Friday, July 19, 2013

Family Reunion, and the Fourth of July Holiday!

I wanted to organize these pictures but it was way too complicated so these are a combination of our Huber family reunion up in Heber, the fourth of July parade in Show Low, the fire works in Show Low, the fishing trip we went on, and our visit with family up at Chad's house. I hadn't been to the cabin in a awhile and it was fun to be there! Jon had never been so it was nostalgic showing him all the places I made memories up there like the forts, and the cabin, and the wash. We made Tye Dye shirts, crafted owl puppets, played games, visited with long lost cousins and aunts and uncles, ate good food, performed patriotic skits, went on hikes,and played at the wash, and had a fun family program where our family sang God Bless america while waving our American flags( This was a little out of Jons comfort zone :)). The kids loved playing in the forts, on the rope swing, and in the dirt! Wyatt seriously ate handfuls of rich brown dirt...bleh! He didn't mind, but I had to rinse his mouth out several times. Bailey and Bentley were in heaven just running around with all the kids. I enjoyed getting to catch up with family, and watching the program. Our family has become so big, but I appreciate the effort that goes into putting these reunions on because I always have so much fun! Jon even found his name on the big map hanging in the cabin, showing where he went on his mission. I miss not having my grandma Joyce there to enjoy but I am glad that I get to be apart of the legacy of family she left behind. Her birthday is the day before the fourth and I know she was there with us in spirit! We spent the rest of our trip up in Show Low and Pinetop. Chad and Jessica were kind to let us stay at their beautiful new home. It is backed up to a golf course and it is just so relaxing and fun to be there. We went to the parade in Show Low and watched fireworks in Show Low at my Uncle Scotts house. It was a great show and as usual the kids loved playing with the sparklers. Bailey was kind of scared but mostly liked them. The kids all loved the parade and all the different floats. They left with bags of candy and toys, and they even got a hot dog from one of the floats. It was a breezy day, but the sun was shining so it was just right. We had lots of delicious treats, and food. We also went to the lake up my Sunrise Ski Resort and fished. My dad caught a big one, and Jon was able to catch one which he hadn't done in a long time he said. It started to pour rain so Jessica, Heidi, and I took the kids back to her house to play. We enjoyed the afternoon storms that would roll in. We all sat out on there big porch and visited. My kids were sad to leave and asked if we could get a mountain house.... maybe someday I told them.