Wednesday, August 03, 2016

July 2016

July was a great month that we packed a lot of activities in to! Bentley finished his swim team season and did well strengthening his ability to swim in each stroke. He learned to tie his shoes, and is becoming such a great artist. He is a good brother and good friend. The kids have all loved playing games together whether it be a card game, or board game, or make believe. They have played really well most the summer but have started getting on each others nerves so I think they are ready for a schedule and school to start. I am getting less patient with petty fights and screaming as well so I look forward to us all having a break and am ready for the school year to start. It is a bitter sweet for me when the kids go back to school because I love having them around and being able to go do fun things with them but I also know how much they grow and learn from being in school and around other people. Sophia will miss them the most I think when they all head back August 10th. She is growing up so much and is talking more and more. She wants to be doing what the big kids are and she likes to help herself because she is little miss independent. She has darling curly blonde hair and blue eyes and she likes to laugh and make funny faces to make us all laugh. We also  had fun with friends swimming and going to splash pads. We had fun as a family getting ice cream to cool us off in this summer heat and going swimming. The kids have begged for years every time we pass by Sun Splash on the freeway to go. We finally caved and took them all the last week in July. I was nervous as we have such little kids but they all had a blast and were able to go down most of the slides. It was pricey but we spent the whole day there and were smiling from ear to ear all day. Even sophia did so well and she didn't even have a nap! I still work Tuesdays and am enjoying the staff I work with and helping my patients. Jons business is busy and growing. He does well managing it all as well as things at home and in his church calling. In other news we found out the home we are building is coming along much faster then we thought and it will be done Sept. 12th. I am anxious and excited all at the same time and can't wait to get settled into our new home. Bailey is going to be in kindergarten and I am shocked at how time flies! I still remember her as a little baby and now she is headed off into the real world where I don't get to be by her side most of the time. I am sad but I know that she will do great things so I look forward to her meeting new friends and learning new skills at school. 

 Bentley in the middle swimming the breaststroke race.

 Swimming with my friend Jade and her cute little daughter Nora.

 Eating dinner with my parents, Chad and Jess, and Heidi and her boyfriends Bennett. Red White and Brew is delicious and one of my favorites!

 Fountain Hills splash pad
 Fountain Hills playground 
 We went to the Splash pad with my good friend Steph Mckay and her cute kids.
 Swimming at grandmas with friends Will and Margot.
 Slickables is an ice cream sandwich place we went to try. It was delicious!
 And Sophia approved
 Bentley being a good brother to Sophia and entertaining her.
 Costco trip with Heidi and Collin
 Playing the game Trouble with good friends Brock and Brady White
 This is a funny story.... So we are thinking of building a pool at the new house so we went to look at a pool builder that has a bunch of pools built all together on display. Well 2 minutes into looking with the salesmen and having him explain the different add ons and such, Wyatt falls into one of the pools. He was shocked and scared at first but quickly remembered he knew how to swim. The salesmen said its ok if he wants to stay in there and swim. So them all the kids jumped in with their clothes in and pool hopped to about 7 different pools they had built side by side. It was kind of nice to have the kids entertained while we spoke to the salesmen. haha it will be a time I never forget.

 Sophia with aunt Heidi doing tricks in the pool.
 Jon teaching the kids how to play monopoly after family night.
 I had to take a picture to go on my works dental website showcasing their Dental Hygienists. This is me in my work gear.
 Bentley at his final meet! He swam freestyle and back stroke. He didn't qualify for the championship but did his best and I am proud of him for that!
 It was so hot at the meet and we felt like we were melting. Wyatt took matters into his own hands and dunked his head and feet into the pool.
 Bentley with his good buddy Brock. 
 Bentley and Wyatt sometimes wake up earlier then the rest of us so Jon and I told them if they do to quietly go into the play room and play. This is how I found them one morning after I woke up.
 Jon making a yummy batch of his delicious oatmeal cookies one sunday morning.
Playing Sunday night games with my mom, Heidi , and Bennett.
 Bentley, Collin, Wyatt, and Sophia playing their own game of UNO
 Bailey and Momma selfie
 These kids love to help whenever I am in the kitchen. Here we are making pancakes. Sophia was mad she was not eating them yet!
 Visiting Jon at work and meeting him at his favorite lunch spot Little Miss BBQ. It was so delicious and the best BBQ I have ever tasted!
 Getting ready to go to Sun splash for the day.
 sophia taking a break in the shade after a full morning of water slides, tubing, and swimming.
 Jon and the kids in front of the tube slides.
 Taking a break for lunch
 The kids had fun trying to go across the lily pads as fast as they could.

 Jon and the older kids coming down one of the biggest, and funnest watersides.

 Bentley had so much fun as was glad he was tall enough to go on any ride he wanted.
 We took a little dancing break.

 Bailey June
 Sophia Kay having fun in the kiddie area.

 Jon and the older kids after coming down the fast Bonzai slides.
 Sophie and I hanging out in the shade relaxing.

 Bentleys first time tiring his shoe by himself. 7.5 years old
 Wyatt practicing writing his letters.
 Bailey practicing writing letters and numbers
 Bailey's favorite look when she is shy or annoyed with what I am saying.
 Bentleys look when he doesn't like what I said.
 Wyatt and momma selfie. We were taking silly pictures too but those are safely deleted thankfully. they were pretty funny looking.
 Love this Sophia girly
 Eating lunch with aunt Heidi and Uncle Collin at back yard taco

 Dinner with my good friends I have had since jr. high and some Elementary school.
This house is coming along.