Sunday, April 24, 2016

February 2016

February was a fun but eventful month. Fun was had by all! A big change that happened though was that our ward we have been in for 3.5 years got split. This might not seem like a big deal to some but we have created some close relationships with friends that we will always cherish and we worked closely in callings with as well. We not only got split from the ward, but we also were put into in new Stake. It has brought many changes but we know the Lord has a plan and even though we miss seeing  our old ward members on a regular basis we will always be friends and cherish the time we got to spend together creating memories, working together, and learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ together. I have already made some new friends and enjoy my new primary class in our new ward. With change there is opportunity for growth and I plan on using this somewhat sad circumstance and turning it into a positive. I actually do love meeting new people and know there is so much to learn from each other.
 Sometimes theres nothing better than morning snuggles and visiting with your kids!
 The girls hanging out at the football game.
 Sophia wasn't quite ready for a February swim. Stilll too cold for her!
 Bailey on the other hand had a blast swimming!
 PiƱata time at her good friend Lucy's birthday party!
 I went to get Sophia out of her carseat and Bailey had given her a tootsie roll that she was just too tired to finish before she fell to sleep.
 Girls night with the girl cousins! Dinner and shopping!
 More birthday party fun!
 The Cox's are our home teachers and are the worlds best! We are so lucky to have them teach us about the gospel of Jesus Christ in our home and also to have some fun lessons that involve Italian sodas!
 Sisters and there rocking chairs!
 Sophia loving the Citrus we picked at Great Grandma and Grandpa Curtis'
 Bailey helping Great Grandma Curtis pick some citrus
 Sophia at her best friend Nora's birthday party! She enjoyed the pretty and delicious cupcakes my BFF Jade made!
 Girls night at the mall riding the carousel and motorized zoo animals. 

 These girls love riding the carousel and it is such a treat for them!

 I even jumped on the motorized animal for a ride haha.
 Sophias first friend birthday party.
 Jon at the Supercross with the boys. Wyatt had so much fun! Other then getting lost which wasn't so bad because he got to hang out with some nice security guards and got given cotton candy and other fun stuff.
 The boys with cousins Trey and J. Also uncle Collin
 Storm trooper to help me with my groceries.
 I love these cuties
 Sophia can sure light up a room with her smile and energy.
 Bentley and his buddy Brock playing legos. Trying to at least before Sophia destroys there creations.
 Bentleys new hockey goal is a hit. Family hockey at its finest!
 Bentley jumping hills at the bike park.
 Wyatt cruisin on his strider bike at the bike park.
 Aunt Heidi was down for a visit from College and decided to join us at the bike park!
 6 little monkeys climbing a tree at the park!
 Some of the cousins hanging out at the park literally:)
 Sophia loves dolly's now!
 Her faces are the best!

 Bailey playing goalie at her last soccer game. She did so well!
 Family bike ride around Tempe town lake. It was fun and relaxing! I love this family of mine and spending quality time with them.
 Jon and Wyatt
 Everyone together crossing the bridge.
 Sophia was having fun despite the windy day it was.

 Sophia in her little Jamaican dress we got her while on our cruise.
 Grocery shopping with my girls. Such good little helpers.
 Sisterly love
 Bentley has the best coaches and team for football. They are all such good friends and great players!
 After the games we all hung out at my brother Michaels and then got Pandas for lunch.
 Cousin Colby is shy when it comes to hanging with the girls!

Cousin Treys birthday party.