Monday, June 11, 2012

The Help

The Help I have been receiving due to my back surgery as been amazing! People who barely know me have sacrificed their time to come into my home and help our family. They have helped me with the kids, meals, rides, cleaning, and much more. From family members, to friends, to new acquaintances, Thank you! To say I am grateful or thankful would be an understatement and I will forever remember your kindness! I consider you all angels. I know Heavenly Father puts others in our path to help us here on earth. I have a testimony of this and see miracles daily. I am doing much better and I am not in pain anymore since having the surgery. I have a long way to go to get back to my normal routine but the recovery has gone much smoother thanks to all of you. On another note, the kids are growing up speedily and I feel like if I blink they will be teenagers! We have been mostly homebound and the days go slow but the weeks seem to be flying by. Wyatt is almost 3months,already 15 lbs, and looks older every day. He has a contagious smile and loves to coo and visit. He loves when I say the ABC's to him and smiles when I get to the letter W.(I promise he really does this:) He scoots and follows you with his eyes. He has strong legs and jumps off you when holding him upright. Everyone always says how big and solid he is. I have to agree because he is my biggest baby so far. He sleeps well and only wakes up one time a night around 3:30. He is the best nursing baby I have ever seen and this is a miracle to me because I thought none of my kids would ever nurse well. He loves to hold his blankie close to his face and chest. He still has a full head of dark hair and beautiful blue eyes. Bailey is still our crazy girl. We call her this because anyone that knows her knows that she is always into everything and going a million miles per second. She has a sweet side too though and will give loves and kisses if she is asked or thinks she has hurt your feelings.She loves to help and that is an understatement. She will follow me around all day wanting to do what I am doing. She has full pouty red lips, shoulder length light brown hair, and walks around on her tip toes. She jumps on the trampoline, climbs everything, and loves to ride her brothers bike. She is a huge tees like her dad and pesters Bentley quite often.... isn't that what little sisters are for:) She is learning new words every day and finally at a one and a half she calls me mama. Some of her words are mama, dada, up , down, ewwww, shoes, hey, hi, baba, ball, and nana(banana). When she has gone to the bathroom she brings me a diaper and wipes or pulls at her diaper to let me know she has gone. I think she may just be my first to get potty trained. Whenever music turns on she can't help but shake her little body and dance. Bentley is our sensitive little boy. He doesn't like to disappoint anyone and he hates when the attention is on him. He loves to accomplish new things and will go around the house singing his ABC song or counting. He loves to learn, but he has to learn at his own pace and will not be pushed to do more. He likes to observe before trying anything and is very slow to follow. I guess you could say he is cautious which is a good thing. He loves to play with friends and be outside. Some of his best pals are Wes, Parker, Dean, Roan, and Jack. When he is inside he loves to watch cartoons, movies, or play on the I Pad. Grandma Curtis and Wyatt Bentley Boy! My little sweetheart Wyatt having tummy time on his playmat Bailey helping clean the oven. she seriously scrubbed and did a great job. She was so proud of herself. Girly girl Little Helper. First Pig tails on my little princess Aunt Heidi helping out. Love my sister! Wyatt is such a little visitor