Tuesday, June 26, 2018

May is one of the fastest months of the year it seems!

May always goes by in a flash. It is packed full of mothers day celebrations, end of the school year activities, birthday celebrations, memorial day, and the beginning of summer! The more kids we have in school the busier things get. I am sad to say goodbye to the wonderful teachers the kids had this year but I am grateful for all that they learned! Wyatt finished kindergarten strong and already misses mrs. Watts. Bailey learned a lot with math and writing this year and will miss her teacher mrs. King and all her best friends in her class. Bentley picks things up quick and really excelled with the help of his wonderful teacher mrs. Jones. Bentley is already getting to the age where he gets embarrassed when I am around and it makes me sad. He loves to give me hugs but when I try to visit with him when his friends are around he just rolls his eyes and giggles. I wish time would go a little slower because i feel like I will blink and these sweet innocent kids of mine will soon be teenagers. I already see the strong will they have in their personalities and so it will be interesting to say the least. We celebrated Mothers day with the cutest hand written notes and art made by the kids in their classes. Jon also spoiled me with Tim mcgraw and Faith Hill tickets. They are my favorite country singers so I am so excited. He also got me some camping gear, yummy cookies, made my favorite breakfast, and then also made dinner for me! I felt so special and loved! We celebrated my dads birthday by going to one of our favorite restaurants Charlestons. The end of the school year came and the kids were all scattered at different swim parties with their friends. What a great way to kick of the summer! Memorial day weekend we went up to Heber to the Huber cabin and hung out with family! We went on hikes, rode motorcycles, played games, and ate delicious food. It was a great weekend. Then on Memorial day we came home and had my parents over for a swim party. It will be great to have the pool this summer to entertain the kids. They love it and it is a wonderful way to stay cool. Kevin birthday came and it always seems to stir many emotions in all of us. We went to dinner, then visited his grave site, and then went to get ice cream. We know we will see Kevin again and that he is in a better place but boy do we miss him! He had a million dollar smile and always brought fun to the group. Bentley was reading a Harry Potter book that we borrowed from my mom and on Kevins birthday one of his old book reports fell out of the pages. I felt like it was no coincidence that happened on his very birthday and that it was his way of letting me know he was thinking of me. I am grateful for eternal families. I often thinking of the legacy I will leave behind. I am not perfect but I do want my posterity to know that I am trying my best to follow Christ's example, to serve my family and others, to build up the kingdom of God on earth, and to use the atonement in my life. It is a daily decision we all can choose to make or not make. I know that when I am playful, attend the temple , and read my scriptures that is when I find joy in the journey of life and I don't let the trials life throws at you get me down. Olivia sure is growing fast and starting to go from sitting to her tummy, and army crawling around. She has two teeth now and sometimes bites me which isn't fun. She is often referred to as a doll and of course everyone loves her chubby cheeks. I love to squeeze her and see her cute big smile. She has deep blue eyes and strawberry brown/blonde hair.