Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Moab Utah Trip

At the very end of April/ beginning of May, we took a trip along with Jon's parents to Moab Utah! This was a trip Jon went on many times as a youth. He was excited to go back and I was glad we could go and enjoy it with him. I was nervous bringing 3 young kids there because we would be camping in a tent and not have access to much water or bathrooms! Unfortunately when we got their the weather had taken a turn for the worse and it was freezing cold with 30 mph winds. That first night in the tent was miserable and we barely slept a wink. That didn't stop our excitement the next day though when we woke up early and went to town to rent a wild cat for the next couple days. We were there with a few of Jon's old buddies as well and they all brought over jackets and beanies to add to our light sweatshirt wardrobes. We fastened the kids in and tucked towels all around them for extra warmth because it was going to be even colder once we got going. Despite the cold the kids and I had so much fun! Jon was having the time of his life climbing hills and going fast! The kids would yell "faster" "faster daddy". Moab is a uniquely beautiful place with many terrains! We climbed slick rock, we drove in sad dunes, we had mountains with snow nearby, we took on the rocky river beds, and much more. We would stop for lunch in the most beautiful places and the kids loved exploring! They also had fun watching the jeeps and motorcycles rip around! Wyatt is particularly obsessed with Motorcycles. The kids had fun hiking and learning to climb rock faces. Grandpa Anderson helped bentley find the right foot holds and he was so proud of himself. Bailey tried it herself and then got help from dad the rest of the way up. It was so neat to see the way the rocks had formed into such gorgeous patterns. The other families had kids our kids ages so they had fun playing games and hoola hooping. Bentley really had such a good time and got along well with a girl named Laney. Bailey played well with all the girls but got to ride by a girl named Sadie in her Razor a few times. Meals were less then perfect because we had to fight the wind to get anything to stay lit. It was so terrible that second night we actually packed up and stayed in a hotel. The next night the wind had stopped so we tried out the tent again only to be disappointed again with a terrible cold nights sleep. Oh well. You live and you learn! We still had the most amazing time even though we were sleep deprived and would love to go back better prepared. Lots of pictures to follow!!