Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Enjoying the great outdoors!!

Since the weather has been perfect lately, we have spent tons of time outdoors. Bentley loves going to the park, playing in my moms backyard with the other cousins and uncle collin, he loves going for walks in his red wagon, and he loves the new freedom of walking everywhere. He has literally mastered walking and climbing; I won't be surprised if he starts running soon. It is so cute because when Bentley wants to go for a walk in his wagon he goes and sits in it and starts trying to rock to get it moving. It's as if he is saying "come on already mom, lets go". Enjoy all the pics.

Bentley and Annabelle having a blast on the swings at grandma and grandpa's house.

Isn't he the cutest!

Bentley wanted to try the big boy swing. He has always loved swings and giggles louder the higher you push him.

Bentley eating a nutter butter. I have started him young(:

Bentley and cousin Annabelle sharing their snacks. What nice cousins.

Bentley already has an obsession with sports. Any ball whether a basketball, football, or baseball, with in eye sight he will play with. He has a pretty good throw already and he loves swinging the bat.

My brother Collin practices for his tee ball team and Bentley is always right up there with him wanting to learn.

Bentley threw his shoes out in the tall grass/weeds and when I went to go pick them up he wanted me to leave them there. Kids are too funny.

What a tall tree....

Bentley loves practicing step up and down this cement pad. It is so cute to watch him try so hard.

Bentley loves the outdoors. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he brings me his shoes and wants to go for a ride in his wagon or out back to play.

Believe it or not, Jon just mowed this yard last week, but since it has been raining so much here the weeds have over taken everything. Bentley loves walking out in them and hitting the tall flowers down.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I haven't been taking pictures lately which is very unlike me. I also don't like to post unless I have pics to go with so that explains my lack of updates. Jon has been extremely busy getting ready to start a pest control company near San Diego area and is literally always working. I have been busy packing and working as usual and Bentley has been my little helper. I put something in the box and he takes it out(: We are not all work and no play though. We squeezed in a few park visits to feed the ducks, play catch, and relax. We also went on a beautiful hike as a family. Bentley loved feeding the little chipmunks at the top. They would just come right up to us. I was just glad that we didn't run into any rattle snakes or bob cats! Jon took some pics on his phone so I will post them later. Until next time everyone take care(:

Jon made these for me because he knows how much I love chocolate covered strawberries. so sweet!

Bentley's new favorite toy. My mom got it for him and it is air powered. The balls shoot out of the top and he puts them back in. Best part is that it keeps him busy for awhile. ...yay.