Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Back to school August 2018

The summers seem to be getting shorter and the school year longer. Recess and lunch time are shorter and class time is longer. I am not sure how these sweet kids can keep attacking the new harder curriculum each year but they do so without much complaining. Bentley , Bailey , and Wyatt are all at Greenfield and Sophia started preschool with mrs. Urbina at Patterson Elementary. They all seem to be adjusting well except for Wyatt... Our poor tender hearted boy we have realized is super hard on himself to succeed and reach a new level of perfection. Within days of having his new teacher who we found out later was piloting a new reading program, wyatt started getting anxiety before school and breaking down into tears. After weeks of this I finally had to meet with his teacher and principal in person to discuss the matter and my concern that wyatt was expected to do too much for his age! They tried to assure me that they would be more aware of him and that this new tough curriculum was going to be adopted by the whole school the next school year so he might as well get used to it. I didn't like hearing that but I am working at teaching wyatt to balance his time and telling him once he is finished to let that be and not keep trying to master reading lists and writing assignments in one sitting. It has been an eye opener and learning curve but he is starting to do better and knows to come talk to me or his teacher if he is feeling anxious and over whelmed. I am grateful because throughout this process I have had so many of our friends and neighbors reach out and offer advice or help so that wyatt would feel more at ease and loved when at school. I will never forget their kindness to help my boy! Bentley is killing it in the fourth grade and has met some new fun friends! Bailey is happy as ever being back in school and learning with her friends. I am finding though with girls there is definitely more friend drama than with boys so I am going to have to think about how I want to address that in the future with my girls:) Sophia has been doing well adjusting to her new school and teacher. She comes home with cute little excerpts about her day. Olivia misses her family once they all disperse in the morning and she does her best to follow me around doing chores, and then playing with all the toys that she can. she is a fast crawler, runs in her walker now, and eats like a big kid. She is still not the greatest sleeper because she is getting tooth after tooth that gives her great pain. she is our giggly , happy girl though during the day and we love her to pieces.Jon is busy as ever growing his business! I admire his drive and positivity when he does things that would totally overwhelm me! Other happening in August were Bahama bucks with friends the first day of school, curriculum night, Sunsplash party with our ward, Homework, scouts, and all the kids activities stating up again. We are busy and I am trying my best to keep up!