Monday, December 21, 2009

Annual Gift Exchange

Every Year we get together with my immediate family and all the kids do a gift exchange. We each draw one persons name to get a gift for. I love this tradition and always have so much fun seeing what everyone gets each other. I wish I could get everyone a gift but with a family as large as mine we thought this works out better. My brother Kyle had my name and picked me out a cute headband, adorable hat, and lotion with body spray. I love it. Jon got an awesome football from my brother Tyler and Bentley got a new book and stuffed animal. We sang songs, my dad read from Luke 2, we ate a delicious dinner, and had a delectable dessert. My sister in law Amber even brought yummy Hot chocolate stuff to complete the night. Since Jon and I are leaving to Canada on Wednesday we decided to give my parents their gifts as well. We went in on a wagon for my mom and I sewed therapeutic Hot/Cold packs for my Dad since he has a bad neck and back. Both gifts were a success and everyone had so much fun. Bentley loves tearing the paper off gifts but as expected he doesn't usually get to excited about the gift inside. I can't wait until next year.... because Bentley will be more aware of the holiday traditions. Thanks mom and dad for everything. We love you both.

Uncle Kyle and Aunt Kelsey with Bentley. They are so great with him and always make him laugh.

My mom with all her grandkids and Collin. Me , Michael, and Chad's families got her this wagon she has been asking for forever. She is the best.

My sister Heidi and I. I had her name and got her some makeup. she loved it.

My sweet, messy, little boy!

Their first Christmas together as a married couple!

Brody had Bentley's name. He gave a cute book that came with a moose. Bentley loves reading books so I know he will love it.

Bentley and Uncle Kyle

Heidi with her violin. She is so good at the violin and piano.

Annabelle loved this racoon hat. It looks so cute/funny on her.

Brody and Aunt Heidi in front of the tree.

We decorated sugar cookies and personalized each one for the family members. They are delicious

The girls in the kitchen getting dinner ready. We had a yummy ham, with salad, cheesy potatoes, corn, and homemade rolls.

Bentley playing away. It looks like someone forgot to wipe his mouth off after dinner. oh well... he'll survive.

Rex playing with Bentley

The real christmas tree at my parents home. I love all the decorations. Some of them are from way back when the older kids were in kindergarden.

West Family Christmas Party!

On Saturday we went over to my Grandpa Wests house for a Christmas breakfast get together. There were tons of little kids, lots of conversation, yummy food, and of course santa claus! This Santa is so good with all of the kids. He does tricks for them, sings with them, and brings them treats. After that we had a talent show. My sister Heidi and I played the first Noel together with her on the violin and me on the piano. I have very talented cousins... some of them sang, played the piano, and danced. We had a great time and enjoyed catching up with everyone.

Jon holding our snoozing angel.

Bentley wasn't sure what to think of Santa

He had just woke up so he looks a little out of it.

Our family portrait with Santa

It's official... Rex does not like Santa... but he loved the candy cane(:

Brody told Santa he wanted a Motorcycle

Collin was thinking really hard about what to ask Santa Claus

Baby J was so adorable on Santa's lap.

Belle smiled and told Santa she wants Hello Kitty stuff.

Bentley was zonked out through most of it. I couldn't believe he slept through all the noise.

My Sisters. Aren't they beautiful(:
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Chad and Annabelle

Bentley boy waiting for his breakfast.

All the little cousins were out back playing away.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Twenty-five years

Yesterday was my birthday. My sweet Mom, Dad, and Grandpa took me out to breakfast to kick the festivities off. (Can you tell I like my birthday. I am definitely one who doesn't shy away from it.) After that I came home and took a nap since I had been up early with Bentley I was pretty tired. After that Jon had the rest of the day planned and I was surprised at every stop. He dropped me off to get a relaxing massage which I badly needed. Next we went to get a Dairy queen blizzard. The final surprise he blindfolded me . I had no idea what he had planned. After driving around for about fifteen minutes we stopped Jon put earphones in my ears and we started walking. Next thing I know my family and friends are yelling Happy Birthday! I was completely surprised. Everyone played along all week and I thought everyone was busy that night but it turns out they were all lieing(: I loved the special day that was planned and it will always be remembered. I want to thank my husband for being so sweet and planning such an event and My mom for hosting it. I also want to thank everyone that helped out. I got spoiled will awesome gifts and I had the best birthday ever. Thanks to all who left emails, or those who called as well, you all made it a wonderful day. Enjoy the overload of pictures(:

Almost all the cousins minus Belle, Brody, and J.

My nephew Rex thought he was doing awesome at the Wii Mariokart. He just had the steering wheel but no controls.

Bentley and Jaders.

my nephew Tate saying cheeeeese.

Bentley just playing away. mmmmm this dinosaur is delicious.

There was yummy confetti cake!

There were Presents

There was Barros Pizza. My favorite!

There were games(:

And of course the decorations were awesome as well.

Me and my sister in laws kelsey and amber!

Me and my mom. She is the best and such a sweet angel.

Me and my hubby. He is also the best and so thoughtful.

My best friend Jaders and I. We will be celebrating together forever. knitting when we are in our sixties right jade(:

Bentley wanted to help open gifts.

Bentley wanted to help.

Me getting ready to blow out the candles!

Opening up presents from my mom and Dad. They are so good to me(:

Breakfast at Cracker with my Grandpa West, Mom and Dad! Delicious. Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal.

Bentley and I my birthday morning

Bentley's morning faces(:

This is our routine in the morning... i hear bentley playing or crying in his crib..... I go get him...... He smiles and giggles.... Then he get banana oatmeal for breakfast. I love me sweet little boy. P.S. how do i get him to stop chewing on his crib. Any ideas.