Sunday, July 17, 2016

Independence Day 2016

Celebrating July 4th with my parents, Heidi, Collin, Kevin, and my brother Chads family. We started the morning at Chads house for a delicious breakfast. Later that day we had a BBQ and swim party at my parents house. My kids could swim all day everyday. They are all becoming such great swimmers and love the water. They also love playing with cousins and think it is the best! After dinner and swimming we went to go see a spectacular fire work show at the Mesa Country Club. The kids had fun with glow sticks, and setting off our own fireworks before the show started. Uncle Chad had bought some really cool ones that didn't disappoint! The fire work show was awesome and always makes me emotional. I am grateful for this free country we live in. I know freedom isn't free and that the men and women past and present have sacrificed so much to allow us to have these freedoms. With so much evil going on in the world and political unrest in so many countries I count the freedoms I enjoy as one of my greatest blessings! I hope that my children will live to see this great country of The United States continue to be free and allow its citizens the right to choose. I am grateful for these freedoms most of all so that I can live the gospel of Jesus Christ an don't have to hide it like so many across the world have to do.
 Sophia enjoying her grand slam breakfast sitting next to uncle Collin.
 Me and my sweet kiddos! Love them so much.
 Heidi and I filling up water balloons for a water balloon fight.
 My wonderful mother and sister Heidi. They are my best friends.
 Ready, Set ,Go! Water balloon fight!
 The calm before the storm.
 There were 350 water balloons and they were all gone within 4 minutes. It was fun while it lasted though! Only a few tears were shed.
 I love that Grandma and Grandpa Curtis come join us for many of our get togethers. They are great examples to me and I enjoy spending time with them and visiting.
 Pool games are the best!
 Sophia was even joining in! She loves jumping off the diving board, kicking around, floating on her back, and her favorite is have us throw her up in the air.

 Wyatt swims like a sea lion. It is so cute and I love to watch his bum come up in the air as he dives down deep. 
 Sophia in the middle of sharks and minnows game being played.
 My beautiful Bailey June bug!
 Jon and his boys!
 Jon, Chad, and Collin getting ready to set off some fireworks
 Bentley enjoying the sparklers.
 Bailey was a little nervous but had fun.
 Wyatt burned his hand last year so he was very careful holding the sparklers this year!

 Juliette and Bailey having fun together as usual!
Sophia and Bailey watching the firework show in amazement! Happy fourth of July USA

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