Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

The Sunday after Christmas we gathered together the Curtis side of the family and took pictures. It is rare that we are all together at once and so my mom wanted to jump on the opportunity to update our family picture! We have had two kids since the last picture was taken right after I had Bailey. Anyways it was a freezing cold day and some of the kids had colds but we made it work! They all looked darling in their outfits and they actually smiled well for the camera which was a surprise. Family picture always seem to be crazy but I thought that it went well and we were done in under an hour. I definitely cherish the pictures we have together as a family and a grateful we make the effort to get them done.

Christmas Celebrations 2014

The Monday before Christmas we gathered at my Aunt Diane and Uncle Rays house to celebrate Christmas with the Curtis side of our family. We had pizza and delicious desserts. My Aunts are amazing bakers and always make such amazing treats! We visited, had a bell choir, and the little kids ran around and played the night away. The little kids also sang christmas songs all on their own and they really enjoyed having their own Bell choir conducted by my patient cousin Taylor Heyman. We always have such a great time visiting with and catching up with everyone. Our families have all really grown and continue to grow. What a blessing it is to still get together with them all. I hope we keep it up for years to come. It was so un also to finally meet my close cousin Jens new baby girl Hayley. She had her a few weeks before I had Sophia so it was fun to meet each others little ones.

On Christmas Eve we celebrated with family at my parents house. My mom out did herself and made a big spread of different kinds of Mexican food. We had delicous desserts as well. My Aunt Corina, and some of her kids, and my Grandparents came over as well. We had a blast playing card games and the dollar game. I was the lucky winner of the dollar game so that was exciting! After that we got the kids home and in their Christmas PJs. We wrote santa a note with some milk and cookies and laid out the reindeer food. Bailey was mad she didn't get to see Santa but after some explanation about why we didn't get to see him she finally gave in. Once they were all snug in their beds we organized gifts around the Christmas tree and put out stockings. After that Jon and I visited and then went to bed to get some rest for the busy day ahead.  The kids make Christmas so fun and magical. I wish they would have this innocence forever!

Christmas morning I awoke first and fed Sophia while everyone else was still sleeping. I looked at my phone and saw a text from my uncle Scott. It was a nice reminder  about love,  importance of family, and that my dear Grandpa West would be with us that day in spirit. He passed away in July and his presence would be missed extra on this holiday. It had me in tears and feeling really grateful for my grandpa's legacy and the principles of the atonement. It also had me feeling grateful for my eternal family and that If I live worthy I can see my grandpa again one day. Shortly after I got done feeding  Sophia everyone else started to stir. We opted to open gifts and do breakfast after with the kids since we would be having a late lunch and they were too excited to go in the kitchen and eat anyways with the presents in the other room. I love there smiles and the energy that Christmas morning brings. It brings out the kids in all of us. Jon and I enjoy the spirit of togetherness and celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ all while giving to one another. The kids opened Santa's gifts first and were all pleased with what he brought. Bentley got a race track, and marble tower, and mario Stuffed doll. Bailey got a new bike and a stuffed rainbow unicorn. Wyatt got a new bike and ninja turtle shell to dress up in. Sophia got a new dress and blanket. The kids had fun giving each other the gifts they wrapped for one another. Then  Jon and I gave them the gifts from us and gave each other some gifts. I like things to be very organized.  We open the gifts from youngest to oldest, one by one. Jon is too fond of this but I have found it the best way for every thing to sink in, for things to not get thrown away or lost, and for us all to enjoy the morning together. I am someone who feels like life is flying by so if I can slow it down in any way I will. I am so grateful for my four beautiful children and even though things aren't always perfect, I know that they are there to help me be a better person. I am grateful for Jon and for his hard work and effort to provide for our family so that I can be home where I am most needed. I am grateful for the life Jesus led and I hope that I can emulate is characteristics in my every day life.

After spending time with our own family, we headed over to my parents to have a delicious ham/turkey meal with all the fixings. My parents gave the kids and us our Christmas presents and we gave them some as well. They are always so thoughtful, kind, and generous. My mom worked hard to make it a wonderful day and it was! The cousins all had fun exchanging gifts and us adults had a fun white elephant game we played with gifts we brought. It was a long day and we were so tired by the end. Heres to another wonderful Christmas in the books!! Jon went hunting with my dad and brothers the next day in freezing cold weather while I stayed home with the kiddos and took down Christmas and helped the kids put toys together and gather batteries for others.