Saturday, April 24, 2010

San Diego April 2010

Jon has been extremely busy out in San Diego starting a Pest Control business and so Bentley and I went to go for a much needed visit. It is also Jons 28th birthday so we also came to celebrate with him. I will have pics of that later. San Diego is such a neat place and has so many things to do. While we've been here we have gone to Sea Port Village, the beach , the park, for walks, and out to eat at delicious mexican and Italian restaurants we saw on Diners Drive ins and dives (we love that show). We have missed Jon so much but are thankful for his hard work. We are so proud of you babe!
Bentley has become quite the entertainer and has the biggest smiles for us lately. He is so much fun and we love him so much.

Bentley loves the outdoors

ooooohhhh what's that? He was trying to pick the flowers.

I made him pose in front of the rose bushes because I think they are so beautiful and they are everywhere in San Diego along with gorgeous wild flowers.

close up

Say cheese. Bentley is getting good when I get my camera out... it's like he knows I want him to smile and he turns into a cheese ball. I love his smile and it melts my heart every time I see it.

Relaxing in a park watching all the sail boats and navy ships go by. jon and I also played a little catch with the football while Bentley of course chased the dogs.

My little angel. oops you have milk on your face from your bottle.

Navy ship. Those things are enormous.

The choppers make such a distinct, cool, loud sound when they fly by.

Don't let me fall mommy and daddy

Bentley at 14 months old. I always say this but he is such a curious boy and loves to explore.

I thought all these huge tree's were interesting so i wanted to get pictures of Bentley in them.

Jon and Bentley with the Huge bridge to Coronado in the back ground

We took a trip down to sea port village and walked around the fun shops, as well as viewing the battle ships and helicopters

San Diego is such a beautiful city and the weather was just perfect.

Cousins and Birthdays!

Silly cousin Belle Belle

We celebrated Heidi's 13th Birthday and Kyles 23rd Birthday.

Bentley enjoying his bath time

cousin J. what a cutie

These two boys had fun playing together all week. Bentley just loves having all the cousins to play with. Look at those adorable smiles!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Sunday and first hair cut!

Things have been so busy lately and I feel like Bentley is always teething. He has four molars, and two lateral bottom teeth coming in. That has made for a grumpy little boy. I don't blame him but it has definately been hard to help him feel better. He is nearly running around everywhere and goes from one thing to the next. Everyone that see's him is like " he is such a curious little boy". He is also a quite vocal little boy too. He doesn't talk yet but a few words like ma, dad, ba, but he sure knows how to be heard. I was at the grocery store and this old lady gave me a really mean look as Benltey got excited about the easter candy aisles. I said "sorry he's kind of loud", and she said "I would say so," very rudely. Oh well what can ya do?
Easter was so fun because Bentley notices things now. He and Jon found their easter basket and there were treats and suprises for both. Jon got a movie and bentley a music drum set. We love getting together with family and we had a delicious dinner and a fun easter egg hunt. I was in charge of the potatoes, and there was so many great things everyone made to complete our easter meal. Thanks everyone. Bentley found quite a few eggs and kept wanting to open them right away to see what was inside. He is such a sweet boy and everyone loves to have him around.

Bentley loves to climb up the slide and go down all by himself.

Baby blues

My cute little angel in his church outfit.

The three stooges: Rex, J, and Bentley

Bentley looking to see whats inside the egg he found. There were eggs with little toys, candy, and a special one with money. The princess Belle Belle found the one with money.

All the cousins and uncle collin.

Bentley chasing Jon with his shovel.

Bentley loves playing outside underneath the trampoline. I think because it's shaded there.

Another one of his favorite past times is digging in the sand. He loves to fill the bucket up and then dump it out to start over.

He is all boy and will play outside for a long time. This is where he loves to be.

My handsome boy on Easter.

Jon and Bentley outside looking for easter eggs together.

Bentley playing the new drum set he got for easter. This boy loves making noise and it came with maracha's, recorder, and tamborine.

Waking Bentley up to go find his easter basket!

Bentley was so good for his first haircut. I thought I would have to get him a sucker or something, but overall he held pretty still while dad cut his hair. Jon says he know boys hairstyles better than me so he should do it.

He was starting to get the mullet look so the cute baby hair had to go.

His hair is lightening up quite a bit and will be blonde by summer I'm sure.