Thursday, May 05, 2011

Easter and other happenings!

Our sweet angel at 4 mos.

Bailey loves her grandma Curtis!

Bentley boy!

My little family with their easter baskets

Jon and the kids before church. I love this pic bc it shows how active they are now. I was unable to make it due to a hurt back:(

My two sweet angels

Peek a boo

Jon and our princess!

Bentley with his cousins gathering up their easter loot they found

Bailey even found an egg too!

Bentley searching high and low for the eggs

The three musketeers. These boys get so wild when they are together.

Sweet girly

Bailey and I getting ready to go to a bridal shower.

Grandma Curtis and Bailey

I love dressing her in little outfits.

My handsome boy!

Bentley loves his cousin Belle. She is so kind to him.
The two wild boys riding horses at the Adair property after taking family pics.

My two handsome boys!

All the girls

Bailey and Mommy!

My parents and all the grandkids

My good friend kelsee Brady-Bradshaw. She was so sweet to invite us out to her ward rodeo and we had so much fun!

Alot has happened since I last wrote. Jon has moved to San Diego to work for the summer. His business is doing well and they have a great team of guys working for them. It always bring lots of heartache, tantrums, and trips when he is away. He left beginning of april and came back for Easter and his Birthday. Unfortunately he also had to come back because I have thrown out my back again and needed extra help. We tried our best to enjoy him while he was here but he mostly just had to take on my responsibilities along with working long distance as much as possible. He took Bentley to see a movie and then he and I went to dinner and got pedicures since it was about the only thing I could do with my hurt back. I made him his favorite, angel food cake, and we sang happy birthday and opened gifts at my parents. We miss him so much and Bentley is so sad without his dad and hero here. Back to my back.... I was unable to get up or down, go to the bathroom on my own, or bend over to pick anything up. After a few weeks of Physical Therapy I am doing a little better and can do a lot more on my own which is good. The bad thing is that I have constant pain in my back and left leg due to nerve damage and sciatica. I am trying to remain optimistic but it is hard having Jon gone and relying solely on my family, ward members, and friends. My mom is my angel and has slept over with my kids and I, and taken care of us during the days at her home. She is a busy women and a saint for adding all of my family duties to her own. I love her more than words can describe and am so thankful for her. I am not sure what to do from here, but I hope another back surgery is not in my future. Bentley is growing so fast. He is turned into the cutest little boy. Sadly his manners have slipped and he is confused because dad is gone and I can't even pick him up or play with him like I used to. He even calls my dad "dad" even though I always say noooo thats grandpa. He just hears everyone else call him dad so I think he just follows suit. Nonetheless, I worry how Jon being gone will affect him long term. He loves to play with cars, and be outside. He also enjoys watching movies and interactive cartoons. He is talking a lot more as well. He loves to read books and blow bubbles. He is a very routined boy! That is saying it lightly. He has to do everything a certain way, like eating, going to sleep, putting on his shoes, or we have to start all over. I do like routines but he is OC big time. I have to kiss his lips nose and eyes in the right order before he goes to sleep or he freaks out. It is cute in some ways, but annoying in others. Overall he is very mannered and picks up toys if I ask him, and helps me with Bailey. I love him so much. Bailey is so active I feel she would walk if her legs could hold her. She loves to play with toys, be talked to, roll over, stare at herself in the mirror, gibber jabber, be outside, and watch her big brother play. These two will be such great friends! Bailey has started eating rice cereal. It is quite hilarious because sometimes without warning she will spit it back out at you. She has learned how to make noises with her tongue and she has really started being more vocal. It is so fun watching her grow but of course sad to see my tiny infant getting so chubby and tall. She is an angel and so much fun to visit with. I couldn't ask for a better baby. She practically sleeps through the night and only cries if she has a stomach ache or wants to be changed. She also loves to play with her toes. She will grab them and play with them for long periods of time. She is so entertained by them. Sadly after many breast infections, and then now my back going out on me, I can no longer feed my bailey girl. I will miss those quiet moments shared but I know its not the end of the world either.... even if it may feel like it for awhile:) Overall we are doing great but wish we could go visit Jon. I am unable to sit for long periods of time so I pray that my back will cure itself so we can make a visit out to see him. I also want to say how greatful I am for the gospel in my life. The knowledge that I have has really helped me get through some tough times and I am thankful for the growing that has occured. I only hope to be able to serve others as they have served me. Hope everyone is doing great!