Saturday, December 13, 2008

24th Birthday

Dec. 11 I turned the big 24! Yikes I am getting up there(: No just kidding but it does seem like just yesterday I was 19. Time is flying by. Jon Spoiled me by getting me a day at the Spa. I have never felt so important. They pamper you like crazy when your there but I guess thats kind of the point(: Before I went to the spa Jon and I went to lunch at this really cute place that has italian, russian , greek type foods. It was delicious. After that I went to the spa. I got a mama mia maternity massage for two hours, then I got the body smoothie where they exfoliate your skin and then rub this really yummy lotion on it to make it extra soft. Next I got a relaxing pedicure and while I was getting my pedicure they brought me this large yummy cupcake. It was such a fun time and I would definately recommend this place to everyone. Jon came and picked me up then we went home and I opened gifts from Jon and my parents. It was funny because Jon got me new running shoes and my parents also got me several pairs of shoes. I also got a scarf and mittens from my brother Kevin. Jon got me a really cute apron too because he says I am always spilling. After that we ordered my favorite pizza ( Two Jacks ) and then the boys (kevin and Jon)sang happy b-day to me. It was such a nice relaxing day. Thanks to everyone that made it so special! ( Phone calls, cards, texts ect.)

Snow Storm!

I just thought I would post a few pics of our first big snow storm this season. It started snowin this morning and it hasn't stopped. It's almost a straight white out outside. The dogs are having a blast running around in it and chasing eachother. The only bad thing is that I just cleaned my floors. Oh well (: Hope everyone is having a great day. I think I will stay inside today and stay warm!

Fun Drive

Jon and I took the dogs up the Canyon by our house for a fun drive. It is awesome having such beautiful places so close by that we can visit. We got out and walked around as well.The dogs love the great outdoors especially Cooper. Jon started throwing rocks at the ice in the stream. Cooper saw this and tried to follow him over some logs but he fell through some ice and got all wet. It was kind of sad but also funny.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving in Canada

Jon and I spent a week up in Canada visiting family. It was so good to see everyone and we had so much fun. We went up to Waterton National park with Jons sister Jen and her son Noah and had a picnic. It was so windy that we mostly ate in the car but thats ok because it was so beautiful up there. Everywhere you look there is a beautiful view and lots of cool animal life. Jon helped his mom with scuba lessons one day. It was funny to see him work with 26 teenagers in a pool. I got together with some of my sister inlaws and did a fun christmas craft. Later that day we had a delicious dinner and took family pictures. That night Jon had fun building a fire and we roasted hotdogs for dinner and smores for dessert. Yummy! Thanks everyone for the great time.