Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Celebrations 2011

Christmas was a success! We feel very blessed and were so glad we got to spend it with so many family and friends! The pre-Christmas festivities included gingerbread house making, story book reading by the lighted tree, lessons on the true meaning of christmas, shopping in the busy stores, wrapping presents, making sugar cookies and delivering them to neighbors, and visiting the Mesa Arizona temple light display!
On Christmas Eve we got together in the afternoon for a BBQ and kids/cousins gift exchange. It was so nice to be with everyone at the same time. The kids enjoyed games, sugar cookie decorating, and a pinata filled with fun toys! After that we hurried over to my Aunt Corina's house for the night celebrations. We enjoyed great company, pizza, homemade donuts ( watch out dunkin donuts), and other delicious food and treats. We watched a fun Christmas movie while the kids played and wrestled. Bentley loves to wrestle these days. Between all the boys cousins and Collin, he definitely has a great choice of worthy opponents! Bailey loved cruising around and snitching treats off of everyones plates. She is so much fun to watch and tries her hardest to be where the action is at. Finally, we headed home and read a quick christmas story before tucking our sweet little ones into bed.
Our Christmas morning started off by making cinnamon rolls, eggs, and bacon, then we went to wake the kids ( they slept in... go figure the one morning I want to get up and get going). They were so cute in there Christmas pajama's and slippers! The excited looks they got when we had them start by opening there stockings was priceless! Santa didn't disappoint and the kids got lots of fun things as did Jon and I! Bentley got the hang of opening gifts and was ready and willing to help Bailey open every one of hers too! Bentley loved his new slide and Bailey loved sweeping the floors with her new broom. Kids make Christmas so fun and we feel so blessed to be able to be together as a family! After the gift madness we got ready for church. We were blessed to watch such a beautiful christmas program filled with amazing music! Next we headed to my mom and dads to see open gifts and see Kyle and Kelsey before they headed on to the in-laws. My parents gave my kids a new playhouse that they love! We were spoiled to say the least. Later that day everyone came over with their families and we had a Christmas feast. I say that because it was one of the most delicious meals i've ever had. Thank you everyone for making Christmas so fun and special! We are grateful for our savior, Jesus Christ, and his birth that Christmas day. He gave us the ultimate gift of his example and life. May we always remember each day ,this blessing, and let it inspire us to be better in every way!

Tate, Heidi, Chelsea, and Corina playing games on Christmas!
Mckenna, Jon, Bentley, Jessica, Chad, and Julz relaxing after a delicious Christmas Dinner! My mom really out did herself. We had Turkey, Ham, Cheese potatoes, Stuffing, homemade rolls, rainbow jello, and much more!!
Enjoying visiting
My Grandpa and Grandma Curtis, with her brother Merrill and his wife Marge. So glad we got to visit! They brought some delicious desserts!
Here is Bentley enjoying his Christmas dessert!

My brother Chad, his wife Jessica, and their youngest daughter Juliette on Christmas Day
Bentley loving his new playhouse Grandma and Grandpa Curtis got he and Bailey!
Trying to fit through the window. silly Bents:)
He and Bailey love playing in it and the best is it has a real door bell and little phone that makes dial tones.
Bailey wasn't sure at first being stuck in the house with Bentley but now they love it. I put mail in the mail slot and Bentley thought that he was so cool getting his own mail. He even parks his toy cars and quad out front sometimes. Hopefully this will help keep them busy once the new baby comes.

I think this may be her favorite toy:) It is so fun watching her walk around the room and sweep!
Here she has a hammer and was playing with the tool set before church.
My dad and his classic thumbs up on Christmas!
My brother Kyle
Kyle's wife Kelsey. We are glad they made it because Kelsey went into labor two months early this Christmas morning. She is tough and looks great and they were able to stop the contractions!

Mom on Christmas day
Jon opening his gift from mom and dad Curtis. He got some golf balls for his new clubs and a fire pit. He loves both and has already used the fire pit a ton since opening it. Thanks mom and Dad!
Best picture I could get of Bentley since he doesn't like me to take pictures of him anymore. He really was enjoying himself and got the hang of opening presents this year.
Bailey carrying around her new cell phone
Bailey loves this broom she got and knew exactly what to do with it.

Bentley and Bailey loved their slide and put it right to use
Cute kiddos enjoying Christmas morning
Bentley loved the picnic table because he loves laying out his toys and playing with them this way his sister can't get to him as easily:)
The ball Bentley is throwing lights up.
Bailey already enjoying the candy in her stocking!

Bailey getting a hang of opening presents Christmas morning
Our cute Christmas tree before all the madness!
Getting ready to go show the kids what Santa brought!
I love Bailey's face here because it shows how much fun she has on the trampoline
Belle and Bentley checking out the goods from the pinata

Bailey running around the trampoline having so much fun!
Jon and Kyle having a target contest
Michael, Chad, Kyle, and Jon enjoying shooting guns
Bentley swinging at the Santa spongebob pinata!
Bailey adores her grandpa Curtis

Cooper the Santa dog relaxing under the Christmas tree.
santa so tired from all his work fell asleep under the tree:)
Jon opening his gift with Bailey
Cousin Annabelle loved her princess gloves and necklace!
Best smile I could get but he really loved his gift!
Bentley opening a gift from his cousin
Uncle Kyle and Aunt Kelsey helping Bailey open her gift from her cousin
Bailey giving cousin Colby her gift
The whole family minus a few in the picture but we were all there. It is quite a miracle to get everyone there at the same time these days.
All the cute cousins getting ready to exchange gifts.

Bentley still loves the piano! The big bruise on his head occurred right before this picture was taken. He and Collin collided and Bentley got his head smashed in the street:(
Aunt Heidi helping the kids frost sugar cookies
Bentley enjoying the fruit of his labor
Bentley had fun decorating his own cookie
Grandpa West
Bailey cruising around enjoying the nice weather.
Playing games on Christmas Eve Day with the Curtis Clan.
Bentley loved being a "big boy" and playing the games with everyone.
Bailey playing with her birthday toys
sweetest little face
Love her blue eyes and angelic face
Busy Bee
Showing off her new skills of walking in heels:)
Getting ready to go enjoy some christmas eve festivities
Learning to walk in her heels. It was so cute watching her.

Bentley and Bailey acting silly:)
Watching their Christmas DVD
Bentley telling Bailey "no no" and teaching her not to touch the ornaments.
Two little angels

Our Family Home Evening on the true meaning of Christmas and giving gifts. We gave the kids new christmas pajamas and they gave eachother a Christmas book and slippers.
These two look more and more alike every day!
Handsome Bentley in his new Christmas sweater.
Bentley did a great job helping me make this gingerbread house! It was our first time using fondant so it was a little tricky.
Bailey nibbling on the gingerbread house we made. Collin making faces in the background:)