Wednesday, January 18, 2017

December 2016: My birthday, Bailey's birthday, Christmas activities

For my December photo dump there is a lot of pictures and i will do my best to label them. Although this month is always a blur I am grateful for all the time we can spend with family and friends celebrating Christmas and our Savior Jesus Christ. He is truly the way to find joy and it is through the Gospel that I know I can make it through any trial I face. How lucky we are to have an example to look to and an Elder brother who was born and then gave his life so we could all live again. 

Bailey and Juliet were sheep in our family nativity
Sophia was the angel

Wyatt and Bowen were the shepherds
Tyler played a great donkey
Kevin was the Inn Keeper
Annabelle was Mary and Collin was Joseph
I am grateful to my mom and dad for having us all over and to my mom for planning such a wonderful program.
The whole group. Bentley, Trey, and J were Wisemen. Rosemary was a sheep. They did such a great job and had fun acting out the nativity.
The kids before opening gifts on Christmas morning!
Excited for our first Christmas in our new home. It was one of the more relaxing Christmas' I can remember. All the kids were polite and took turns opening gifts and checking out each others presents. They were all kind in sharing if someone else wanted a turn with a new toy and they all had fun helping Sophia open her gifts. We are very blessed and Jon spoiled us all! Santa didn't let the kids down and brought them roller blades and a few other things that were on their lists. Bentley got a new x box game and a bb gun. Wyatt got transformer figures, and legos. Bailey got a karaoke machine and  a journal. Sophia got a troll book, and a new doll she loves. 
We love our little football player Bentley!
My new friends Jacquie and Jill threw the most extravagant and classy Christmas Party for some girls in our neighborhood. They are kind, beautiful, and very talented. I am lucky to have already made such great friends.
The cousins at baby Lucy's blessing
At work my office surprised me with lots of treats, balloons, and lunch for my birthday. They are all so thoughtful and fun to work with!
Kids are so funny. The boys are always asking for toys they already have but are to lazy to get out and put together. I took the initiative one day and built a track with the hot wheels and they were in heaven. Yay for old/ new toys.
My dear friends took me to kneaders to celebrate my birthday. I actually got to go here twice in a week because the primary presidency I work with took me here too. Im the luckiest to be surround by so many amazing women.
Sophia hanging with her friends at my birthday lunch.
Wyatt with his coach at their last game. He was such a great coach and Wyatt had a fun season.
Wyatt with his team. Such a cute group. Wyatt had fun playing with his friends and scored many goals and improved through the season.
The girls and I got to ride in a firetruck one day while getting groceries. Sophia was not sure about it.

The fire department was collecting money for a charity and they had Santa and Mrs. Claus their too!
Our dear friends the Sherwoods through the funnest Ugly Christmas sweater party. They had delicious bbq food, games, and desserts. We were laughing hysterically and had the best time!
Sophia playing with her cousin Ryder
Me and my good friend and fellow hygienist Ashley. She is always looking out for me and is a great friend to work with.
The beautiful sunset 
The doctors I work for took us to a nice restaurant for our work Christmas Party. It is called the Orange sky. No wonder. The views for spectacular!

My amazingly talented best friend Jade made these cookies and brought them to us! The were so good!
The whole office! These people are so fun and kind!

Enjoying a delicious dinner
The doctors Randy and Travis. 
Wyatt working on his homework.
Visiting Santa claus out our ward Christmas Party.
I am apart of the primary presidency and we were in charge of planning the ward Christmas Party. I helped set up but can not take credit for the cute decor and way in which everything was thought out. I work with some amazing women.
Our family with Santa.
I always love relaxing by the Christmas tree.
Bailey Girl is growing up way to fast on us. We are grateful for her adventurous spirit and willingness to always share and think about others. She loves riding bikes, swimming, dancing, singing, crafting, and playing with friends. Her favorite color is pink, favorite food is anything salty, her favorite show is Elena of Avalor, and she loves playing dress ups.

I took Bailey to go get so treats at a local bakery. She couldn't believe all the goodies.

These cupcakes were so fun and delicious!
We also took Bailey to go out to eat at Texas Roadhouse for her birthday. The workers all sang to her and she got to sit on the saddle.
After dinner we headed to see the temple lights and displays at the Mesa Temple. I love doing this and it is one of my favorite traditions. The kids love looking at all the lights and the nativity display. We also got to listen to a choir sing beautiful Christmas songs.

My mom, Collin, Kevin, and Kianii joined us and we all enjoyed the cupcakes after singing once more to our Bailey girl.
Bailey is so lucky to have the best teacher Mrs. Watts. She is so kind and thoughtful. She got Bailey this pillow pet Unicorn for her birthday. Bailey loved it!
It was a year Bailey could have a party so she chose a princess theme. Her cake was Hello Kitty princess, she had yummy snacks, princess nail station, hair stations, and makeup station, and a princess piƱata. She had so much fun having all her friends over. It was a great party and all her friends had fun. They spoiled her with such nice gifts and after everyone was gone it looked like a glitter bomb went off in the house. I am grateful that Bailey has made so many wonderful friends.

My sister Heidi is the best. She helped set up, put on, and clean up the party. What would I do without her!

All the princesses

Bailey and Sophia at their well check ups. We are so lucky and blessed the are happy and healthy. Sophia is tall and skinny. Bailey is average height and skinny. I love these sisters and thank god everyday for sending them to me. 

For primary at church we put on a nativity for the kids. I was honored to be Mary and it was fun but very spiritual at the same time. What a great ward we have.
I made some fun sugar cookies that looked like santa to our family Christmas Party. The kids gobbled them up.
This is a picture of me and the girls happy to finally be eating dinner.  Jon took the boys to a Hockey game so I planned to take the girls to dinner. Well when we went out to leave the car wouldn't start. Luckily a wonderful neighbor was dropping of a Christmas plate of treats and they said they could help us. The went home and grabbed a cool machine that charged my battery and pumped up a low tire I had. We were so grateful to them! 
Sophias sweet dance moves
Bailey playing dress ups. She dreams of being a ballerina.
I love the trees in our neighborhood. They are so beautiful and finally in Arizona we are cooling off and the leaves are starting to change color.
Playing basketball at Grandma and Grandpa Curtis' house with aunt Heidi and uncle Collin. It was such a nice day.

Jon and I surprised Bailey by taking her to the Nutcracker Ballet in down town Phoenix. She was so excited!
The famous Orpheum Theater in Phoenix.
Bailey was so happy and couldn't believe how cool everything was. She was practicing her Ballet moves during intermission. 

We loved going and the Ballet was amazing. I can't believe the talent and hard work it takes to do some of those dance moves and to be so graceful on their toes. We got Bailey a little Nutcracker toy to take home.
Christmas party with some of my best friends from High school and earlier. I always love seeing everyone!

Breakfast was so good and the conversation was even better.
Making my Grandma Curis recipe for rolls and Cinnimon rolls. I signed up to bring them to a friends party so I wanted to make sure they turned out good and they did. yay!
The kids ready to go to the Christmas party at the Huish's
They had two limos out front because after dinner we got to ride in them to see the temple lights. The kids were so excited.
They Huish's have a beautiful home but even more than that it's one that you can feel the spirit. After delivering a Christmas meal to some War vets at a retirement home we came back to their home and had a devotional. It made everyone including kids quiet down and think about the true meaning of Christmas and how important it is to find joy and to serve others.
Wyatt was so hyper and having such a great time!

We were crowd surfing the kids and they were loving it.

We love going on bike rides.
family nativity

Sophia kept holding baby Jesus. She loves dollies.
Bailey loved holding cousin Ryder
I love this picture for so many reasons, but most of all I love the smiles of my Grandparents behind Bowen and Wyatt.
Santa came and didn't disappoint!
Lined up on the stairs anxious to go see if santa came.
video footage of Christmas mornings. Cooper was leading the way.
Christmas morning!
The kids loved surprising Jon with some hockey gear.
The boys loved this football decor for their room.
Sophia was so fun to watch and loved all her presents.
Jon loved his new hockey stick.
Christmas breakfast was delicious. Cinnimon rolls, eggs, sausage, and bacon with orange juice.
Christmas dinner was also delicious. My mom is so sweet and makes so much and always has such nice meals planned.

Wyatt loved the motorcycle he got from cousin Trey.
My good friend Jodi took this photo of our family after church on Christmas sunday.
The kids out enjoying their new roller blades

The boys already playing hockey on their new blades.
Our family enjoying dinner at Sauce after taking family pictures with the rest of our extended family.
It is always magic when the kids play well together.
We took the kids to Krazy Air during Christmas break and Sophia was loving it!

Bailey was having fun until she sprang her ankle on the trampolines
Bentley is such a good brother and always so sweet with Sophia.
Out walking our neighbors dog Sarge
Bentley got a new game called Pie face. The get smacked in the face with whipped cream if the lose. 
Family Movie night. We are loving our new sectional.
Jon and the kids took me to breakfast for my birthday to Joes Farm Grill. It as delicious and so kind of them.
Ho HO Ho Merry Christmas!
Jon and I in our Ugly Sweaters at our friends Christmas Party
While I was at my work party Jon took the kids to Chick fil a to get dinner and they had pony rides outside. Lucky kids!

Donuts with dad at school.
The boys at the Hockey game. Bentley got lucky and had one of the players toss him a puck. he was so excited since last time Wyatt got one.

Christmas sunday best! I love these people. I am the luckiest to be the wife of Jon and mother to these four! They all teach me so much and support me through all this life throws at us. I love all their different personalities!
Sadly after all the Christmas fun the kids came down with the flu and it kept us home for New years and the next few days after that until everyone was well. It was a nightmarish few days but I am glad everyone is doing well again. Happy New Year. I can't wait to see what 2017 brings. We know their will be challenges and triumphs but we take Faith and Hope that the Lord has a plan for us!