Sunday, July 17, 2016

Newport Beach 2016

After our family vacation in San Diego we were so lucky to head North to meet up with my family for a week in Newport Beach. This is a much anticipated trip and we look forward to it every year! I am so glad my family is willing to make the sacrifice to all get together like this even though it is difficult with such a large family. So many people are shocked when I tell them every member of my family is present when we head to the beach for a reunion every year. The kids we so excited to see their cousins and went down to the beach right away. Jon's wonderful grandpa Anderson died the week we were in San Diego and so he headed out to the airport as soon as we got there and went to the funeral up in Canada. He was only gone for a day and half, but we were glad he got to go. My kids are in heaven at the beach! Especially when they have endless cousin/friends to play with. They love everything from playing sports on the beach, to jumping in the waves, running from the waves, boogie boarding, catching sea life in their sand buckets, building sand castles, burying each other, playing cards, going for walks/bike rides down to the pier, and eating lots of good food. I love just being able to relax and visit with family uninterrupted. I love watching as the kids laugh and squeal with delight about the wave that came too quick and got them all wet or knocked them over. I love looking out at the majestic ocean and getting glimpses of the sea life. My favorite is spotting the dolphins! I love feeling that cool ocean breeze and the warmth of the sun at the same time. That relaxes me like nothing else. I was so pleased that Sophia was so easy going and would take naps at the beach each day and then wake up and go at it again. She did so well and loves the water! She tries to do what the older kids do and she is pretty good at it! We spent most of the week at the beach but also went to church on sunday and visited the Newport Temple. We went and had a picnic at a park and played foot ball. The girls had a fun shopping day and went to lunch. We also rode bikes to a fun new park and had dinner down at the pier. At night we enjoyed watching movies, visiting, and playing games. There were many donut runs made down to our favorite Sea Side Donut shop. This week goes by way too fast every year but we are so grateful to go and enjoy this special vacation together. Thanks to my mom and dad for all they do and for starting this vacation so many years ago. I fell like Newport is a second home and when we leave we are already thinking about how we can go back. Staying in a beach house on the beach is nothing short of amazing, and we are blessed to enjoy such a beautiful place and quality time with family.

 Benltey being a good big brother and letting Sophia have a turn at bat.
 This was our first night there. The water and waves were coming up so high.
 Gorgeous sunset.
 These cousins have a blast together
 Sophia loves splashing around in the water that came all the way up to the lifeguard tower. We had never seen it come up that high before.
 I bought my mom her favorite cake from costco because it was her birthday the day we all arrived. We celebrated with pizza and dessert. She is an amazing women inside and out. She is my angel on earth and I am blessed every day with her in my life. 
 Games on the beach as the sun goes down.
 Heidi with her silly nieces and nephews
 Rex was so good to Wyatt and the were buddies this trip.
 Sunday we headed to church
 My cute family in front of the Newport Temple!
 The whole group. I am so grateful families can be forever and I am glad that I have eternity with these people.
 Fun break from the beach to go see the new Disney movie Dory.
 Bailey plays hard and has a blast at the beach. I always say I hardly see my kids the whole day because they are so busy playing.
 Wyatt after a wave knocked him down. He got really good with his balance by the end of the week.
 Bentley had fun going out and boogie boarding. The waves were giant this year! bigger then we have ever seen. Surfers from all over were coming to surf the huge waves. It was fun to watch them because they were so good. I almost felt like we were seeing Hawaiian waves they were so big!
 Bentley and Tate wanted to get buried.
 Wyatt had fun burying the kids and aunt Heidi. He had to have strong surfer sunscreen because his skin burns so easily. That is why his face is blue.
 cousin sleepovers are always a blast.
 Girls lunch day
 I loved watch this little beach baby! Her curls were so cute and she was so much fun to watch as she explored the beach and all it has to offer!
 Hanging out with daddy at our spot on the beach. Hard to miss our big group but the smaller kids still like to wander and end up at other peoples spots along the beach.
 Cutest matching darling sisters at the beach
 I love Bailey's zest for life. I also love her smile
 I got this goofball to stop playing for a split second to give me a smile.
 For some reason digging big holes in the sand are fun to hang out in. Cousins club!
 Me with my youngest siblings Collin, Heidi, and Tyler.
 I kept asking Wyatt to smile and this was the face he made. He was annoying himself too much!
 Bailey and Julz are the best of friends and could play all day every day! They loves playing in the waves together along with their cousin Colby!

 Theres a smile. The water was cold but refreshing on hot days.
 Uncle Chad and some of the other dads were throwing the football out into the waves for the kids to catch.
 Games on the beach again! 
 A fun park in the Harbor we took the kids to play at!
 Card games on the beach are so much fun!
 Its hard to tell but there is a big crab buried in the sand in front of Sophia. She was trying to jump on it. I love this baby girl!
 Bailey and Bentley down at the pier on our last night in Newport.
 Had to get our annual family picture on the beach. I am the luckiest to call this crew mine!
 Sophia and Wyatt having fun jumping on the boogie boards.
 I love both Wyatt and Sophias smiles in this picture.
I love sophias cute serious face in this pic.

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