Sunday, December 04, 2016

September 2016 Big Changes

September 2016 was a month filled with packing, cleaning, organizing, soccer games, school, and good byes. It was physically, and emotionally draining. But the excitement to move into our new home was also there. I have had the toughest time with moving to Gilbert but everyone else seems to bounce back and are resilient. I was very emotional before, during, and after the move and still fill like I am living in someone else's life. Change is hard for me and leaving a wonderful community of friends and family have made it hard. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! I have been blessed with wonderful new friendships and the people in my new area are so welcoming and kind. Not to mention I live 3 minutes from two of my best friends Jade and Shaley. They both have been so helpful and kind in helping me adjust as well as so many others! Our first week in the new house three different people brought us a welcoming gift and welcomed us to the neighborhood! There is a good variety of people young and old and I look forward to the growth we will have as a family in our new home and the new friendships we will make. The last week of primary in our old ward the kids got sung to and we were sent away with lots of love. It still brings me tears just thinking about it! I miss my friends there but know that friendships are as strong as the effort we put in and that I can keep those deep relationships even though we have moved. I am grateful for the people who are always giving service to our family in large or small ways. We are so blessed! My family and Chads friend Todd came to help us make the big move. They made the weight of moving all that stuff light. I am grateful to them for being there! We love our new home and the kids are loving the extra space to roam around and the beautiful area we moved too. The kids are getting adjusted to the new school and teachers. They have all made some fun friends already and we look forward to meeting more!