Friday, December 31, 2010

December recap #1

Temple lights!
Bed Time
Bentley And J
Daddy and Bentley
My Birthday cake! 26...yikes
Jon took us to see the Tempe boat Christmas light parade
Bentley loves lights! He kept saying "Wow"
Mommy and Bentley in front of the Cars boat
Me, my cousin Julianne, and sis-in law Amber all prego.
little Angel sleeping

The month of December flew by even faster than ever! We celebrated by making a gingerbread house, going to see the temple lights, celebrating with family, christmas shopping and wrapping, ect. We also celebrated my 26 birthday. Jon surprised me and took me to my favorite pizza place, Spinato's in Tempe! Next, he took us to the Tempe town christmas light boat parade. I had never been, but it was so fun and it kept us all entertained for a couple hours. These boats had more lights on them then most houses. They were very creative and fun to see. Bentley just loved it and we will probably make a family tradition of it from now on. Jon also got me a beautiful birth stone ring for my birthday and brought martinelli's and other goodies to share while we watched the parade. I loved it all and the night couldn't have ended more perfectly with cake and ice cream at my parents home. Bentley is growing up so fast. He loves to trick us into giving him a hat or toy when going down for a nap or to sleep with at night. He loves bath time and splashing water everywhere. He is talking so much now. He really just grew up over night it seems. He loves to be our helper and he loves giving hugs and kisses. Bentley also loves to play with friends and cousins. He turns into a different kid when he's running around playing with other kids. Normally he is shy and quiet but once you get him going he is loud and crazy! We love him so much and greatful to have his sweet spirit in our family!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What we've been up to lately!:)

coming to get the camera.

Playing on Grandma's bed. She is so sweet to you and you love playing at their house.

Our little Angel

We took one picture of Bentley in front of the tree and now he always want to take one and will back up to it and say "cheese"

Playing with blocks

Our little family

In his pj's begging me not to put him to bed with his cute cheesy smile.

Pic of Bentley sept. 2010. I just love his adorable smile.

stacking the toilet paper. He loves doing this for some reason.

Reading his books.

staircase lit.

Our tree all lit up at night:)

I was cleaning Jons teeth and Bentley also wanted a turn. He did so well.

Helping Vacuum

shooting hoops

He loves Jumping on the trampoline

Me and Bentley. He was touching the baby bump and saying "baby" .

Bentley helping sweep the floor. What a good boy. He actually does a great job!

I hung our stockings from the stairs and decorated this corner of the room with our nativity, santa, and other decorations.

I put the christmas decorations on our tree. It is our first tree and we were so excited to get it all put together. Even though I can't find a tree topper I like.

Cooper is so good to let Bentley play with him even though he is trying to run away in this picture:)

Best buddies. Bentley loves Cooper

Ok so now that i have caught up since Halloween...... (I have had this guilt that I wasn't posting and every time I looked at my blog I got overwhelmed thinking about all the pictures and events that have happened since my last post). I still know I am leaving tons out about the month of November but I will just have to move past that:)
Bentley has learned and grown so much in this past month. He is such a character and we are entertained by him daily. He has learned all sorts of new words and will repeat ( not exactly) what we say. Recently he says: church, santa, tree, mine, dogs, books, movie, snack, treat, juice,outside, bye bye, and many others. He loves playing with other kids; especially wrestling, trucks, tag, hide and seek. An odd thing I have found he likes to do is to get out several toilet paper rolls and stack them. He has such a special spirit and will hug or kiss anyone he knows is sad or that he accidently hurt. He loves to sing and dance and will start moving to the beat as soon as he hears the music. At church he hands us our hymn books as soon as the organist starts playing. He loves to look at and point at all the Christmas lights too. He loves acting like a big boy and wants to help with chores, the dogs, open the garage, and work out with daddy. It is so funny because he will do push ups and pull ups with Jon. Jon occasionally uses bentley as a weight as well and Bentley thinks this is fun. He now sleeps in a toddler bed and has done great. It was harder on me than him for sure. He loves when mommy and daddy sing him to sleep. Jon will rub his eyebrow and nose and this puts him right out. He sleeps with his glow worm doll that sings and lights up as well as his favorite blanket. Bentley loves, loves, loves to read books. He will have me read through all of them and then over again. We find him in his room reading all by himself. He also loves trains and shooting hoops in his little basketball net. Jon says he is the next Michael Jordan and it quite proud that Bentley is a natural so far at all sports. He colors beautiful pictures in nursery every Sunday. Lastly, Bentley loves to do what his daddy is doing and will follow him all around. He loves to act like he is working on the phone or the computer just like his dad. He also recently started wanting to wear his hats that he never wanted before but this makes Jon happy. We are so thankful to have him in our home and for the special angel that he his. I just love his hugs and kisses.
Jon has been busy with work, working out, putting up our christmas tree, holiday shopping, and hanging out with Bentley.
I have been busy, with work, nesting(getting baby stuff together and organized, cleaning ect.), holiday shopping, and playing with my sweet little boy. My best friend Jade threw me a Baby girl shower and I can't thank her enough. It really got me in the mode to get things done because up until that point I was really dragging my feet. I was so blessed to see so many friends and family and to be given so many nice things to prepare for our baby girls arrival. Thank you a million times everyone for your help and for coming. I have to say that I am more nervous to have a little girl than I was to have a little boy. I am not sure why but I am also excited because little girls bows and clothes are so fun to look at. I hope that I can be a great mom to both my kids and also a great wife to Jon. Wish me luck:) She is due in three weeks and with the holidays fast approaching things are going to get a little chaotic.
We are loving our new ward and have met so many nice people. Bentley has the best nursery leaders too:)

Thanksgiving 2010

Can't forget the family picture on Thanksgiving.

Me and my cute sister Heidi.

The cute center pieces my grandma had. The fresh flowers smelled great and looked beautiful.

It was so funny to watch Bentley get the hang of play wrestling. He was having so much funny and kept tackling Tate.

Bentley with his cousin Tate who is always so good to include Bentley with the "big boys"

We were able to join my family and extended family over at Grandma Curtis' house. There was delicious food to go around, including all my favorites. Corrina made a spectacular turkey... seriously it was the best turkey I have ever had. Grandma's rolls and homemade Jam hit the spot as well. The kids played the candy game which Bentley just loved. My grandma is so cute/funny and hid money in different objects like ham sandwiches to trick the kids. It was great to visit with everyone, watch some football, and let Bentley play with his cousins.

Quick trip to San Diego

Bentley loved watching the polar bears. I think he thought they were giant dogs because he kept saying" coo-per, coo-per". We also got right up to the Walrus and Bentley was saying ewwwwww because the walrus would push the fish out of his mouth and then eat them over and over again. Bentley was not impressed by the Walrus manners to say the least.

Bentley and Jon on one of the rides. I think it was a flying pig fish?

Jon and Bentley both liked the sharks.

After we got drenched Bentley started screaming and Jon was not happy I made us sit in the center of the "wet zone"

Watching the Shamu show.

It looks like this huge fish wanted to eat Bentley as a snack

Dolphins were always one of my favorite animals to observe.

Bentley and I got to feed the Dolphins. He loved it. And kept patting their noses

Mom and Bentley cuddling

Playing soccer on the beach with Bentley

My two stud muffins

Jon getting ready to surf in Encinita's

Date night with mommy and Daddy

He got into Jons work truck and didn't want to get out.

One morning we took Bentley to pick out a donut and he was like "woowwwwwww" It was so cute

Jon had to take a work trip to San Diego so Bentley and I decided to tag along. We had so much fun at the parks meeting new friends, and the beach. Bentley played in these shallow pools of water and loved playing with his trucks and frisbee in the sand. We even watched Jon surf. I was about eight and half months pregnant so I didn't where a swimsuit but I got into my knees and the water felt great. It was warmer than when we go in the summer months. We also took our first trip as a family to Sea World. We all loved it and had such a great time taking bentley on rides, to the shows, and aquariums to see all the different fish of the sea. We can't wait to go again. Jon and Bentley got a little upset when Shamu covered us in water with his tail. I guess I am still a kid a heart because I loved every minute even after we got wet:)