Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mothers Day 2016

Mothers day for me is a day I look forward too! I haven't always because I used to put unreasonable measurements on that day of turning out perfect and I have come to realize that we need to roll with the punches and take life as it comes. The perfect Mothers Day for me would be spending it with my family, visiting, doing fun activities together, and throwing a nap in there never hurts! Jon and the kids however always go above and beyond to make it an extra special day and weekend with gifts, pampering, and words of love! The love I have for my family and being a mother is not measurable! Nothing compares to the joy I get from serving my family and going through this journey on earth together! Now I am not going to say it is all peaches and cream because this life is meant to have opposition and we are meant to work through those. Being a mom is the hardest job there is! But it is also the most rewarding! I am grateful to all the mothers and women out there who influence me and my kids for the better. Thank you! My own mom is the best example I could ask for and it doesn't stop there! I have been blessed with some of the greatest women in my life and am grateful for all that they do for me and for the way the live there lives!

 New fresh hair do before Mothers day! Getting my hair done and actually doing it makes me feel like a new person!
 Jon is so sweet and took me to get pedicures and shop at the mall to find a new dress!
 Finished pedicure!
 The kids and Jon surprised me with even more pampering on Mothers Day! I couldn't ask for a more loving husband or children! They are my world and I am the luckiest to call them my people!
I have to document the good and the bad. We woke up to the back tire on our van completely flat and had to get it fixed so that we could get to church and visit family later that day!
 My very favorite thing about mothers day are the hand made gifts and sweet thoughts the kids give me! They fill my heart with so much love and joy! While reading them there were tears of joy, hysterical laughing, and big hugs!
Wyatt is my Romeo! He loves to surprise me and give me gifts! After Church on Sunday he brought me this beautiful Sunflower. What a sweetheart!

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