Sunday, October 06, 2013

September Happenings

For Labor day we went to take the kids to the Fountain Hills Splash pad and to feed the ducks that surround the lake. They had so much fun as always. My sister Heidi decided to come along as well and we enjoyed her company. The ducks liked us if we had food but tried to bite Bailey's finger once we ran out. She was scared of them for a little bit. The loved running after the ducks and watching them fly. After the splash pad we headed to my parents house for a late lunch and swim party. We visited and enjoyed great food as usual. Our party got rained on but that didn't stop the kids from playing out in it.
My Dad and brothers shooting their bows. Chad was practicing for his Elk hunt which he ended up getting a nice Bull on.
Bentley was Star of the week at his preschool the first week in September. We made a little poster all about him and he brought a treat to share with his class. He is still such a sweet boy that loves to listen and learn. He thanks me for everything constantly and makes sure to thank Heavenly Father and Jesus in his prayers for all the blessings he has. His friends are drawn to him because he is always nice and shares. He likes to talk talk talk. Sometimes we have to tell him to slow down so he can eat his meals. I know it is because he is so curious and wants to tell me all about the new things he learns each day. He is an awesome memorizer and gets excited to learn new poems each month for his preschool. He is also looking forward to the primary program so he can say his part. He knows the pledge of allegiance, songs, numbers 1-100, letters and sounds, and we are working on rhyming. Bentley reminds me to slow down and he is so gentle. He will see that I am having a rough time and will say mom can I give you a hug and kiss, or mom can I help you. I love him and his smiles, and his goofy booty dancing. He is super fast and loves to eat his vegetables and meat so that he can be strong. He doesn't like chewing meat "because it takes to long". He loves to play outside and ride bikes, and play football with his dad, uncles, and cousins. He is a great artist and makes sure to color in the lines. He loves to draw me pictures and he likes to use the water paints. Bentley is a great older brother and includes his siblings, for the most part, in all that he does.
jon was not able to take Bailey on the Daddy daughter camp out this month so instead he took her on a date. She loved getting ready and I even let her wear her jewelry and lipgloss. I could tell she felt so special. Jon took her to get a treat of her choice at dairy queen and then to pick out a toy at the store. She picked out these two plastic horses and has been obsessed with horses ever since. I was glad Jon got to take her and spend this time with her. As the middle child she definitely gets left out a lot. Ever since Baileys been able to she has loved to dance. She has a cute little hop in her step and dances on her tippy toes like a ballerina. She also moves her arms and smiles the most adorable smile. Bailey has her own little personality that dominates. She doesn't seem to care if I am talking to her and will wait to the last minute to do something before I send her to time out. I have felt frustrated several times that she does this but I know that we have been blessed to have each other in this life to strengthen one another. I love her so much and although she can be so defiant, she can also be so sweet and loving. Her puckered lip kisses are the best and the way her eyes light up or squint when she smiles is amazing. She is more imaginative, and will play with toys on her own which Bentley never did. I am learning as a mom of three that I can't compare the kids because they are all so different and bring different strengths and weaknesses to the table. As do I. Bailey has so much energy and is really learning how to put her feelings into words. She is still such a petite little thing, but keeps up with all her older cousins, and big brother Bentley. She loves to play ponies, dollies, and ride her scooter or bike. She is taking a dance class one day a week and is loving it! She loves to wear her dance clothes and shoes and she loves to learn new steps and moves. I love to watch her and it makes my heart beam with gratitude for such a sweet daughter.
While the boys all went to help Chad with his hunt,I decided to go up to keep Jessica and her kids company for the weekend. Jess was kind enough to let us come and play up at their home as well. The kids love their cousins and they had so much fun running around playing inside and out. We also enjoyed the rain/ hail storms we would get. The kids thought it was so cool to watch ice fall from the sky. We enjoyed nice walks and Jess and I enjoyed quiet evenings watching shows and visiting. There was great food as usual. I was nervous about driving with the kids back home by myself but they did quite well. It was a short but fun weekend.
The annual Down Syndrome Walk is always so much fun to go to with Collin. They always have yummy treats, drinks, and food available, and the kids love the games and bounce houses. This year Bentley and Bailey were also brave enough to try the climbing wall. The worker said Bailey was the youngest she has ever seen try. I am surprised the harness fit her, but she loved it so I am glad I let her try.
Collin Dancing with the cheer leaders:) Pie night at Enrichment
Tyler looking suave in his new grey suit
Play time with daddy
Lastly I had so much funny helping my little sister Heidi get ready for her first high school dance! She looked gorgeous and has grown up so much! I hope one day she will want to be my best friend:)It was so funny because my brother kyle went to open the door to take a poopy diaper out and right when he opened the door Heidi's date was there ready to knock. Needless to say that made her date nervous haha. They looked adorable and headed out for a fun night and dancing:)