Thursday, January 26, 2012

Perfect weather

Having a great time at the dinosaur museum with Annabelle and J

The weather has been perfect in my opinion. The only downside is that we have been sick over here at our house starting the first week in January. First it was Bentley and Jon who had coughs that turned to colds. Then Bailey, and finally, me. For some reason Bailey and I cant seem to get completely rid of our colds. I think Bailey is teething again which doesn't help. That hasn't totally stopped us from enjoying this beautiful weather and we have had some fun family outings. We have enjoyed train parks, play dates(only when I was sure both kids were well of course), shopping, playing in the dirt, kicking the soccer around, and riding bikes.
Bailey loves to steal the show and be the center of attention. She swipes Bentley's bike and is off in a matter of seconds. She has the most adorable smile, and laugh. She loves to be silly and gets so excited when Bentley will play tag or run around with her. She steals every toy from Bentley and he steals every toy from her. There are a few rare occasions when this doesn't happen and it is like heaven on earth. I call Bailey my wild women and Bentley my shy man because thats exactly what they are. She is always going a hundred miles per hour running, climbing, getting into, and exploring. Bentley takes forever to warm up to new friends, games , and well anything that is not his idea first. He is talking so much more and is starting to say some cute things. Some of my favorites are "mommy's pretty", "I'm to little" when I ask him to help with something, and "oopsies" when he spills or makes a mistake. He loves to color and draw. He loves to play soccer and is almost ready to ride a bigger training wheel bike. He is handsome and has a perfect smile thats hard to catch on camera these days. I am 31 weeks pregnant and definitely feeling it. My back is hanging in there but I am getting close to no sleep anymore. This baby boy likes to move and elbow me like crazy. I try my best to make it through each day with a positive attitude but when you are in pain and sleep deprived, some days are harder than others. I have so many wonderful friends and family that make up for what I lack and I am so grateful for them! I can't wait to meet this little boy! I know life will be chaotic, but like my wise cousin just said " it won't be like this forever and one day I am going to miss this chaos" well most of it.:)