homemade ice-cream and toppings with  cupcakes.

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