Sunday, December 04, 2016

September 2016 Big Changes

September 2016 was a month filled with packing, cleaning, organizing, soccer games, school, and good byes. It was physically, and emotionally draining. But the excitement to move into our new home was also there. I have had the toughest time with moving to Gilbert but everyone else seems to bounce back and are resilient. I was very emotional before, during, and after the move and still fill like I am living in someone else's life. Change is hard for me and leaving a wonderful community of friends and family have made it hard. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! I have been blessed with wonderful new friendships and the people in my new area are so welcoming and kind. Not to mention I live 3 minutes from two of my best friends Jade and Shaley. They both have been so helpful and kind in helping me adjust as well as so many others! Our first week in the new house three different people brought us a welcoming gift and welcomed us to the neighborhood! There is a good variety of people young and old and I look forward to the growth we will have as a family in our new home and the new friendships we will make. The last week of primary in our old ward the kids got sung to and we were sent away with lots of love. It still brings me tears just thinking about it! I miss my friends there but know that friendships are as strong as the effort we put in and that I can keep those deep relationships even though we have moved. I am grateful for the people who are always giving service to our family in large or small ways. We are so blessed! My family and Chads friend Todd came to help us make the big move. They made the weight of moving all that stuff light. I am grateful to them for being there! We love our new home and the kids are loving the extra space to roam around and the beautiful area we moved too. The kids are getting adjusted to the new school and teachers. They have all made some fun friends already and we look forward to meeting more!

Sunday, September 04, 2016

August 2016

This has got to be the fastest year of my life. I feel like life is speeding by. I really am hoping to dial in the activities we do and try to spend as much time as a family unit as possible. With school, football, and soccer starting this month it takes the kids away from home a lot of the time. I am trying my best to make the time I am with them count. We run errands, play games, work on homework, go get treats, watch movies/cartoons, color, create, and so much more. I love this time with them and even though it can get insanely busy and chaotic at times, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have good kids and they make me proud to be their mom. I might be hard on them at times, but it is because I see so much potential in each of them and want them to be their best. We have been enjoying the monsoons this August season has brought. We have been able to get outdoors a lot more and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Jon is busy at work which is a good thing and he is doing so well. I am trying to keep working one day a week while maintaining my duties as a full time mom the rest of the week. I am hoping I can find a sitter when we move that can keep watching the kids while i work that one day because I love to use my talents/skills and visit with people from all over the world. We have really done a lot of prep to move the next month. I have been packing away, and Jon has been getting everything else dialed in and ready to make this move as smooth as possible. We are a good team... most times:) 

 Wyatt enjoying the monsoon in August
 The rest of the kids were loving the rain as well and happy that it was cooler out.
Heidi and I took the kids to the Phoenix Childrens Museum. 
They made Olympic Gold medals since we went while the Olypmics were going on.

After the Musuem we decided to go get lunch at a delicious Pizza Place called Lou Malnatis.
Sophia Approved 
....And so did Collin
My good friend Rachel Allen had us over and the kids had fun playing just like old times. We don't get together as much since their are 7 kids between us and so many schedules but its always nice to meet up!
The three amigos have been begging for Bahama Bucks all Summer so I finally caved and went after Wyatts eye appointment one day.
Sophia enjoying hers too much to stop for a picture. She made a giant mess but I guess you have to learn to use a spoon sometime.
Bailey loves her hair long and she loves asking me to try different hair styles on her. This was the twisted double french braid.
I love this cute girly girl. 
My best friend Jade had a birthday and to celebrate we went to the temple and visited after.
Jade is the type of friend that you can always count on. She is so kind, and thoughtful. I am lucky to have known her for so long and to be moving so close to her.
Wyatt had fun on the kiddy playground one evening while we were taking a break from furniture shopping.
Wyatt loves to play superheroes and he loves to dress up!
We went to one last Museum before school started. It was the science museum in Phoenix. They had all sorts of interesting games, and facts, and interactive learning experiments. It was so fun and I think the kids really enjoyed it.
Here Wyatt and Sophia are shooting plastic balls into the hoop and watching them get caught in the water tornado. so cool!
Bentley playing instruments with water spurts.
This was interesting to say the least. That was there to teach kids about the digestive system. It was the intestines and the colon. The colon was a slide. That was fun and all but they could have done without the fart noises and other bodily sounds. The kids got a kick out of it.
This was also "fun". The kids threw the balls into the nostrils and then out of no where the nose would sneeze them back out at the kids. Got to teach kids somehow right. haha
This is Bailey meeting her teach Mrs. Lyman for the first time. She is so lucky to have such a wonderful teacher to start off the year. She has already done so well and is learning so much. She did have one mishap when she got bored and decided to cut some of her hair in the front. Good thing she has a lot of hair so we can mostly cover that spiky spot when we comb it right. I did that when I was younger but I thought we were out of the woods with Bailey. You can never be to careful I guess. She has made new friends and loves seeing her cousins and brother at school in between class, and lunch.
We had one last pool party to attend before the school year started up. These blow up "Hamster style" balls and the water were so fun and the kids absolutely had a blast in them. Bailey and Juliette.
Bentley and Chad jr. taking a turn.
Here the girls are on the blow up surf boards.
Wyatt had fun jumping off the high dive, doing cannon balls, and trying out the wave rider.
Kevin, Kianii, and cute baby Ryder got to join the fun too!
Here Wyatt is on the wave rider. He did so well and was so proud of himself.
Chad won the Cannon Ball contest. wahoo!
Bailey practicing her dives.
Bentley had so much fun I hardly saw him the whole night. There were also yummy treats, pizza, and drinks so it was one for the books.
After the Pool party the kids were lucky and got invited to sleep over at Chad and Jessicas.
Wyatt and Bowen having fun.
These girls light up when they see each other and are the best cousins!
Uncle Chad playing games with the kids. He is always so fun with them!
Collin is officially a teenager so watch out world! We had fun celebrating him and love Colly boy!

First Day of School. 2nd, kindergarten, and Pre- K (preschool). Love these kids and am happy they don't get to nervous about school like I used to!
It was such beautiful day to start school. The summer was so amazing having them home and making memories but a part of me loves a schedule too and so hopefully we can find the right balance to schedule and relaxing and having some fun throughout the school year!
Sophia and Wyatt having fun playing in the rain until school starts. They are little buddies now and love to help me run errands.
Wyatt ready for school and the sun was out shining by the time his bus came.
Wyatt and Dad getting some pizza before the Cardinals game.
Bailey was happy to go with and cheer for the Cards!
While they were at the Cardinals game, Sophia and I, went to see the house with grandma and uncle Kevin. Then we grabbed some delicious dinner to end the night.
Wyatt at 4.5 years. He is getting so big and loves to try new things and do things himself. It can be so nice but so irritating at the same time when I want to just do it for him. He is so patient and I am not always so I have a lot to learn from him.
Sweet Sophia. Don't let her cuteness fool you though. She is gotten into so much lately. Luckily they are minor messes that can be picked up but boy can she rip through the house like a tornado getting things out. She is taking so much more and has the cutest little voice. She misses her siblings while they are at school and gives them big hugs and smiles when we pick them up.
Heidi and I made some smoothies. The kids made the mustaches!:)
Jon holding Kyle and Kelseys new baby Lucy. She is teeny tiny and so perfect. 
At Wyatts request we had a lunch date to Barros for some pizza. I don't think he minds being the oldest while Bentley and Bailey are at school.
One day after work, we were dropping the babysitter Tia off and she surprised the kids by bringing the new puppies she has out to meet them. They were so cute and even Sophia wanted to hold them.
sophia is 21 months in this picture. Where has the time gone?! She is so active, talkative, and has such a personality on her. She is getting her canine teeth in and she is getting bigger by the day. She loves to follow her older siblings around, do front flips, help mommy clean or cook, make silly faces, and smile. She is so much fun and we loves her!
Wyatt and the other older kids have had fun building legos lately. I love how creative they get!
Sophia and one of her cheese ball grins.
Wyatt at the dentist! He did a great job and had no cavities!
Bentley and Bailey also did well and had no cavities. We tried to get Sophia in the chair and show her some things but she didn't love it. 
Bailey holding her new cousin Lucy
My helpers at Costco. We went to get Wyatt his new glasses and do some grocery shopping. I love both the faces they are making here. Make time stop!
Jon took the three older kids to the Cardinals vs. Raiders game. They all had so much fun. The kids are so lucky to have a dad like Jon that enjoys doing things with them and having fun. He works so hard to provide a wonderful life for us and we are grateful to him!
Bailey and Bentley are good buddies these days. That is nice except sometimes they leave wyatt and Sophia out. We will have to work on that. They get giggling and making each other laugh I can't stop them. They also like to play hide and seek. 
Go Team Go!