Friday, November 20, 2015

Halloween 2015

This halloween the kids dressed up as the Mario Brothers, Princess peach, and tinker belle! They looked adorable. We had the typical class parties that the kids had fun with. I  helped in Bentleys class and it was fun to see him interact with all his school buddies. We trick or treated by my parents house as usual. We had fun with the carnival booths, yummy chili and hot dogs, and eating all sorts of sweets. Sophia was so good and it was a very fun and dare I say relaxing evening! Cousins Trey, Bo, Rosemary, Julz, J, and Belle joined us and we all enjoyed each others company. We also had a ward party the week of Halloween so the kids got to do halloween twice pretty much! We have such a great ward family and everyone makes it such a fun place to be!

 I love Wyatts smile in this one!

 Princess Peach

 Jon and I also got to go to our own adult halloween party. It was a dress up game night filled with fun and laughter. We dressed up as maverick and Charlie from the Top Gun!
Wyatt couldn't get over this guys transformers costume!

Fall Break

For Fall Break the kids get a week off of school. I have a love hate relationship with this because I love spending time with the kids and not having a strict schedule but it makes for a lot of bickering between siblings and kids wanting to be entertained when they are used to being somewhere most of the day or part of the day. We decided to go to the Idea museum in downtown Mesa. It was such a neat place filled with activities, play places and crafts for the kids to do! There was something for everyone. We went with my mom, Collin, my brother Kyle and his son Trey. We got lunch together as well at a delicious mexican restaurant called Mangos! Another fun thing we did was go to the Mccormick Railroad park with some friends. It was a rainy day but that didn't stop us from enjoying the displays and having fun at the parks, carousel, and riding the train. The weather was nice the rest of the week and we had a good time just getting outside and riding bikes, the motorcycle and spending some great quality time together.

 Eating at Mangos on Main in Mesa 
 Sophia enjoying a stroll at 10 months old
 Bailey, cousin Trey, Wyatt, and Bentley having fun!
 Bentley and Bailey at the Idea museum
 Wyatt and Collin were taking turns rolling each other around
 Sophia was having a blast with these huge soft play blocks!
 Super Uncle Collin here to save the day
 Costco run with this wild bunch
 The Mccormick Railroad park. This display has taken over five years to build. So neat and intricate. 
 Wyatt loved the trains
 Bailey and her friend Julianne Turley
 Fun was had by all. There were large trains, toy trains, and play trains. 
 Jon and Kurt with all the kiddos.
 Right when we got there a storm blew in and we got poured on.
 Carousel fun

 We all got to go on a fun train ride around the park

 We ended the fun day by going to Fudruckers for some yummy dinner with our good friends.