Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting Creative(:

So lately I have decided to take up a new hobby. I wanted to make my baby something but I didn't think it would turn out so I put off doing it. Well this week on Monday I decided it was time. I went to get some materials and ever since then I have been sewing. I made two blankets. They are baby blue with one side silky and the other side that really soft material. I did the trim with corners so it took me longer then planned but I am happy with the finished product. After I made the large blanket I still had enough material to make a small one. I did this one a little different but it also turned out very cute. I really like sewing so I need to come up with some more projects. Any ideas send them my way. Jon says sew the baby a teddy bear but I think that might be to advanced for my skills. Anyways, hope everyone is doing well. Oh ya Jon also took a pic of the pretty full moon over our house. It was so bright.

The dogs just sat there and watched me. I think they were curious about the sound that the sewing machine made. The are so funny.

Smaller blanket in progress!

Another view

Larger blanket with corners.

Full moon (:

Lunch with friends!

I am so excited that my good friends Kristen and Corrine live in Utah again. I met up with them to go to lunch and I had so much fun catching up and visiting. After lunch Corrine had to go back to work so Kristen and I decided to go shopping. It was for home decor and baby things mostly. We both found cute stuff so hopefully I can decide where to hang it on my wall(: I am so mad I forgot my camera that day. After that Kristen was going to head up to Bountiful with Corrine so I offered to watch her cute dog. She has a Yorkie and I do too so thought my dogs would enjoy a friend. My dogs thought they were getting a new brother I bet. They were so funny together but had lots of fun. Maveric was even depressed the next day when duke had to leave.

I had a blast with the dogs. They chased eachother around all night

I don't know how Jon got them to line up so nicely but they did while he took pics.

Duke looking over at Maveric wondering what is this guy doing.


Duke and Maverick getting ready to box

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dog baths and a furry friend!

Jon giving Cooper his bath!

Kevin with Spanky and Maveric

We like to make fun of Maveric because he has an underbite!

Cooper loving his bath!not

Cooper knows knows whats coming

Maveric loving his bath

Spanky the little Thumper

Me and Spanky

Jon helped me give the dogs a bath because they ran out in the mud and were covered. He always thinks they look so funny when they are all wet so we took some picturs of them. They are quite curious and Maveric pretty much follows Cooper wherever. Jon recently put a dog door in and Cooper decided to venture out on his own. Of course Maveric followed him and we couldn't find them for like 45 min. Jon and I drove and walked the area all around our house while Kevin stayed back in case they came home. I was so scared they got ran over or something. Anyways, all is well, other than I was really mad at them when we finally found them in an empty house being built at the end of our street. Dumb dogs! I still love them though(: Kevin was also watching his friends little dwarf bunny this week so we got to play with him as well. His name is Spanky and my dogs loved playing with him. He is such a cute little bunny. Well thats about all thats going on around here other than my belly growing more and becoming off balance.haha This baby karate chops me some times and he is always doing flips. I love him and can't wait to meet him.

Pics from Tuesday fun Group!

I had tons of fun on Tuesday having everyone over. We had delicious Corn Chowder soup with rolls and yummy fruit salad. I was sad I didn't get any pictures of all the girls playing together but it was quite funny to watch them and all their little personalities. We also had fun figuring out how to make the turkeys. I learned that if I am having people over to do a craft, I should probably make one myself first. haha oh well. They all turned out cute. The littl girls played hide and seek while we made our turkeys. Thanks everyone for coming!

Our final products. Ta Da!

Amy and Chanel with their girls

Ivy was quite the model herself.

Aurora posing for the camera. so cute!

The girls playing together

Thursday, November 06, 2008

November fun Group!

Anyone who would like to come to my house next tuesday at noon is invited. Kids are welcome as well of course (: We will be having soup and rolls for lunch. Bring your favorite salad if you'd like to share with everyone. We will also be making some sort of fun craft for the thanksgiving holiday so it should be really fun! Just let me know if you are coming so I can have enough. Thanks and hope to see ya next Tuesday.