Wednesday, July 13, 2016

June 2016

June was packed full of fun! It was so filled with activities, friends, and family that it just flew by. We are blessed and lucky to live near so many family members and to be able to create such fun memories with them. 
 Jon with his sisters Lexi, Jen, and Cheryl. Jon had two wonderful grandparents die within a month of each other. He was able to attend both funerals and visit with many family members he hadn't seen in awhile! It was Bittersweet and very hard because he was very close to them and will miss them dearly. Grandpa Gordon and Grandma West are gone but not forgotten. We will cherish the time we spent with them and look forward to the day we will see them again up in Heaven. 
 Bentleys friend Brock turned 7! My friend Destanie was so creative and through him this fun glow in the dark party!
 Here Bentley is watching destine create glow in the dark lava lamps for each kid to take home. She is the best party Mom and always blows me away with what she comes  up with!
 Bailey also got to go to her friend Rachel's 6th birthday party.
 Sophia's in Nursery at church now. She does so well and watches all the kids around her. She is lucky to have wonderful leaders and friends.
 Just a trip to Fiiz for some fun treats and drinks to keep sane during the hot summer days.
 Bailey and wyatt with their cousin Ryder
 Almost all the cousins minus Brody and Jace. Keeping cool with swimming and having fun with bubbles.
 Bailey holding baby Ryder.
 Sophia looking so cozy for her nap on aunt Heidi's bed.
 Paddle Boarding with our good friends was such a fun date!
 Beautiful Lake Saguaro!
 Jon with some of the other guys hanging out. They made a giant runway with the paddle boards and cheered people on as they ran/danced/fell across the runway to the other side. haha it was so funny to watch.

 Pigtails for little Sophia. She is growing up too fast!
 Another of Wyatt's creations in Primary with Dylan, and shawn Hatch. They are the best teachers to their class and wyatt is lucky to have them.
 Sophia is like me. I remember trying on my moms clothes and shoes as a little girl and walking around the house.
 FHE with cousins 
 We had so much bowling with my brother Chad and his family for FHE
 Bailey June striking a pose.
 After we went to get some frozen yogurt and found more friends. These kids were having a blast eating their frozen yogurt and running around playing together.
 Wyatt and Brady at swim lessons drying off and trying to get warm after getting in the cold pool.
 Best buddies. Wyatt and Brady White.
 Summer time is a fun time to get together with friends. We got to go hang out with the Goff clan.
 Bentley is a great swimmer and has really done well on his starts.
 He is one of the youngest in his group this year but I am so proud that he works so hard to do his best!
 Brady, Sophia, and Bailey swimming at Stapley pool.
 Bailey asked me to do a fun hair do and this is what we ended up with!
 Bentley always learns so much and has a fun time at the Toro basketball camp each summer.
 Our dear friends left to Philadelphia to live for at least three years. Before they left we got to go to the lake and enjoy a wonderful day with them. These little duckies wanted to join in the fun so they hopped a ride on the back of the boat.
 My four cute kids out on the lake. Always such a fun, and relaxing time.
 Bailey's first time knee boarding. She was so brave and I was so proud. It was fun helping her because I still remember when my parents helped me learn.
 Here Bailey is in action on the knee board.
 Wyatt also got up and did well as did Bentley!
 Daddy and Sophia enjoying a refreshing dip in the water.
 Bailey and Wyatt having so much fun.
 Bentley relaxing at the front of the boat.
 Wyatt getting ready to do a cannon ball.
 Me and my beautiful Bailey girl.
 I am so lucky to have two wonderful daughters!
 It was so funny watching this kids bobbing around on the waves being pulled behind the boat.
 Bentley and daddy. Sophia wouldn't hardly leave Jons side this trip. She was being so clingy.
 Me and my good friend Chelsea with some of our kids!
 I was so proud of myself. I got up on the wakeboard after probably at least ten years of not doing it. Between back problems, kids, school, moves, and work I just never did it. It was fun but oh so tiring. I need to get in better shape!
 Jon did well at wake boarding and even got up on the wake Surf. It was a blast watching him enjoy being at the lake.
 Time for a lunch brake. The cute kids at the front of the boat hanging out.
 Sophia and her cute friend Declan. They were born just weeks apart.
 Cute group of kids at the back of the boat having fun jumping into the water.

 The whole group minus my friend Chelsea the photographer. It is so nice to have such wonderful friends to go and spend quality time with as a family.
 Celebrating my Grandma Curtis on her birthday at one of her favorite places the Cheesecake factory! 81 never looked so good!
These ladies are some of the best and I am lucky to have them in my life.

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