Sunday, March 18, 2012

Zoo trip 2012

We were glad to be able to get in a trip to the zoo with Bentley and Bailey before baby number 3 arrives! I usually make it to the zoo about once a year and this past week was spring break so we decided to take advantage and go with cousins. Bentley loves animals, especially if he gets to interact with them. With that being said, his favorites were the petting zoo, the monkeys, and talking to a blue McCall bird. The monkeys happened to be playing around when we came by and one was hitting the glass with a palm branch, so the kids thought this was funny. Bailey was a trooper and stayed up through nap time but she wasn't to impressed. She did love running around when we got her out of the stroller, but she didn't really care for seeing the animals. We got to see the Tiger, Lion, Giraffe, rhino, wolf, cheetah, and many more neat animals. I am nine months pregnant and reluctantly
allowed Jon to talk me into renting and riding an electric cart around the whole park. I was embarrassed at first but once we got going I quickly realized I couldn't have made it one stop without the cart! It was also a hot day for March so that didn't help. We had a great day nonetheless and enjoyed spending time together. My mom, Heidi, and Collin came along with Amber and her four boys. Bentley had fun running around with his cousins, climbing rocks, and playing on the play area as well. Jon gave him a dollar to donate to the Blue McCall birds box and it was cute to see how excited he got to hand the bird the dollar bill. It snatched it with it's beak and then put it in the box. Bentley also tried to cut a bunch of kids in line at the camel rides. He just ran right up there and was about to hop on the camels back. It was so funny.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Park Playdate

Rachel's newest addition baby Brady! So adorable!

Bailey with Dean, parker,and Wes playing baseball!

Some of the girls: Rachel Allen, Christy Horne with little Mason, Kristen Fuller, Courtney Rogers, Jade Petterborg
Bailey playing with Parkers sand toys. She fully enjoyed playing with all the new toys she usually doesn't get to play with.
This pic makes me laugh because they look like a bunch of teenage boys in a jeep. Parker took Bentley and Dean for a wild ride!! They loved it.
Bailey will climb anything to find a way to the big slide. These were tall and pretty steep so it was funny seeing her face as she went down.
Bentley likes a challenge and took on the challenge of climbing these tiny steps to the top.
Busy Bee
My handsome boy

Bailey loved watching the water geyser in the lake and feeling the mist on her face.
Courtney's boy Dean! He brought lots of fun baseball stuff for the kids to play with.
Bentley and Parker

We had so much fun in February getting together with friends! We started a playgroup for one day a week and it has been so wonderful to have Bentley interact with other kids his age. We meet at each others houses, parks, or wherever sounds entertaining. It is a fun way for us long time friends to get to see each others kids and let then all play together. Bailey doesn't mind tagging along as well even though most the time she is the only girl. I love that Bentley will ask to play with his friends now; except of course when none of them can play, because then he is sad and bored all day. I am not much for entertainment these days. I am nine months pregnant and combined with back problems means I try my hardest to get the necessity's done and thats about all my body can handle. I have such great friends and some days when I am not feeling up to getting out they will still come get Bentley so he can still play. You know who you are and thanks a million!! Bentley loves to explore new places and he enjoys climbing the new playsets or slides. He is learning to share, take turns, and say please, and thank you. Bailey just loves to be outdoors, and takes off as soon as she can get the garage door open. I have to be careful or she run down the whole street in no time!!! She loves to ride the big bikes, push dump trucks with her brother, and go down the slides all by herself. Here are a few picks of the park we played at a few weeks ago...