Wednesday, July 13, 2016

San Diego 2016

We were so lucky to be able to take a trip to San Diego as a family. This wasn't planned so it was an extra special treat. I was looking on a Facebook page I am apart of one day.... when a lady posted that she needed someone to take her time share in San Diego. She said it would be more than half the price it would normally cost to stay at the Welk Resorts. I jumped in line with others who wanted to take the week in San Diego with low hopes that she would actually get to me. However a week later the lady message me and let me know others ahead of me couldn't make the dates work. Jon figured out stuff at work and said we could go so I booked it! So glad we did! It was so much fun to spend time just our little family enjoying the beach,  and visiting old favorites in Escondido we went too when Jon owned his Pest Control company there. We ate yummy sushi, guacamole, BBQ, pizza, and all the favorites San Diego has to offer. The resort is run by Disney so there was so much catered to families. We had giant fun swimming pools, hot tubs, fire pits, hammocks, golf, basketball, games, and more to entertain us while we were there. We alternated days at the resort and sight seeing or going to the beach. It was a week I will always cherish and remember. I loved seeing the excitement in my kids faces when the saw the beautiful San Diego Temple, Gorgeous views in La Jolla, and played on the amazing beaches. It was manna for my soul and I feel like the kids are growing way too fast so I appreciate any one on one time we get as a family! We also had good friends from Arizona , The Whites, come join us for one day of fun at the resort mid week. The resort was really nice and the condos we stayed in were perfect! We had a pool and splash pad right across from it and the weather was perfect for us the whole week!
 Checking out the Sea Lions in La Jolla. The kids were brave enough to touch them too! 

 We stopped for some delicious Gelato!

 The kids could do this with their boogie boards for hours!

 I loved Sophias hair while in California. It was so curly the whole time!

 Welk Resorts. We have arrived!

 Hanging out pool side!

 Fun playing games with other Welk guests at the pool!

 Pizza night out!

 Roasting Smores by the fire!

 Jon got to play a round of golf with his Good buddy Shawn White.

 Familes are Forever. The San Diego temple is breathtaking!

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