Saturday, March 05, 2011

Random pics

To Celebrate 6 years together we went to the movies, got massages, and then went to dinner at Benihana! Jon also surprised me with a new watch and a fun video he made of us up until now. It was so sweet.
Our beautiful new niece Juliette with her daddy, my brother Chad
Smiley girl
Trying to get Bentley used to using his new Football toilet seat! We have a long way to go.
My brother Tyler opened his mission call. He will be serving in Melbourne, Australia!
Yikes this is a little scary daddy
wakie wakie. .... stretch. I love when she babies stretch
Bentley wished he got this for his birthday. Maybe some day kiddo.
Always giving sis kisses to calm her.
My Bentley boy!
Playing catch with cousin Tate
Tummy time!
Bath time really could be her most favorite thing. Instant relaxation
Pretty in Pink. She loves to play with and look at the toys on her bouncer and swing.

Riding his bike out in the yard
Go Oilers
Coyotes vs. Oilers game. they one 4 to 3
Johnny Rockets before the game
Butcher Jones Beach

February was a busy month to say the least. We blessed Bailey, celebrated Bentley's birthday, Celebrated other people's birthday's, Valentines day, and had our 6th anniversary, got a new niece, went on a hike to Butcher Jones Beach, and my brother opened his mission call. We also took Bentley to see his first NHL hockey game. Jon was very proud especially since the Coyote's were playing his favorite team the Oilers. We had a blast and will for sure do it again sometime. The kids are both growing tons and I am amazed at how much Bentley is learning. He loves to color, read books, play outside, doing anything sports wise, and play with friends. Bailey is kicking, drooling, gooeing, smiling, and has us all wrapped around her tiny little fingers. Bentley loves to help with her and I have to be careful because he even tries to pick her up out of her swing. I love my kids and am so thankful for their sweet spirits, and fun personalities.

Valentines 2011

Bailey has started to smile and it lights up our hearts instantly.

feeding the ducks at Freestone park
Bentley giving his sis loves and V-day!
Watch out ladies. We got a future Hunk on our hands:)

Our little family celebrated love day with all sorts of fun surprises. There were some for all of us. I hid little valentine treats and notes in places all over the house for Jon, Bentley, and yes even Bailey:) I hid a few gifts for Jon as well, like a shirt, and gift certificate, and card. Jon surprised me with flowers, a sweet cakes sugar cookie, and a gift from none other than VS. We took the kids to the park to feed the ducks and play on the playground. Then we went to one of our fav's in Dana park Pei Wei's! After that we headed home for a movie. It was a fun day to celebrate with our cute kids and each other.

Bentley boy turned two

Having so much fun on the pony Grandma and Grandpa Curtis got you. You like to show off on this cute Pony named Lucky
Getting ready to smash the ball across the room with your new bat set.

Opening Presents
The two babes getting big together
Singing happy birthday!
Bentley's friend Dean
Bentley's friend Parker
All the kids lined up to play pin the tail on the donkey
Bentley enjoying his party
All the kiddos eating their pizza
cousin Tate
Happy Birthday boy!
Great Grandma Curtis gave you a two dollar bill and a thomas the train book you love!
Bailey slept through almost the whole thing.

Our curious, particular, routine oriented, funny, athletic, adorable little boy turned two on February 10! We threw a small birthday party for him at my moms house that he invited his cousins and a couple of friends to. It turned out to be a success! I planned games, we ate pizza, and we had yummy cupcakes. The little kids were better than I though at listening when I explained each game. We played pin the tail on the donkey, balloon pop, cake walk, and let the kids run wild. He got spoiled as usual by everyone and had so much fun. He is such a smart little boy and is learning new vocabulary everyday. He loves to copy us so we have to be careful what we do and say. He loves to play with other kids and his new favorite is watching movies. Every morning he gets up and says "Mooie" " juice". Other things he likes are kicking and throwing sports balls of any kind, riding his bike, and going outside for walks. He is starting to color and play with playdough as well. We are so lucky to have such a sweet little boy.

A name and a blessing

Precious girl
Almost all the brothers and Dad
Bailey and Colby were blessed on the same day.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Curtis
My mom, and Great Grandpa West with our family.
"Auntie Jaders" is so sweet and got you your blessing bow.
Almost all my side of the family minus Michaels fam.

Little Angel.

On February 6, 2011 Bailey was given a name and a blessing. Her dad blessed her with the most beautiful blessing. I just know that Bailey is such a special girl with such an amazing spirit. She looked so precious in all white. My mom got her a cute blessing bracelet and my friend Jade got her the bow. The dress was the same dress I was blessed in 26 years ago and it looked like new. We were lucky to have all of my side of the family there to support you on your special day. Your cousin Colby was also blessed the same day and we had a delicious lunch in for you both at Michael and Ambers. Thanks to everyone that helped out. You are such an angel Bailey!