Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby #2 and it's a ...... Girl!

Things have been crazy for us lately. They say when it rains it pours and I have always found that statement to be true. This summer has flown by. It started out by Bentley and I visiting Jon in San Diego. Then we found out we were expecting baby #2! After a beach trip and camping trip over the fourth, this summer has gone way too fast.
We just found out that Baby #2 is a girl! I was a little bit shocked because so far all the grankids have been boys excpet one, but Jon said he had a feeling it was a little girl. Jon was a able to come visit for the weekend and be here for the ultrasound. I was so glad he got to see her cute little fingers and body because I have the constant reminders she is in their and he doesn't! We are so excited and can't wait to meet this special angel in December. I am sure the rest of this year will go by before we know it. Jon will be back in September and hopefully we can get things together and settled before this little one arrives. I feel so blessed and know that Bentley will just love having a buddy.
Bentley is starting to really love playing with other kids and he loves to learn as much as he can. He is saying a few words but mostly just gibberish. He loves doing flips and preforming for anyone who will watch or listen. He mimicks me when singing "Old mcDonald had a farm". He loves to read books and push around almost anything that can be pushed ( trucks, booster seats,motorcycles ect.)
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! My belly is definately showing faster than it did the last time it's weird. I can feel her twist and turn inside, but i am greatful I am healthy and so is she so far.

Hello Kitty Extravaganza!

For my niece Annabelle's 3rd birthday party she kept saying she wanted a Hello Kitty Party. She absolutely loves this character so her parents gave her nothing short of an awesome party. We all had fun decorating and preparing because we knew how excited she was. My sister in-law Jessica lost her camera so I captured quite a bit of the party for them. We had so much fun with a huge hello kitty pinata. My brother Chad filled it to the brim with candy so each kid went home with a gigantic bag full. They played on a fun blow up water slide and went swimming in the pool. The kids also played pin the bow on hello kitty. She received lots of cute gifts, many of which were hello kitty themed. She got a new hello kitty bike and kitchen set as well. Annabelle was so cute the entire time and loved every bit of her party all the way down to her hello kitty cake. Here are some pictures.
Bentley loved having all the kids here but he also gets shy and takes awhile to warm up to everyone. He love hitting the pinata and eating the yummy confetti cupcakes!

Her hello kitty balloon was almost as big as she was.

Benltey had to have a turn on the hello kitty bike too of course

The birthday girl riding her new bike. she is wearing the hello kitty helmet and knee pads we got her too!

The kids pinning the bows on hello kitty

Bentley wouldn't go near the slide until it was quiet and deflated.

The birthday princess opening her presents

My mom, Annabelle, and Heidi posing for the camera with their hello kitty tattoo's

Benltey and I after the pinata madness.

Bentley taking some great swings at the pinata.

All the kids lined up and ready to hit the pinata

Thoroughly enjoying his cupcake

Annabelle about to blow out the candles on her hello kitty cake.

Annabelle was so suprised when she walked in. It was so fun!

The Hello Kitty welcome sign

Brody, Tate, and Collin playing on the water slide.

Annabelle's hello kitty balloons

Bentley trying to take a swing at the pinata already!

The birthday present tree!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Newport Beach 2010!

Bentley and this cute little girl he met on the beach played so cute together.

Thanks to my wonderful parents we had an awesome summer trip to Newport Beach, Ca. It did not dissapoint. We had sunny, relaxing days on the beach where we went boogie boarding, body surfing, crab and star fish catching, read magazines, and had picnics. We also built sand castles and Bentley pushed the toy trucks all around through the sand. Bentley also loved chasing the seagals and random birds that landed near us. He got brave a few times and would let me take him to play in the waves. We also took walks or bike rides to the pier to window shop and get delicious treats. Of course we can't forget the seaside donuts that are everyones absolute favorite. At night we watched movies, played games, played pranks, and had a blast just visiting. Bentley and his little cousin "j" would play outside on the deck for hours with all the beach toys and balls. The weather was amazing and the company even greater! Jon was able to come for three days and we soaked up every last minute of having him there. Bentley was in heaven and loved playing with Jon. On Sunday we had a family picnic that included a fun game of football and naps. We also went to see the newport temple and walk around the beautiful grounds. Thanks everyone for such a great trip.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Too Busy!

It's been two months since my last post and I keep telling myself that I am too busy to blog but I decided I need to at least write a few things for memory sake. Jon started a Pest Control business in San Diego back in April. He has been extremely busy but is doing great! We miss him so much and try to visit as often as possible which means only about once a month. I work about three days a week and have been busy keeping track of Bentley. He misses his dad so much when we go see him and then have to come back. I have moved too many times for summer sales and even though this has been hard, I feel it wouldn't be any easier to live out in San Diego when I wouldn't get to see Jon too much anyway because he is so busy running his business and making sales.
Bentley is learning so much and is such a fun little boy to watch. He is so curious and is always on the go. Everyone that sees him says " look at him, he just keeps himself so busy moving from toy to toy or playing out in the backyard". He has always had a loud high pitch scream but displays it more often lately when he wants something. I am trying to get him to say words so that he doesn't have to scream or whine for what he wants. He says MaMa, Cheeeese, BaBa, and a few other things.He is also starting to understand me when I ask him to go get something or put something away.His favorite book to read is Old McDonald had a farm sing along. He brings it to me all the time and wants to read it. He loves his soft blue blankie and is becoming quite attached; luckily I dont' have to bring it in the car with us though! He loves to play catch and shoot hoops with Collin and his cousins. He will drag a bat over to me and want me to pitch to him. He has an infectious laugh and an adorable smile that melts me everytime. He gives me big kisses and snuggles too! Something funny I've noticed that he does is when anyone has skin showing whether it be baby or adult he will try to lay his cheek on there skin. It is very weird but he looks so cute doing it. He is currently getting his canines in and that has been miserable but I hope teething doesn't last for to much longer.
We are enjoying spending time with family and friends this summer but we can't wait until Jon comes to be with us again.
Some fun pics of Benltey in the pool.

Tyler taking Benltey down the slide. He screamed at first but really has fun with it now.