Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Disneyland and Seaworld!

We recently went to visit Jon in San Diego. The kids and I were so excited because it had been awhile since we had been together as a family. Bailey cried the whole trip out there because she had an upset stomach so that made our six hour trip into a nine hour trip. When we finally got there Jon knew we would be worn out and that I would be cranky:), so he had surprises for us. He got me a card with candy and Bentley a new pack of cars. That weekend we went to Seaworld to get some use out of our year passes. I am such a kid at heart because I have always loved sea animals and get so excited to go. It was a blast and both kids enjoyed being out. That week we also visited the park lots and went to the beach. Lets just say Jon and I both realized going to the beach isn't as relaxing as it used to be when we didn't have kids. Bailey cried most of the time and bentley kept running off chasing after birds. Oh well, what can ya do right. The following week Riley, Jons business partner and his wife arrived in town. They found us half price tickets to Disneyland and California Adventure so we got to go do Disneyland as well. The best part is that Leesa got an access pass so we got to go to the front of every line. We were definitely spoiled our first visit there and all of us had a blast at the most magical place in the world:) For Memorial Day we went to the beach again and had a bonfire. The boys surfed while the girls chatted and ate pizza. We had a wonderful visit with Jon! The bad part is I still have a bad back and it got worse while in San Diego. I am still trying to solve my pain issues. After I got back I was able to see my back surgeon Dr. Crandall. He is going to try epidural shots and if that doesn't work, I will be going in for back surgery Again! Jon is almost half way through another summer of sales work. He loves to work out, surf, and his the healthy eater in our family. Bentley is a trooper and has been pretty good since Jon has been away. He has started throwing more tantrums and acting like a two year old since coming back from this last trip. I pray every day to keep my patience with him. He is very particular and has to have something when he wants it. He loves playing with his cars still and is developing quite the imagination. I love him so much and my favorite time with him is when he will cuddle up to me and let me give him big hugs and kisses. He loves to read and draw his name. He also still loves bathtime but he doesn't like swimming in the big pool yet. I am thinking about potty training soon but I don't know if I have the energy right now:). Bailey is a perfect angel. She still brightens my days with her smiles and I love her so much. She is SIX months now. These pics will be of her when she is 5 months but I can't believe how fast time flies. She loves to watch her brother play and loves to visit. She can almost sit herself. She hates the Bumbo chair but loves her play mat and rolling around on the floor with her toys. She is teething right now, so she is always drooling. She eats rice cereal and Oatmeal. I am getting ready to try fruits and veggies. I am so thankful for my little family and I have really gained a strong testimony lately of the saviors strong love and support of my family. I am so thankful for church leaders, family, and friends who are so kind to us and have helped us through this difficult time of living apart.