Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week two with Bentley! 4th Anniversary!

This week has been quite eventful! On Thursday and Friday last week I attended the Utah dental convention. it was so fun to see my friends and old classmates but it definately took a toll on my post pardom healing body. On Saturday and Sunday i got really sick with a slight fever and nursing had never been so hard. Bentley is such a good boy though and now we are back on track with his feedings. I am feeling much better now as well. On Tuesday Jon and I took Bentley for his first picnic and fishing trip. However, there wasn"t much fishing to do since everything was covered in snow. We thought since it warmed up so much it should be safe to go but after getting stuck in the snow we opted to just have our picnic. Jon still pulled out his fishing pole and practiced casting in the parking lot. it was pretty funny to watch. On Wednesday I took Bentley to his doctors appt. and everything looks good. He has gained a pound and is a half an inch taller. He really is literally growing so fast. I bet he will be tall. Bentley is so curious and loves bright lights. As soon as the sun comes up, he is drawn to the windows and will not fall back asleep. He is so much fun and I couldn't ask for a sweeter little angel.
Jon and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on Wen. as well. Jon got me a salon gift card so I went to get my hair done. He is so sweet and stayed home with Bentley. Later we had a romantic dinner the three of us. Time has flown by so fast and I love Jon more with each day. He is so thoughtful, selfless, hardworking, caring, handsome, spiritual, and much more. Love you babe.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One week old!

Bentley was one week on Tuesday. I can't believe how fast time flies. Part of me is sad but he also gets cuter and more alert everyday which is fun. Jon is such a great dad! I love how much he and Bentley look alike. He took care of Bentley today all by himself since I had to go to a dental convention. I hated to leave and i felt like a bad mom but I have to go to these things to get continuing education credits to keep my hygiene license current. Really annoying but it had to get done. Anyways, we are all doing great and wish more family and friends could meet Bentley. We miss you all.

What a handsome little boy. I love him in blue.
He likes his bouncer! It is a lifesaver because I put him in it while I eat, clean, or need to take a shower and just set him close by. He is such a good boy. 
His new friends parrot and froggy. He also likes his swing.
He is already starting to fill out. They really do grow up so fast.):
I'm just a little upset

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Pride and Joy! Bentley Update

Day 6. Mom left today so it was hard to say goodbye. Things will definately be alot tougher without her and we already miss her tons. Bentley loved her soothing voice and gentle touch. Thanks again Mom. Jon has also been such a support to me and has taken on the role of fatherhood amazingly. He is a natural and is so good to Bentley and I. I couldn't do it without him. Thanks babe.

Day 4 and 5. Here are pics of Bentley's bath time. My mom is such a great teacher and I would be lost without her. He doesn't mind parts of his bath which are good but I'm sure when I can use his little bath tub he will like them alot better. He is already changing so much and starting to fill out. I have learned so much these past few days and I am trying to take it all in. Being a good mom and wife are the most important roles I can play so I am trying my best to learn all that I can from my mom. She has been such a great example to me and Jon and we are so lucky to have had her here. Feeding him was has been quite a frustrating thing for Bentley and I but we are both starting to catch on and Bentley is such a good helper. We spent Valentines day all together. We ordered our favorite pizza and Jon rented a cute movie for us all to watch. He got me so beautiful red roses and he got me and my mom our favorite candy.

Jons sister Jen and her family stopped to stay with us on there way to California. They are going to disneyland with there kids. They brought us a cute Jersey for Bentley of Jons favorite hockey team the Oilers.... They tricked him first by giving him a flames jersey which he hated. haha. It was fun to have Bentley meet his cousins Jade and Noah.

This is us with Bentley on Day 2 and Day 3. He is so handsome and perfect in every way( I'm his mom so I can brag can't I (: ) He loves to play with his hands. I think they comfort him when they are by his face so we always have them covered so he doesn't scratch his face. He has beautiful deep dark blue eyes and he will just stare at you when he is awake with them.

Here we are at the hospital. Jon already told the labor story but I just wanted to post some pics of us with the baby when he was brand new. My mom and Jon were so good to help me through the labor pains, I don't know what I would have done without them. Having this little guy has changed my life comepletley. I don't think I could love any thing more. He is so sweet and has been such a good baby. My mom and best friend were so sweet to send me flowers while I was in the hospital and my cousins Curtis, Candace, and Alli came to visit so I just wanted to say thank you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More pics of baby Bentley!

We are finally home, the hospital can start to feel like a prison. Bentley and Christi are both good and sleepy, I put them both down for a nap. We are grateful Christi's Mom is here, she has been a great help, thanks Teri. Hope you guys enjoy the pics, he changes every hour it feels like.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Boy Bentley!!!

He was born last night or early this morn at 12:19am. Feb 10, 09. He was 8lbs 10oz. We are living in the wonderful hospital for now making sure both Christi and Bentley are healthy. So far so good, and he is an adorable healthy boy. Christi was about a week over and was given prosta glandin to soften things up and then get induced in the morn. We went home and immediately christi went into labor. Didn't make it a couple hours from the prosta glandin thing and we were back in the hospital. At the time of the prosta glandin she was dialated to a 1 then after a 3 and then when we came back at 7 when she was having consistent contractions and she was a 5. Then from here on she dialated another cm every hour and progressed fairly fast from here on. At around 10 she was at a 9 but the water hadn't broke yet. Pretty much from 10 to 12 we just chilled and waited for her doctor to show up. He broke the water and out he came in 10 min. What an experience is all I can say and I love my wife for what she went through for us. Love you sweets! Im a daddy! and love kids, so what a blessing to have our own little guy to fuss over and spoil. I'll try and put a pic from my phone on here, but if I can't I will when I get home. Christi is doing good, and looks beautiful as usual.