Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eater Weekend!!

This Easter was so fun because we had family in town. My aunt Becky and her family, My aunt Corrina, My cousin Jen and her family, and my cousin Ally. We had a delicious dinner, and yummy cake. We celebrated my cousin Grace's fifth birthday and she had a cute Hello Kitty cake. It was so fun and my uncle Justin kept us entertained and laughing the whole time. It was Jon's first time meeting my Uncle Justin and aunt Becky becuase they were living in Germany when we got married.
This week I took my eight hour test. I felt like I was in a cloud when I got done and like I had whip lash from looking down so long. The worst part is that I don't find out my score for 6 weeks so hopefully I passed. Hope all is well with everyone.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


So February flew by for JOn and I. I won't bore you with all the school work I have been doing but I will say that I am excited I passed my anesthesia exam. It is the first of three big exams I have to pass to become a dental hygienist. The next is this Tuesday. I have an eight hour test to take so I will be glad when that is over. Wish me luck! My mom was so nice and suprised me with a beautiful boquet of flowers. They are the prettiest I have ever seen. I have the best mom ever.
In February we celebrated Valentines and our three year anniversary. Both were very fun and romantic. We were also lucky to go with some people from Jons work to a nice lodge up by park city. It was just over night but it was so fun. We went to dinner, bowling, and JOn went in the heated swimming pool. The next day the boys went snowmobiling and the girls went shopping and to lunch. We all got good deals, I got a purse for half off. I was so excited. Other then that JOn has kept busy with work as usual and decorating our house because I have been to busy. He is so wonderful and helpful.