Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year! I am so grateful for my savior's sacrifice and the atonement in my life. I know he lives and that I can be made clean and have my burdens lightened through him. I love any extra reason to be with family as well and this year didn't disappoint. The Saturday before Easter we had a fun get together with an easter egg hunt, egg coloring, games, and a delicious meal. The next weekend Jons parents Marni and Eric came to visit. This was very exciting because it has been over two years since we have seen them, so they hadn't seen Bentley since he was 10 months and they hadn't even met our other two kids. We went to Freestone Park and let the kids ride the train. Also Jons mom had a little easter egg hunt for them there. The kids loved the candy and toys they found! Bailey was finding the eggs just as fast as Bentley so there was some good ole sibling rivalry. Saturday night we ate at Texas Roadhouse and the rest of the time we just spent visiting and catching up. Sunday we had a delicious breakfast and then got ready for church. I had gotten the kids Easter outfits so they all matched. Growing up it was a tradition to get a new church outfit for Easter Sunday and I will for sure carry that fun tradition on. Church was uplifting and spiritual as usual and I can't ever express enough how thankful I am for the gospel in my life. Wyatt with daddy at two weeks old
Easter with aunt Heidi and uncle Collin
Jons Parents came down to visit and to meet wyatt and Bailey!
Bentley was loving the teasing Grandpa Anderson was handing out!
Bentley is getting so much older and looked so handsome in his church outfit Easter Sunday
Bailey was not happy but I wanted a picture of her anyway in her Easter dress!
Brotherly love. These two are so precious and I love that they match even though wyatts outfit is huge on him.
Collin Easter egg hunting
my dad and grandpa curtis roping!
all the grandkids finding easter eggs
kelsey and baby trey
my mom and baby wyatt
collin was being a great uncle and protecting baby wyatt while we took pictures
all the grandkids and collin
it was funny watching the bigger kids try and hold onto the screaming babies
all the cute grandkids
bentley loves playing baseball
bailey eating like a big girl. she loves her dips.
jessica helping in the kitchen and making some delicious food
uncle kyle and julz
aunt heidi with wyatt
adorable baby trey
cute new family of three
aunt kelsey and heidi with bailey
the wonderful, beautiful host, mom!
bailey loves swinging
bentley loves to swing and is learning to pump his legs all by himself
daddy and his little princess
love these two!
bailey got an egg with a beautiful necklace and bracelet in it.
cousin j
khalid and jon visiting
roping contest: kyle, dad, and michael
uncle chad enjoying the spoils with the kids
brody found the silver egg with money in it
grandma curtis, aunt corina, my dad
colby playing soccer

"look mom, easter eggs" she was running around collecting them just as fast as all the other kids.
cousin tate
cousin Belle
cousin rex
Bailey checking out all the goods!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Baby Wyatt!

Our little angel was welcomed to this world on March 22, 2012! He was induced a week early on a Thursday morning at 3am due to my bad back pains. My labor and delivery went smooth and was uneventful. This was a huge blessing because my health has been awful due to my back problems this whole pregnancy. He couldn't be more perfect! He looks a lot like Bentley, but with dark hair. At first I thought I wanted to name him Logan , but then the dark hair threw me off and we confirmed his name Wyatt. He is such a blessing and miracle for our family. He brings such a special spirit to our home. He has been my best behaved baby so far and he is such a snuggler. He eats, sleeps, and poops for now but we love the few times he is awake and will look around. Bentley has been a huge help and Bailey expectedly has not! We are having "fun" adjusting to life with three babies in diapers. We are grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of such special, sweet, children. My back is still in poor condition so I will continue seek help for that; but other than that problem, life couldn't be more perfect!
what a little cutie pie!

Holding daddy's hand

Brotherly Love

The beautiful flowers our stake president brought us

Your first sponge bath at home. You didn't like it as much as the other kids have.
Bentley loves his new brother. It just took him a while to warm up.
going to our first doctors appointment
Cutest little monkey feet.

First time in your swing

Uncle Michael... aka the baby whisperer
Your cousins were excited to meet you. Tate, Rex, and Brody
Cousin Tate

My sweet boy!

Aunt Amber brought you a cute car seat cover and bath stuff!
Bailey loves to push your swing for you!
Now they are warming up to their new little brother

First time in the bouncer while we ate dinner.

Home at last
Going Home from the Hospital

My cousin Jennifer was so sweet to come take pictures of you
My friend Rachel came to see you and brought us some yummy treats!
My friends Kristen also came to see you and brought yummy treats and Sonic!
Grandpa Curtis and Wyatt
My friend Jade came and brought some treats as well!
Grandma Curtis

My cousin Brooke and Aunt Deb came to see you and brought a cute little outfit for you to wear!
Bailey did not want anything to do with me or this hospital bed
First Diaper change. Daddy's on it!
Unfortunately the first meet didn't go so well and Bentley and Bailey were not thrilled to be at the hospital.

Our newest angel!
Wyatt Jonathan Anderson
2o and 3/4 inches long
Born on 3/22/2012 at 12:03