Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas in Cancun

Jon and I had a very fun but interesting Christmas in Cancun. We were supposed to get there saturday afternoon on dec.21 but our plane was broken. The airline told us they couldn't get us there until monday but after alot of work I got another airline to get us there Sunday. However, we had to fly to phoenix, chicago, philidelphia and then cancun. It was nuts. When we got to the airport in Cancun it was chaos and then to make matters worse they lost our luggage for three days. needless to say we had a blast. Jons parents took me scuba diving for the first time. I jumped of a boat into 4 ft. waves and down I went... but not without panicking first. After much convincing that I would be able to breath 60 ft. below I went down. It was a blast. So neat to see the sea life. It is so colorful and beautiful. We saw huge tortises , eels, baracouda, and tons of other cool fish. We got to go snorkeling in underground caves that go for miles. We saw monkeys, igaunas, and all sort of other stuff. The highlight of my trip had to have been when I swam with Dolphins. I have always wanted to do that. I got to interact with them and do tricks with them. It was really cool. We saw the ruins in tulum which was a mayan city hanging over the ocean. It was awesome to imagine what life was like ther. Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New year.