Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why does everything break at once?

This past week our computer crashed and our vaccuum broke. I tried to fix the vaccuum but it just wasn't going to work. Things are made so cheap these days it bugs me. Our computer is at Data docters to see if they can get anything off the hard drive but they told me they for sure couldn't save any of my pictures. I am so sad. I will for sure keep them backed up in the future. Jon said it was a good thing it crashed now so we didn't lose any pics of the baby. Jon is so sweet and always looks for the bright side of things especially since he lost a ten page research paper he had just finished but not turned in. I am glad I have this blog and have been good at updating otherwise the past couple of years pictures would all be gone completely.
I am patiently ( not so much) awaiting the arrival of our baby boy. It is hard the last couple weeks of pregnancy because I am so uncomfortable and I keep thinking there is no more room for him but he is holding tight and not budging. He is due this Tuesday but my doctor said he wouldn't induce me until I am a week over due. I don't even want to think about that but I know with first babies it is a huge possibility to go over your due date. wish me luck! Hope everyone is doing great!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nursery Pics!

I have been working on the the baby's nursery and here are a few pictures I took. I am not quite finished but it is all coming together. I am do in about two and a half weeks so I hope this little guy doesn't want to stay in there to much longer. It's funny becuase they call it the "nesting phase" that I'm in and that is what I have been doing: cleaing, organizing, resting, cleaning some more. I don't get much sleep but i guess that it just in preparation for when the baby comes because I'm sure I'll get even less if that is possible. I enjoy feeling his movements all throughout the day. They have gone from punching and kicking too rolling and stretching. I can't wait to meet this cute little boy. I can already tell he will be quite active if he is anything like he is now. On another note my dogs have been enjoying the snow now that they are used to it. They go out back and adventure for hours. Jon is keeping busy with his online classes and is always a great help to me. He even brought me some beautiful bright flowers home the other day to suprise me. I love having flowers around to brighten the winter dreariness. I took a pic of them but will post that later. Hope all is well with everyone.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Post Christmas!

My cousin Jennifer, sister in law Amber, and my mom threw me a baby shower while I was down in AZ. It was decorated so cute with little teddy bears and Amber made me a cute diaper cake that was the center piece. The food was delicious. Thanks to everyone who came and for all the nice baby stuff. I definately feel a little more prepared to welcome this little guy into the world. Thanks to everyone that helped out with my shower as well. I really appreciate it!

Me,my mom, and my sisters.

My best friend Jade and I

Me and my friends Lisa, Carli, laura, Christy, and Jade ( not in order)

Picture by the diaper centerpiece with my cousin Jennifer

Me, my mom, and Heidi

Me holding my cousing Tressy. she is so adorable

We couldn't leave Arizona without going to a mexican restaurant so me, jon, heidi, my mom, and the kids went to eat at Matta's grill. It was so good and I love the salsa there. Later that day Jon and Chad went to a bowl game at ASU and had alot of fun while us girls went baby shopping. Jon also got to go to the Cardinals bowl game with my dad, chad, and heidi. He had never been to an NFL game so he was so excited and had alot of fun. Jon also went dirt bike riding over the break. He hadn't been in awhile so he was thrilled to get to do that too. We had an amazing Christmas break, thanks again mom and dad. It was so fun visiting with family and friends. I got sick the last two days we were there so I didn't get to meet up with everyone I wanted but I guess thats just how life goes. Now we are back in the freezing cold but are excitedly preparing for the arrival of our baby boy due in three weeks. I will of course post pics of that when he comes.

On New Years day we went out to ride some horses and have a bbq. Everyone had so much fun. I of course couldn't ride them but it was still fun just being with everyone. We had some yummy food and also did a sponge bob pinata. The kids loved it. Jon got bucked off one of the horses but walked away with only a big bruise on his thigh and a sore back.

New Years Eve 2008

New Years Eve was so fun this year because we were able to go to my friend Carli's house to celebrate with lots of friends. I didn't think I would be able to stay up since I have been so tired lately but as soon as we got there I wasn't even tired. We played fun games, visited, played ping pong, ate delicious treats and breakfast crepes that Carli and her sister Alyssa made, and of course watched the ball drop. Happy New Year to everyone. Can you believe it is 2009. I surely can't and this year is going to bring many changes.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day!

Christmas morning we had to rush downstairs because Collin was already downstairs trying to rip open his presents. It was so fun to be with everyone and to see what Santa had brought. Jon and I dressed up Cooper and Maverick in Santa outfits and they looked so cute. Jon got me a wii since I won't play his x-box with him and he got me some winter boots I badly needed especially since it snowed a ton in Utah while we were gone. I also got a cute baby bag I got Jon some new close and my parents were so kind and got us a video camera. I was really wanting one since the baby is coming soon. I also got a really neat picture frame from my mom that shows the pictures of all the women leading up to me six generations. We finished opening gifts and had a delicious breakfast. After that we set up all the toys for the kids and started playing the wii. Thanks mom and dad for such a fun time.

On Christmas Afternoon we went to my grandma and Grandpa Curtis's for lunch. We had delicious food once again and it was fun to see my cousins and relatives again. Jon and the boys mostly watched sports while the girls visited. My grandma had us play a fun guessing game and we won prizes. After that my family went back to my house and played Rock band on the wii and Mario cart. The boys went to go watch Valkyrie at night while the rest of us stayed back at home and relaxed. It was the perfect end to a nice Christmas day.

On Christmas Eve day we got together with everyone and opened presents from eachother. It was so funny because Jon wrapped Ambers gift in a Victoria's Secret box and her face turned red when she was unwrapping her gift. She was relieved to see that it was a cute hat instead of something else. I got an apron from Tyler and Jon got a nice shirt from Chad. That night We went and saw The Christmas lights at the temple. We got there just in time to see the christmas program that was put on. It was so nice to see them and nativity displays from around the world. When we got back we got the kids to bed and then the adults stayed up and visited.